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  1. Muller and Szczakiel are not valid examples though, as had the final been held in another country then in both cases they would not have been riding there regularly. With the GP all the riders ride in Poland and, in most cases, are probably based there too, just as people like Mauger, Olsen and Penhall were based in the UK when they won here in order to ride in the league here.
  2. It was PC, and I reckon he would have gone through those rounds even if they'd been in Poland, and that's without being a regular in the country. He did, after all, win the final so there's no reason why he shouldn't. Speedway was much more a global sport in those days though. At the moment it's a Polish one, with Sweden and Britain as bit players. (Possibly Russia too? Not sure how popular it is there.)
  3. Whilst it is strange to have all these meetings in Poland, it is worth remembering that Poland is probably the only country in the World these days where speedway actually means anything. Also, all the top riders ride there. So I don't think having so many rounds in Poland devalues it in terms of whether or not the rider who wins is a legitimate champion. I think all the riders in the GP ride in Poland. I went to 5 world finals in England - 3 were won by a Dane, one by an American and one by a Swede. None of them English, but all rode for English teams at the time. The one time I saw an English rider win a World Final was in Poland.
  4. Grachan


    Seriously? You think World of Sport highlights a week after the actually meeting is better than being able to watch a live Grand Prix from Poland on a Saturday night? You can't please everyone I guess!
  5. Grachan

    Why speedway is failing

    I remember a track like that many times at Reading, although Oxford and Swindon were also prone to the odd dustbowl too. You'd need a shower when you got home!
  6. Grachan

    Why speedway is failing

    I always enjoyed watching those but I have absolutely no memory of who won any of them. They were a nice Easter weekend of entertainment though, although, at that time, I regularly went to all 3 tracks so had an interest in all the teams.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, although maybe not 25 points as that would be too much in my opinion. I'd say 20 points for winning the meeting - which couldn't be bettered but could be equalled - and then use individual points for the others.
  8. Grachan

    The Olympic Games

    Which begs the obvious question - why are the women wearing them in that case?
  9. Grachan

    The Olympic Games

    I was at a Grammar School too. I remember the start of one lesson, all those who had done 10 yards (me included) were taken to the deep end and told, in no uncertain terms, to do a length!
  10. Grachan

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Pretty sure Troy is now a British citizen. I'm sure remember seeing a picture of him displaying his British passport.
  11. Grachan

    Dusty Hill

    Ah, how I remember those heady days at the Agincourt in Camberley watching rows of rock-chicks in tight trousers doing synchronised dancing to "Legs". For that, Dusty, I will be forever grateful.
  12. Grachan

    The Olympic Games

    Our school actually had its own indoor swimming pool when I was there. We had "Swimming" once a week in the timetable and had no choice but to learn to swim. Later, years after I left, the pool was demolished and filled in. The school then later moved to a brand new building. My kids went to the new one and never had a single swimming lesson between them while they were there.
  13. And, indeed, those who have actually died of Covid and not just some random reason within 28 days of testing positive.
  14. Please explain the point being made here. All I am seeing is evidence that the vaccine works because, when cases were previously at this level and there was no vaccine, I'm guessing that Covid deaths were above the 450 stated there for heart disease. Also, there's no anti-lockdown argument as we are no longer in lockdown. An explanation for this would be beneficial.
  15. Grachan

    When will it end?

    Take away the "racist" part, and the woman who complained actually has a point. A lot of Asian people eat rice with their hands. It's normal practice. Even people in my own family do it. British people, basically, are rubbish with rice and don't get it. Yet we are perfectly happy to let people eat chips with their hands without complaining. It's just a shame these people have to ruin what seems like a perfectly reasonable comment by banging on about "colonialism" and so on and making themselves look daft.

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