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  1. Fingersfin

    Edinburgh 2021

    Well done Edinburgh! .... That feels so wrong.
  2. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2020

    If it is JS then thankfully he is showing some decent form in Oz this Winter in contrast to last year. Hopefully time spent with Crump and the GB young guns can reignite his desire. His pairing with Craig worked once before, fingers crossed it will happen again. With top 6 qualifying and a long league season ahead, he is worth a punt.
  3. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2020

    So true, just promise you will pay them.
  4. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2020

    You have to admit the prompt/guaranteed pay, fantastic race track, rider support, excellent sponsorship and fanatical fans make a compelling package compared to many. Given our geographical position it has to be.
  5. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2020

    That was funny but Pedersen was so shaken by the prospect that he had to come onto the Facebook thread it was posted on and quickly deny it. Was obviously horrified at the thought.
  6. Fingersfin

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    I quite liked Workington as a club, enjoyed my visits there but the relentless pish from their basket cases has changed all that.
  7. Fingersfin

    TV new deal?

    I am sure a lot of Championship clubs will be keen to see the smallprint on: 'Full digital rights across all platforms' Will they be handcuffed as has happened with previous deals.
  8. Fingersfin

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Fun night with the Tiggerati on the back straight. Need everything to go our way on Tuesday, hopefully lady luck will even up Cookie's blow up. Only 'dubious' decision mentioned was that the tapes went up unevenly for the exclusion of Claus but I had no view of that. Heat 15 was just the boost we needed before heading up the road. Nice setup at Leicester and everyone we met was friendly and welcoming apart from Lawlor and Perks.
  9. Fingersfin

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Has been lashing it down in Glasgow for a couple of hours. Call off was correct.
  10. Fingersfin

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    With a huge crowd expected tonight and any restaging likely to be midweek this is a sore one financially for the club.
  11. Fingersfin

    Well done the S.C.B.

    This happened at Glasgow. I wasn't in the box as I was recording the Tigers Post meeting video in the depths of the stand so I missed all the excitement. On returning to the box I was told that there had been a crash and that someone had stormed the refs box after marching a long way to get there. He complained that his rider (possibly his son, can't remember) was being called a cheat by being excluded and that the ref must look at the video and reverse the decision. By all accounts his manner was fairly aggressive and he had to be removed from the box. Everyone was fairly bemused by his actions. Sorry can't remember the meeting or the ref for that matter but it went into the weird category. Anyway it was obviously reported.
  12. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Certainly worth the club taking a look a Sam and R/R wasn't worth persevering with. A Danish Under 21 champion and scoring decent points in a tough domestic league. From You Tube clips he looks a racer so even more excitement for the Ashfield faithful, in what has been a fantastic season so far.
  13. Fingersfin

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Having spoken to someone who was very close to the action, I’m told that Craig swerved to go around the marshal, but the marshal moved in front of him to stop him and it was at this point they came together. Craig therefore did not intentionally steer into him and in fact attempted to take avoiding action.
  14. Fingersfin

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    I think you’ll find what Peter said was that emotions were clearly running high at the start of the meeting and that on behalf of his club, he apologised for whatever part Glasgow played in the incident. He didn’t apportion blame and it’s wrong to suggest he did. It's Eastbourne, you are famous for noising up the opposition. Job done. Congratulations on making the Final.
  15. Fingersfin


    Connor Bailey has committed to GB as well.

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