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  1. lucifer sam

    Points limits in the old days

    No 6 wasn't a reserve position until 1969. There was only one reserve - at No 7.
  2. While Labour is struggling in its heartlands, there are signs that the Tories are losing control in places that are normally true blue. Here in Oxfordshire, two things tend to happen: 1. Labour are in control of the City Council in Oxford (thank goodness, because if not, Oxford Stadium would have been demolished long ago - it's the City Council who have fought for it!). 2. Out in rural Oxfordshire, the Tories are in control of the County Council. On this occasion, Labour still have a firm control in the City, but something rather interesting happened with the County Council. I was delighted to find my tactical vote for the Lib Dems had helped oust Tory County Council leader Ian Hudspeth from his seat - that result alone sent shockwaves around Oxfordshire since we're slap bang in the middle of David Cameron's old seat (Witney and West Oxfordshire) - the 11th safest Tory seat in the country. But that's not all. The Tories lost a number of seats and a Lib Dems/Labour/Green coalition is on the cards. This never happens around here. The County Council is always blue - always has been. But not now!
  3. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    If you received an order reference, that sounds like it went through. Send an email to gail.godfrey@btconnect.com
  4. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    I did one yesterday as a test - it came through within a minute. Check out your spam and trash folders - it might be in one of those.
  5. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Usual re-admission rights remain unaffected.
  6. By being an MP from somewhere other than London! It could have shifted, but I suspect Labour still have enough support in the north and the midlands if they have the right leader saying and doing the right things (after all Labour won many of these seats as recently as 2017). Nandy has said for a long time that Labour is out of touch with many of its core voters, especially those in the north and midlands.
  7. More appeal than Sir Keir, for certain. And would go a long way to at least make sure Labour became popular once more in its northern heartlands, which it has to do, before it then works out before how to win an election.
  8. Yeah, and she talks a lot of sense. Labour have gone from a left-winger who was out of touch with most his party and voters, to, as you say, a "sir", who is also out of touch with most his party and voters. Nandy is traditional Labour, but in a modern sense, while she seems clear of the baggage of having pinned her mast to a particular "wing" of the party which gives her a chance to re-unite it. She doesn't have to be the greatest intellect, as other seem to suggest. After all, the current PM is not exactly "Brain Of Britain" I'd say Nandy has a lot more common sense than Boris, is more down to earth and may therefore have more appeal to voters. Plus having her opposite him really would showcase some of Boris' less pleasant characteristics: his misogyny and borderline racism, both of which came out in past newspaper columns. Nandy opposite Jonhson would really highlight him as a sleazebag. Labour need a popular figure who can re-unite the party. Nandy is their best bet by a long chalk. She was last year as well, but members backed the wrong horse, maybe a reaction against Corbyn to go completely the opposite way and therefore still end with an unsuitable leader.
  9. Keir Starmer was not the solution - he's done nothing to heal the rifts in the party. I think the Labour members went for the wrong candidate. Lisa Nandy is from the Labour heartlands and seems to appeal across all factions of the party. She stands out clearly from borderline misogynist Boris Johnson - she'd pick up an awful lot of female votes who are 50% of the electorate. You don't have a female leader just for the sake of a female leader - you go for the best candidate and I think Nandy could well be that. She also looks very fresh-faced compared to 'dishonest' Boris - an important factor when the Tories' biggest downfall is often sleaze. A few more results like last night and Keir Starmer won't last until the next election - at which point, I hope Labour make the right choice for leader, which they haven't for a long time.
  10. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Oh well, I got that wrong - both start at 3pm! I will update the website now!
  11. lucifer sam

    World Snooker prediction competition 2021

    I watched most of it on BBC red button.
  12. lucifer sam

    World Snooker prediction competition 2021

    I think it was your aversion to picking Murphy that cost you this year Some interesting comments about Hendry. Yes, I think you're right. He was such a perfectionist that it eventually worked against him. While he was never as laid back as Mark Williams in the first place, hopefully he'll see the way that Mark is now playing carefree snooker and realise that's the way to go. A relaxed Hendry playing carefree snooker, who doesn't beat himself up every time he misses a shot, could be an incredibly dangerous opponent indeed. It would take something to get all the way back to the top, but he'd become a player the others dread to play - a bit like Steve Davis at the end of his career. PS Sorry, but Hendry always was a bit dour. He was out there to win, not make friends, which is fair enough. In many ways, he's the most interesting of the BBC team, because he just says it how it is, no sugar-coating. If someone's played badly, he'll just say so. I like his frankness, plus his insights to the mental side of the game. I always watch the BBC rather than Eurosport coverage and two major reasons why are Davis and Hendry. I loved Jimmy White, but he's just not good at expressing the analytical side, plus O'Sullivan lacks class when he's off the table and says stuff which makes no sense. So it's the BBC for me.
  13. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Ah, with so much going on to prepare for the season, I don't think that had been top of the agenda. I'm pretty sure that start-time will be sometime between 5pm and 6.30pm so plan for a start-time between those two times. Next time I speak to Rob G, I'll ask him and then I'll update them on the website. Apologies. Incidentally, if you have any questions for the club, it's better to ask through the twitter rather than on here - we try to answer questions posed on twitter, but it's easy to lose them on here, where half the posts aren't even about Scunny.
  14. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Club statement: http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/?p=12102
  15. lucifer sam

    World Snooker prediction competition 2021

    I included Joe Davis, simply because he always seems to get left out of discussions, when of course he is one of the greatest snooker players of all-time. Why should he be excluded, simply because there's so little footage of him playing? Of course, it's so hard to place him, because there were very few other players and none were up to his standard - away from the World Championship, he tended to be handicapped in points per frame. I felt a bit sorry for younger brother Fred Davis, who tended to be very under-rated because he was in Joe's shadow. Fred ended up a multiple World Champion himself, but most of his titles came about because the best player in the world, Joe, was no longer entering the championship. Maybe Fred deserved a place in my list as well. Probably not John Pulman, who only became World Champion because Fred couldn't afford to travel one year to the Channel Islands and then John defended his title on a "challenge basis" at a time they were hardly any professional players. As soon as John Spencer and Ray Reardon turned pro, Pulman stopped winning. Joe Davis practically invented the way that a frame of snooker was played and I guess that, in itself, could be a strong argument for him being No 1. But I've tried to go on strength of opposition, mental strength etc, to form what is, of course, a very subjective opinion. I think Steve Davis (who learnt to play snooker from a Joe Davis book) raised the sport to a new level, and then Stephen Hendry set that bar even higher, which is why those two are my top two. O'Sullivan has shown flashes of utter brilliance, but not the consistent excellence of either Davis or Hendry. As already said, I feel Selby in particular has the ability to challenge all those above him, and who knows what Trump will achieve in the next 15 or so years?

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