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  1. lucifer sam

    IOW 2020

    Cracking meeting in front of a bumper crowd.
  2. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe vs Poole 30.07.2021

    I see. You make a daft comment and then pretend it was a wind up all along
  3. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe vs Poole 30.07.2021

    See you there mate. Is Shovvy coming up?
  4. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    I think that hits the nail on the head. Certain riders prefer a track where 90% of winning a race is popping first out of the gate and then defending their position. Scunny isn't like that. It's a track prepared principally for the paying customers so that they can enjoy good racing. And yesterday those fans saw some superb racing.
  5. The Tories are already failing in their heartlands. All it would need is for the pendulum to swing back the other way in the north...
  6. One of the main reason that the Tory government of 1979 to 1997 was brought down was by sleaze. History repeating itself?
  7. lucifer sam


    - Greyhound Star | News from the Greyhound Industry
  8. lucifer sam

    Masks or no masks

    Councils are weird. I guess they haven't worked out once people are in place, there's zero risk of spreading the virus when socially distanced in an outdoor setting. Of the five tracks I've attended this season, three required a mask to be worn if you were moving about then you could take it off once settled and the other two only required a mask if you went inside to order food, etc. I probably won't go to Ipswich or King's Lynn until the restrictions are removed, because I start to feel a bit dizzy if I have a mask on for too long. I realise there's nothing the promotions could do and it's just the ignorance of the councils involved.
  9. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe v Eastbourne 4th June

    PLEASE note there are still roadworks on Normanby Road, right outside the Eddie Wright Raceway, so please leave extra travelling time for Scorpions v Eastbourne tonight (7.30pm). Thank you! Thomas Jorgensen is all set to ride for Attis Insurance Scunthorpe Scorpions against Eagles, despite a heavy crash at Ipswich last night, which left him as badly winded.
  10. PLEASE note there are roadworks on Normanby Road, right outside the Eddie Wright Raceway, so please leave extra travelling time for Attis Insurance Scunthorpe Scorpions v Leicester Lions tomorrow (Friday, 7.30pm). Thank you!
  11. Full credit has to go to both promotions. Plymouth were fully co-operative in the rapid re-staging.
  12. Forecast for tomorrow looking good.

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