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  1. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    That's a load of Bull.
  2. I have an open mind on the matter until there is evidence to support one theory or another. However it's not the first time that there's been a mysterious bout of vandalism. Was the last time in 2018 or 2019 which caused a meeting to be postponed just at the time when one of the Brummies riders was unable to be in the country to fulfill the fixture, or something like that? Not that it will ever be admitted of course. Ever since Buster & Jonathan Chapman were allowed to get away with that mysterious electrical fault that caused their home fixture against the Brummies to be postponed in 2010, I've had a healthy doubt about calamities of convenience in the world of speedway.
  3. uk_martin


    This "NEW LOOK for the Star" thread has been going since 2018. How many new looks has it had in that time?
  4. Great idea,. I wonder if Tractor Replacement would work too?
  5. Really? Not that I've seen, and I walk past the place on a daily basis. What I do see though are a significant number of 24h site security personnel from the adjacent construction sites constantly in the area. If I was a vandal looking at torching some laid-up vehicles, this wouldn't have been my first choice place to do it, Also on the subject of what's been explained before, apparently insurance CAN be obtained for fire and vandalism for business plant and machinery. At least two contributors to another thread say that they could have arranged it. But hey ho. Who needs to pay the premiums when the Go-Fund-Me Insurance Company will bail you out of a crisis?
  6. uk_martin

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    If speedway had a teenage audience and FatBoy Slim was the centre green presenter, you'd be allowed a crowd of thousands in the stadium, with no masks and no social distancing,...as long as you called each meeting a "trial event", like they did at that nightclub in Liverpool. Sadly speedway's audience is made up to the greatest degree of elderly and "vulnerable" people who have to be protected at all times.
  7. uk_martin

    Enough Is Enough

    Seen in Social Media... "Fans discussing Swindon Speedway's future, then THIS happened..."
  8. uk_martin

    2021 speedway season !

    And there's a massive potential for fraud. With all but 9 Premier League riders doubling up in the Championship, of course they are all claim that they are coming for their PL teams' fixtures.
  9. uk_martin

    Somerset 2020

    Speedway Star reporters aren't there to investigate though are they? They just copy and paste the press releases that the BSPZzz and the club press officers hand out to them. Rocking the boat would be more than their jobs are worth.
  10. uk_martin

    Somerset 2020

    I can just imagine the process... Speedway Star Reporter: Hello Mr Hancock, can I ask you some questions please? Bill Hancock: No. Speedway Star Reporter: Oh, OK then...Bye.
  11. uk_martin

    Visa's and Immigration Rules

    I wonder if that's going to make a difference though? Looking at how the next crop of Aussies like Jaimon Lidsey and now Frazer Bowes are choosing to base themselves in Poland or Germany so that they can more easily hop between EU countries and their teams in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Sweden, being based in the UK could actually be a hindrance to them, no matter how easy it is to get to the UK. Having an easy entrance into a dead end street doesn't get you anywhere.
  12. uk_martin

    Somerset 2020

    Or at the very least some further investigative reporting by the Speedway Star to find the answers that their readership want to hear???
  13. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    If you or GWC can sort Speedway fan out an insurance policy for the replacement equipment, I'm sure that the premium can be funded out of another GoFundMe appeal.
  14. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    With the CCTV and 24 hour security patrols that the adjacent construction site employs, I'm astounded that any vandals would want to be anywhere near Perry Barr right now. It takes their state of mindlessness to another level.
  15. uk_martin

    Breakaway League

    Maybe Iwade/Sittingbourne, Isle of Wight Lydd and Weymouth could come together with some French, Italian and Spanish teams and form the European Super League?

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