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  1. Great Central

    Whats actually going on?

    Extremely well put and the first of the Objects for which BSPA is established is to "protect and represent the lawful interests of the Members" This is not me making it up but is from the Articles of Association produced when the BSPL was formed. You could say that they aren't doing a very good job but like us they have been battling with Covid keeping their own businesses going, as well as trying to run the BSPL. This may come as a bit of a surprise but I do have some sympathy for the "Top Table", because trying to plan your way out of Covid restrictions has been difficult but in my view there was no better time to shake the tree and come up with something new. Barry came up with an idea to liven up the 2020 NT competition but it was rejected as being too difficult or something like that. We have ideas on how to change the look of speedway as we are also very conscious of the criticism of the "same old same old with tractor racing" and I think with our team challenges, Best Pairs, 3TT, Handicaps etc we were doing a pretty good job. Yes we sometimes did have problems with our track but we normally filled the interludes with news, interviews or action for the kids. Nothing works 100% of the time but if you don't try, nothing will change. Martin Widman
  2. Great Central

    Whats actually going on?

    Well said Barry. I certainly couldn't have put it better myself. There are still so many people out there who still think that we withdrew from the BSPL because of the points limit and that just isn't true. The BSPL will continue to say that all clubs voted in the new points limit, but that is not what we have in black and white from the BSPL, and even if they did, how were they allowed to vote when the two most affected clubs, weren't even allowed to discuss the matter. It was our choice to try and run speedway on the island and doing it from our homes just adds to our problems but our business that we have worked bloody hard to build up with great support from businesses and supporters on the island(and off it), cannot operate under rules dictated by clubs who have no financial liability towards us. Martin Widman
  3. Great Central

    Whats actually going on?

    The meeting was organised and run by Scunthorpe Speedway under SCB rules and riders had to get Day Licences if they didn't have an SCB licence. It was racing and I suppose you can under a private hire but the implications of anything happening would I think be quite significant, especially on the owner of the track.
  4. Great Central

    Belle vue Colts -V- berwick Bullets

    Oh dear. I will have to keep my eyes wide open when travelling up north. I always thought men were men up there but obviously not so. Regarding the island, thank you for your comments but we were only putting on what we thought the paying public wanted to see. We haven't given up and this week, we start on the road back with our MFS training school trying to develop the many youngsters, not so young, that normally attend.
  5. Great Central

    Belle vue Colts -V- berwick Bullets

    Halifaxtiger very well put as always. Yet another balanced posting. Although I post as Great Central (most people know who I am because I live in Loughborough which is one end of a famous steam heritage line), I am Martin Widman Co Promoter and Joint owner of the Wight Warriors Speedway team. It is clear looking at the post by "crescent girl" that she hasn't read our press releases or postings on here. Whilst Barry and I did have misgivings about the product that we would have to promote as a result of the 35 points limit, that was not the reason why we chose to leave the BSPL. We may yet be proved wrong about the new limit but only time will tell and it will be a case of perception. The only reason was because as a member of the BSPL(albeit an Associate Member) we did not get the opportunity to discus its merits in a meeting or AGM, the pitfalls of it and the impact it may have on the product that we had to promote and the resulting impact on our business. The rules were dictated by the Board of the BSPL, none of whom have any liability as to the financial success of our business. In spite of the many emails sent seeking clarification about an AGM, about whether this method of dictating the rules which we had to work under would continue at the end of the year, no clear responses to our requests were made. We may actually be forced into publishing the emails to show that we are not telling lies and to show the lack of respect that we were afforded. We were therefore left with no option. Barry and I are the people who have started the business out of our own pocket, assisted by our sponsors and fans, and we live or die by how we run our business. It has to be noted that along with Mildenhall, we have never received any TV money from the BSPL, money which helps to subsidise the NL teams run by other league teams. As standalone clubs running more NL meetings than non standalone clubs, we actually put a lot of money into the BSPL and SCB coffers and yet got no say in how our business is run. Crescent Girl can buy out my share if she wants, and then be subject to the same dictatorial rules but I suspect the offer will be declined. I have tried on many occasions to come up with an analogy on the position we found ourselves in and can only come up with this one. Imagine you are a shop owner paying your taxes and rates to the local Council and suddenly the Council come along and say that you have to cut your prices by 25% What would you do?? Move to another area, get out of shop keeping, or accept the new rules and go bankrupt. Speedway is not in good shape right now and all we were asking was to be given the chance to have our say in how we thought it should run in 2021 and beyond. For now, that is all I will say but there is a lot more that could be said. Martin Widman
  6. Great Central

    Eastbourne 2021

    There was never going to be a squad system in the NL. Danno went out in all good faith to get the essential ferry sponsorship, paid for a block of tickets, obtained some other very valuable sponsorship and now has to go back to all of them and say what?? Some of his sponsors were new to the sport and may now be lost forever due to this happening. I sincerely hope not.
  7. Great Central

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    I have a list of riders experienced in NL racing who could step in to hole created by the loss of Jamie Halder so please don't say there is no replacement available, Martin Widman
  8. Great Central

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    That was a legitimate decision. This clearly isn't.
  9. Great Central

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    I don't know why people are getting so wound up by all this cheating? It is being done to bring on the youth and "for the good of the sport". Martin Widman Wight Warriors
  10. Great Central

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Hardly the same situation. There are riders out there ready to ride in place of Jamie.
  11. Great Central

    Whats actually going on?

    I think it is you that needs to get your facts right. The NL is not run independently as all their meetings are overseen by the Management Committee, with all decisions having to be ratified at a General Committee meeting. All the standalone clubs pay fees to the BSPA and to the SCB, the insurance is cheaper because the benefits are much reduced from the other two legs, and the referees fees are slightly less because the referees choose to charge less for their services.
  12. Great Central

    IOW 2020

    There is posting from him on Facebook. No he hasn't retired from speedway but last season took it's toll on him trying to run his butchers shop and being a speedway rider as well, particularly riding for the Warriors with a full on programme meaning quite a bit of time away from the shop. Life running a shop on the high street has proved to be a bit more challenging than was anticipated due to various problems, but he has definitely not retired. I am sure he will appreciate your comments.
  13. Great Central

    IOW 2020

    It is tough but that is how it works until somebody comes up with another way of team building from year to year.
  14. Great Central

    2020 NL Season

    Thank you Richard for your words of support. The handicap and the gate change rules only apply to the NT competition, not the league, and were agreed by all three participating clubs as a way of creating something a little different. No rider will be left out of his/her nominated race, it is not a tactical substitution but a means of trying to do things differently. As you may know the IOW have held handicap races for a number of years and this season we tried 6 riders in the final for the first time so we keep innovating. Some things work and some don't but unless you try, you will never know.
  15. Great Central

    Armadale Devils 2020

    They will only have 6 away meetings so it shouldn't be a major problem. I think Ryan Mc did his fair share this season without too many hiccups although he did suffer some cruel rain offs.

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