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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked or covered but does anyone know what happens regarding these rising stars .Will they stay at No7 all season ? Or will they move up into the main part of the team if they do well.? What will happen if they get injured , who can replace them?
  2. iand

    Ipswich 2020

    4 star same as Bates, Kemp was a 3star.
  3. iand

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Plymouth and Somerset would have been better
  4. iand

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Plymouth on Tuesday, Poole on Wednesday, mini Southern Tour.
  5. iand


    Last year Plymouth experimented with Tuesday nights, believe the idea was to get away from the sometimes manic Friday holiday traffic to Devon/Cornwall
  6. Anyone know if straight 20 races or semi finals etc ? Not enjoying it, too slick
  7. iand

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Saving himself for the GP's.
  8. Fricke who was 10th made 2 S/F, Zager,NKI and Chugonov each made 1. Emil and Zaculik who were 8th and 9th actually made 6 S/F each
  9. Agree that with the way the top 9 have pulled away that they will be in. Would have thought that with the politics that go on that a Dane Michelson /Thomson and a Aussie Fricke /J Holder will make the 15.
  10. iand

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Why no Chris Holder for Wroclaw on Sunday?
  11. Reckon he will finish tonight top of the standings
  12. No start line girls, is this the way forward for the GP's ? Polish league speedway still using them.
  13. Have edited back to £200, would like to keep DYM to hopefully another round
  14. Zager £50 more Doyle £50 more Dudek £50 more Chugonov £50 less Good Luck Robert Lambert in 2021 GP's
  15. iand

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Falubaz have three tough matches, Leszno home and Lublin and Gorzow away Which team is Falubaz?

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