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  1. If the scenario you described had happened on Sunday only Sedgmen & Bailey could have taken Jensen's rides under irr and you will still have Etheridge there! Under r/r only, you could rejig to have r/r @ no2, with Nicol/Wells/Jensen occupying 3 - 5, this would mean Cook appearing in ht 8 and barring a disaster a guaranteed 3 pts. BTW if Jensen had also been crocked, the reserves could still cover under irr. Re who picked the guest, do you know and would your team manager not have been consulted in such a decision?
  2. TBH your Team Manager (aka "Calamity Clown" ) lost you this match. Instead of trusting messrs Cook, Jensen, Nicol & Wells to cover Ostergaard's programmed rides, in comes a highly dubious choice of guest which spectacularly backfires! Hard to imagine Stewart Dickson would have made such a blunder in a derby match when he was at the helm
  3. cyclone

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    I was thinking the same also as it would give Cook a rare outing in ht8 & should guarantee a home 5 - 1. Will your team manager be as astute as you?
  4. cyclone

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    You must have been suffering from sunstroke that day
  5. cyclone

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Thomson is now no. 4 in the latest GSA & Lawson reverts to no.6 in average. With Worrall &Greaves nursing injuries, & Monarchs unable to now use Thomson to take extra rides from reserve, that doesn't help the cause. We are now back with a weak reserve combination. Looks like Glasgow will be in the right place, at the right time, on Friday and should expect to win.
  6. I believe the 50mile restriction for live streams, does not apply at present, due to the restricted attendance limits because of Covid regulations. In other words anyone can use the online streaming option.
  7. cyclone

    Football 2020/21

    Instead of next Monday being a Bank Holiday, Boris will instead re-badge it A Day of Mourning in England
  8. cyclone

    Football 2020/21

    It's Going Rome, Football's going Rome
  9. If I was a Kent supporter, I'd rather see the best seven tracked NOW, rather than wait to 2022 in order that Mulford rising star level remains at 1.
  10. As one big league would require more riders, how will that solve "The desperate shortage of riders", unless you are proposing fewer teams UK-wide?
  11. Coles replaced MacDonald in heat 9 but it was never picked up. Reckon the initial delay for announcing that Ellis was replacing Coles as a TS was because the ref had never been notified at the time of that change in ht9, & was under impression that Coles had to take his statutory third ride in heat14.
  12. cyclone

    Redcar 2020

    Hope Ben Duffil passes his response on to Speedway Star for publication in order to set the record straight and expose this Speedway Control Bureau chicanery.
  13. cyclone

    Connor Bailey

    As CB posted on 11th June he was "Currently En Route", was wondering we have heard nothing more. Would have expected Tigers to have used him by now, or loaned him out, as he would certainly have attracted interest from other clubs.
  14. Aye just don't bother that it's one of the measures to assist in reducing the spread of Covid. Still so long as it ensures you can keep riding, and so what if you have been infected and then pass the virus on to some other poor sod
  15. cyclone

    Edinburgh v Redcar 28th May

    The pay per view prices charged by Scottish Premier League Clubs ranged from £20 for Livingston to £9.99 for Rangers, with the others between £17.50 - £12 (Celtic did offer ppv). I would guess that Livingston with a smaller fan base had smaller guaranteed local subscribers & looked to generate more income from visiting fans, whereas Rangers would have a very large home fan base & could price at £9.99, given the volume of uptake. For those who missed last night's stream it's now available as rent on demand for £4.99 on EMTV here :- https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/news-centre/article/2021-05-29/home-is-where-the-monarchs-are at bottom of screen

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