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  1. Boothers

    Edinburgh 2021

    I agree, and here's an example. Charles Wright: 2007: Workington (3.57) 2008: Workington (4.00) 2009: Workington (4.75) 2010: Redcar (4.64) 2011: Workington/Leicester (3.75) 2012: Edinburgh/Glasgow (4.05) ……... ……... 2019 Tops Peterboroughs averages in the Premier League Tops Redcars averages in the Championship. British Champion!
  2. Boothers

    Newcastle 2020

    Quite possibly.
  3. Boothers

    Newcastle 2020

    Yep. 18 matches 4.87 average. See no reason for it to be any less than this.
  4. Boothers

    Newcastle 2020

    Always was a set of 'storage jars' if I remember correctly! Good to keep you with us!
  5. Boothers

    Glasgow 2020

    Ooh clever. I see what you did there!
  6. Boothers

    Redcar 2020

    I honestly don't know but obviously it's an option if the correct top five could be signed.
  7. Boothers

    Redcar 2020

    What if - and I'm just floating this out there - what if we needed/wanted 2 x 2pt reserves?
  8. Boothers

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Tom gained his average for Redcar riding at No. 2. (Damn, beaten to it!)
  9. Boothers

    Glasgow 2020

    Sorry but statistically Kyle started on an assessed average of 2 - his actual average for his first season at Workington in 2018 was 1.37. His average over the 2019 season for Glasgow was 4.54. Pretty impressive improvement I'd say.
  10. Boothers

    Redcar 2020

    I also concur (for what it's worth). The makings of a fine team there.
  11. I agree that Newcastle are NOT to blame. Bad weather is not Newcastle's fault. If however you wish to apportion blame to Redcar for the farcical situation we find ourselves in due to the delay in running the SF against Eastbourne then I would just like to say that it takes 2 to Tango, and 2 teams to run 2 semi finals. Perhaps Redcar were NOT entirely to blame either!
  12. We won't need to weaken our team as MPT will be fit for the 2nd leg in March 2020.
  13. Boothers

    Edinburgh 2021

    Do hope you meant this sarcastically - although the lack of a smiley face or emoji (or whatever they're called) calls this into question. Probably 50% of today's speedway clubs are only running because of the work currently being done by unpaid volunteers.
  14. Is anyone else having problems with buying their 'own' seats again for next year?

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