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  1. 6 minutes ago, The Third Man said:

    There were also more teams, 19 when i started going, so 18 league matches, more then now riding against each other twice, so riding each other more than once would have been impossible

    Exactly, but having 7 clubs riding each other twice home and away is no different to 14 clubs riding once and then all squeezed into two days of the week not six.

  2. 13 hours ago, mikebv said:

    Or not enough Monday's and Thursday's? :D

    Correct. Back in the 70's the first division ran over 6 days (I don't recall Sundays ever being used). Therefore, 7 clubs being fitted into 2 days of the week is the equivalent of 21 clubs having 6 available. Also, they rode only once home and away in the league although there were more open meetings and international fixtures and those of other categories fitted in.

  3. 15 minutes ago, BackInTheDHSS said:

    It's not in the Russians case though is it? They don't compete for their country, they compete individually and with no country allegiance. All those 'team events' you mentioned won't include any neutral athletes, other than in an individual capacity (no relays etc.)

    The 'neutral' flag also covers athletes from more than just Russia (Belarus as well). The neutral flag won't appear in the medals table, either, for that exact reason. So it's a completely different scenario.

    Russia under the banner of the Russian Olympics Committee have won medals at team events in past Olympics including 2020 (2021). It was created due to widescale and uncontrolled doping throughout in Russia over recent years. Of course, Russia hadn't invaded Ukraine until 2022. Russian athletes plus those from Belarus will not compete as the ROC in Paris this year but Instead under the Individual Neutral Athletes organisation (AIN). The number of participants permitted to compete is expected to be significantly less than in previous championships.

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  4. 58 minutes ago, mickyp said:

    so much for eurosport, and discovery +   big promotion push begining of season,,,its a joke  ,nothing on eurosport  tv  guide ,and   on discovery + tonight it shows  last weeks oxford match  ,the only people who will see speedway on tv  are speedway fans who pay just to watch there sport,,  the general puplic  see sport on  itv,sky,tnt.   and if you want highlights its hidden  away at midnight on quest,,, so  people who have eurosport as part of there package  ,wont even know its on this week,, tv as done nothing for speedway only show small crowds on wet monday night when nobody wants to go out,,  

    Open the Discovery+ app. Select 'sports' then 'all sports.' Scroll down to 'Speedway,' which will take you to upcoming live fixtures including all four SON events this week.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, RoundTheBoards said:

    Not even one of those occasions where the rules are ambiguous.

    The rule is very clear:

    SR11.4  "If riding at #7 a guest from the Rising Star list must be used, their MA must be lower or equivalent to the missing rider.  The Rising Star guest must not be in a current Premiership 1-7."

    Unless the rules are and the section highlighted actually means a rider who is a rising star in a current 1 -7.




  6. 9 hours ago, szkocjasid said:

    Is that allowed? I'm sure he was previously going to guest, but it got cancelled because he's not Sheffield's "rising star"?

     No, it isn't. A guest replacement for a rising star has to be selected from the list and he cannot be already in an existing 1 - 7. The only exception is if the rising star has moved up to a team's 1 - 5 which is not the case here.


  7. On 6/14/2024 at 4:14 PM, TTT said:

    As long as Ipswich are granted a facility then I wouldn't bother signing anyone right now.

    When the Polish season comes to a close, Big name riders always want to use British Speedway as a cash cow for a few weeks (Like Lambert) before the season finishes and that is when Ipswich should strike by signing a points scoring machine.

    Until then just book track specialists to guest at Foxhall and it'll be enough to finish top of the table because Sheffield are flaky on the road to a point where they're going to lose a few more meetings yet and Ipswich already have a 6 point lead over BV.

    Except you can't now:

    010.3.1 Transfer Window No team changes will be allowed once that club has completed 75% of their League Competition fixtures. Except riders returning to the team after injury who can only replace their original replacement.


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  8. 18 minutes ago, TTT said:

    Michelsen did ride for Eastbourne back in the day and he scored well for them around Arlington on a consistent basis.

    Joined Eastbourne during the 2013 on a 5 point assessed average. Finished the following season on 6.02. After Eastbourne dropped out of the elite league he had a spell with Leicester in 2015. I don't think he has ridden over here since.

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  9. 21 minutes ago, Phil The Ace said:

    Because he’s a rising star.  Good season or not.


    lets look at it another way. Why when your RS is at reserve you can only get a guest from the rising star list??? What is the difference. Nothing 

    The difference is that Dan has qualified to be in Ipswich's 1 -5 so deserves to be treated the same way as any other rider in a club's main body of a team.

    Suppose this ruling existed in 2022 would you have supported the notion of Tom Brennan's absence covered by only an unattached rising star once he had made Belle Vue's 1 - 5

  10. 2 hours ago, Bash said:

    This is what is wrong with some of the rules in speedway, we can't use Scott Nicholls again because of the 8 day rule but we can use Sam Masters who rode for the opposition last week in the same meeting as Scott. I suppose the only benefit of this rule is we can't use Batch this week!

    Scott could have been used as a guest for Jason. Perhaps he we asked but declined as he didn't want to do four meetings in a week. 8 day rule does not apply when riding as a guest for the home #1.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

    Can’t use a guest rising star either. Belle Vue, Oxford and Leicester not riding, but Ipswich can’t use Bailey, Boughen or Hagon. They have to use another rider on the rising star list who isn’t part of another team’s 1-7. That was the rule last year, dunno if that’s changed this. 

    The ruling is a little odd. If a rising star still #7 is unavailable it has to be a guest selected from the Rising Star list excluding any rider who is already in a Premiership line-up.

    However if, as in the case of Dan, that rider is now in the main body of the team, RR can be used or a guest from the Rising Star list regardless as to whether he is already in a Premiership line-up. This is subject to that guest rider not having a CMA exceeding that of the rider he is in place of.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Arch Stanton said:

    I’m not sure Badge, the rule says “track within an 8 day period” not “Team”. Beerhut also quoted this to me the other day..

    “a rider may ride as a guest (in an official meeting) at a track only once in an 8 day period (within that league) excluding Play Offs, unless he is replacing the home teams #1 or is ONLY declared in a National Development League Team”

    Hawkins said after Thursday that we couldn’t use him again this week because of the 8 day rule, has he got that wrong? If the above is correct, he can guest for Doyle at 1 but not for King or Ellis. 

    I’m sure someone who is more clued up on these rules than me will soon clarify if that’s the case

    Scott can be used but only as a guest#1, ie., for Jason. 

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  13. 20 minutes ago, FromBendThree said:

    Shambles from Brummies. Press release was premature. They must be desperate to have done that without noting he still needed a visa.

    It seems Birmingham might have applied for the wrong visa, invitational or the same one which allowed Freddie to ride in Charles Wright's Testimonial and Peter Craven Memorial at the start of this season. I am no expert on visas however.

  14. 11 hours ago, Bagpuss said:


    Absolutely spot on, and exactly my viewpoint when Lynn postponed and got punished.

    The governing body should never be allowing fixtures on nights when riders are already absent. All this garbage about 'facilities being available' is exactly that, the paying public deserve better.

    Unforseen rider absence is quite different. 

    I would just add that at the time the fixture list was announced (8.12.23) neither Lampart nor Pawlicki had been signed. So does this come under the category of unforeseen?

  15. 5 hours ago, MP78 said:

    Appreciate that speedway riders are double tough, but was just looking at the recovery time for a dislocated shoulder and it can be anything from 6-12 weeks... can't help but wonder if we will see an injury replacement for Ellis maybe?

    I don't know who but there will be a rider from Birmingham looking for a new job in a few days!

  16. 1 hour ago, False dawn said:

    I completely agree with your analysis. I'm not even suggesting the rules are at fault. In fact, had I been there, seeing Emil 8 times would have seemed like very good value for money. He's a class act, as we all know. I was just saying that this quirk of the rules does feel a bit odd. I can't see it happening that often so we don't need to debate it further. I will say that it's a pity that Emil didn't get a 24 (25?) point maximum. Because that might have been a record that stood for a very long time. Actually, it will surely be a while before anyone gets more than 22 (23?).

    Bjarne Pedersen currently holds the record, 22+1 on 22.7.2005 riding for Poole at Arena Essex. He had 7 rides which included a golden double scoring 4 when finishing behind team mate Matej Ferjan.


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