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    Speedway Updates Site

    Thanks for that info. rabbit.
  2. Like it Would those be the limited edition 60th anniversary 'sour grapes'!
  3. I was giving some thought as to where to go to this Easter weekend, to avoid the usual traffic chaos. Then I realised, 83 per cent of the population (probably more by Good Friday) are queuing for Johnno's testimonial, as we speak. Therefore, I reckon this could be the best ever bank holiday weekend for travelling anywhere in the UK. Just thinking about it, might be best to avoid Dorset on Good Friday too, as the other 17 per cent will no doubt be at Wimbourne Road!!
  4. Good job she doesn't pay income tax, then!
  5. Jeff, I know it is not as 'grown up' as the very important debate going on the "Big Meeting at Poole" thread, but I am enjoying this one. Keeps the Pirates away, anyhow!!
  6. Is this a first: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A topic that hasn't been taken over by Pirates!! (I wonder why?)
  7. Sounds very strange to invite him, in the first place, then.
  8. Wait for the Shovlar spin!!
  9. I for one, don't want to see the meeting rained-off, but to suggest that a one-off meeting like this provides the answers to all speedways problems, is pushing it a bit far. If anything, the money spent on attending an expensive meeting like this could have an adverse effect on domestic meetings.
  10. I remember going to this meeting as a Cov supporter and I think it was a double-header and vividly remember not being able to see very well due to the size of the crowd that night. I have heard there were about 25,000 people there for that meeting, is that correct? It seems to be a lot for the size of the stadium. Can anyone confirm the actual attendance figures. Cheers Dave.
  11. dj350z

    Coventry Bees V Hull Vikings

    Thanks for the replies. Certainly felt like 20,000, but didn't think you could get that many in there!! Those were the days. Imagine getting that attendance now. Anyone know how many was at last years play-off final at Brandon?
  12. It's going to be such a resounding success, that I expect Poole to run this every year!!!
  13. Just realised, shouldn't this thread be in Individual Events and not Elite League. Bit late now, I know!
  14. He's only hostile if you ask the wrong question!!!
  15. dj350z

    Stuart Cope

    Excellent! Thanks Kev, just what I am looking for. I was confusing Stoke with Crewe. Cheers.
  16. dj350z

    Stuart Cope

    Does anyone have any info on Stuart Cope, who he rode for and when. I believe that he rode a few meetings for Coventry in the 70's, and he also rode quite sucessfully for Boston and I think Stoke, in the National League. Thanks.
  17. Thought I heard on the radio today that Bomber is one of the nominations for Midlands Sports Personality of the Year. Can anyone comfirm that is true. If so, I think we should get behind this to try to put speedway back on the map. Any publicity like this is good news. How great would it be for the sport if he won it. Dave.
  18. Congratulations to the Poole promotion for arranging this exciting and bold meeting. I really hope it is a great success for Poole and speedway in general. I think there is no doubt it will generate a lot of media interest and this can only be good for the sport. I can't understand the knockers on here - if you don't agree - don't go! There will be enough that will want to attend. One question I do have. How was the line-up decided? Well done again to M&M.
  19. dj350z

    Chris Harris

    Thanks for confirming that, Sandie. Didn't catch all of the radio item, at the time. Really thought we might get a bit of 'not voting for a Bees rider or Midlands speedway team member', but this is great. Keep it going. Better go and vote myself now!!!! Dave. PS Just goes to show at the end of the day, despite all the winding up on the forum etc, speedway supporters are one of the best bunch of supporters around.
  20. dj350z


    Why, what happened to him?
  21. Good post. I can accept fans supporting a nation because their favourite club rider is foreign, but I can't accept is the way some British fans deride the British riders. You would not see the Aussies or Yanks doing that - they would be totally patriotic.
  22. Does anyone know how much the riders will be earning for riding in the WTC? Is it dictated by the country's controlling body or is it agreed across the board?

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