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  1. 1 hour ago, PHILIPRISING said:

    FIVE years ago ... really? Plus, even if it isn't a better deal, it's the UK's deal. 

    THE point is even our Secretary for Int Trade didn’t think it was a great idea five years ago and it certainly hasn’t got any better! Funny how Tories will do complete u-turns to get into cabinet!!

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  2. 2 hours ago, E I Addio said:

    I am not aggressive , really I’m not. It’s just the way it comes out in print.:)

    Owen Jones is a dyed in the wool lefty who writes for the Guardian, usually aimed at the champagne socialists at the BBC. He made a bit of a wally of himself a couple of years age taking an ill thought out swipe at Tim Martin to which Martin put him in his place. I thought that’s what you were referring to. 

    I don’t doubt people who work at Wetherspoons or anywhere else on or near minimum wage feel a bit short changed, but that’s the reality of the industry. Tim Martins response to Owen Jones article went dug beneath the superficial criticisms and talked about Government policy on minimum wage, I can’t remember all the details now but it was a point of view that is not immediately obvious to the lay person.

    When you consider the overheads publicans have to pay , with falling clientele due to high tax on alcohol, cheap supermarket competition plus the smoking ban, it’s easy to see why an average of about one pub per week has been closing nationwide. Like most other things any increase in wages has to be passed on to the customer. With beer at £4 a pint or more in some places I haven’t been in a pub for years except for meals. 

    That is a rough outline of the problem


    So it’s not cheap foreign labour keeping the wages down then?

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  3. 14 hours ago, E I Addio said:

    Best stop reading the incorrect nonsense Owen Jones spewed out about Wetherspoons, making a fool of himself again.  It’s probably a waste of time asking you to think about Tim Martins response, but not only does he pay above the minimum wage but also has a share scheme, he says, for employees with more than 18 months service. 
    25% of pubs in this country have closed since 2001, largely due to costs including wages. With alcohol now heavily taxed beyond the pocket of working men most of the time , thus hitting sales , plus competition from cheap supermarket booze it has become impossible for many pubs to pay a decent wage and still make a profit. 
    But of course, you don’t want to hear that. It’s easier to blindly accept what Owen Jones tells you in the Guardian instead of a few facts. 

    I wasn’t reading anything from Owen Jones, don’t even k ow who he is. I was listening to people who work at the local Wetherspoons where I live. Why are you so agressive?

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  4. 27 minutes ago, Sidney the robin said:

    No that is nonsense Humph yes there  are Bris who don’t want to work and yes we don’t have that problem under control we don’t have the  answers to that  yet .But  cheap foreign Labour keeps a lot of Brits on crap money when they deserve much  more.Humph do you know what the word inflation means..?  do you know many people who have kept there job ( great news ) but have not had a rise in five years i do ,!!!!! that is mainly down to cheap foreign Labour.

    Best have a chat with Tim (Brexit) Martin to ask him if he plans to increase the pitiful wages of the employees that work in his pubs that are also in great shortage. Funny how it all pans out.....,

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  5. 1 hour ago, E I Addio said:

    He didn’t vote away my daughters right to live and work in Prague. She just had to get proof of residency which cost £100 , only because she had to get a translator . If she spoke the language it would have cost little or nothing. But then she had a job to go and didn’t just turn up and expect to be supported. The Government there were delighted to have the tax she paid, to help their economy.

    If it is that easy how are we able to control immigration and our borders as promised in the Leave campaign? The 2M EU citizens that came to the UK over the last 10 years all took jobs in industries that needed their skills and hard work. We now can’t even find people to fill the jobs in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. Seems like it has all gone a bit wrong to me!!

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Phlipphlopp said:

    We have a trade deal with ourselves ? How quaint ! It'll never catch on ! Sorry , but i deal with overseas goods each and every day. There was a few problems at first i'll admit , but that was only due to folk not knowing the new regs. Seems fine now.

    Depends what goods you are talking about. I still can’t get raw materials such as high tensile steels and certain aluminium grades for my engineering businesses and it is getting worse not better. One of our bigger customers (Tyco) has moved production to France because they can get the raw materials there without any issues and this means they won’t be using UK suppliers for machining!

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  7. I have been an interested follower of this thread since it started, adding the odd post and comment here and there mainly to challenge DC2! ;-)

    I have been very sceptical of the views of Blupanther and Wolfsbane with their ‘extreme’ views on the subject. However, the more this ridiculous farce goes on I think the comments of Blu and Wolf are bang on the nail! Something sinister has to be at play for the shenanigans going on in government. 

    I just feel pretty ashamed it has took me this long.......


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  8. 44 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    ...quite possibly but that's the reality whether one agrees with the guidelines or not. Not much we can do about it. I returned to work only a couple of weeks ago travelling on public transport within a confined space and then at work having to wear a mask all day organising social distancing amongst the many visitors and tracking and tracing. I have to go along with it otherwise my employer would put me on a disciplinary. It's all very frustrating and as much as I dislike and disagree with some of the guidelines that's the way it is...and for many other people withn the work place.

    You make the assumption that everyone is travelling abroad for holiday. Some have businesses and properties abroad and therefore have responsibilities. What is the risk to the UK anyway if you have had both vaccinations, tests in Portugal and then after returning? Very minimal risk!!

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  9. I agree the machinery he is on is capable of being able to produce the results but not the way he rides the bike, in my opinion. The younger riders have a different style and the bikes are suited to that style and I believe (and I think he knows) that he is unable ride the Yamaha to its full capability. Yamaha are not going to change the characteristics for Vale when they currently have 3 riders that have the capability to get on the podium every race. Sad to say this.....

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  10. In a way, this proves the success of Brexit, because one of the main cases for Brexit was the madness of EU regulations. And one of their craziest regulations was that when flowers or vegetables were grown, they were picked and used. Now at last we’ve left the EU, so we’re free to make up our own rules, such as growing stuff and then leaving it to be eaten by maggots.

    The extra problem for the daffodil industry, apparently, is that our new sensible rules state that farmers are allowed to bring in seasonal workers but only for “edible crops”. So the easy way round this, if we want the flowers picked, is we all have to start eating daffodils. 

    The problem for daffodils is they haven’t managed to get the same PR as fish. People who had never given a thought to fish have spent much of the past year screaming: “The bloody Austrians are stealing our whitebait.”

    So if the daffodil people could get the right campaign behind them, politicians would soon be yelling about the historic glory of our daffodils and the criminal neglect of seeing OUR daffodils unpicked. Then we’d have to send gunboats to attack the French and kidnap them to come and pick our daffodils, as is their historic duty.

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  11. Britain is the worst-performing economy in the G7, and in the week that the prime minister hosts G7 leaders to launch his government's vision of Global Britain.

    Will our illustrious PM be able to keep a straight face?!!

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  12. 1 hour ago, DC2 said:


    What does it matter if the virus spreads like wildfire through an age group that is not vulnerable to it?

    By 21 June all over 30s will have had at least one jab and all over 50s will have had both jabs.

    Sure, some under 30s may not be protected by vaccination but fewer than 300 of them have died so far.

    For a virus that first appeared here in February the Indian Variant appears to be something of a damp squib.  

    Surely it should have multiplied from 1 to 400 inside a month in the extended Asian families at an R rate of 3, as we were told at the start of the Pandemic?  That should have meant 400 cases by mid-March, 160,000 by mid-April and 64,000,000 by mid-May!

    Blimey, 64 million cases!  Err .... but we’ve got fewer than 60,000 according to the ONS.


    Meanwhile the BBC reports the above as:

    “There are signs the UK is in the early stages of a third wave of coronavirus infections, a scientist advising the government has said.  Prof Ravi Gupta, from the University of Cambridge, said although new cases were "relatively low" the Indian variant had caused "exponential growth".”

    Over 90 per cent of people in England above the age of 70 have already been vaccinated with both doses, but less than half of those aged between 50 and 59 have, according to NHS data.


    The government is considering making coronavirus jabs compulsory for NHS staff, according to the vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi.

    He confirmed it was “something that we are absolutely thinking about” amid reports the current consultation on requiring people working in care homes to be vaccinated will report back this week.

    But Labour said "threatening" NHS staff to have the jab before being able to work was not a good idea.

  14. British exports worth billions of pounds have faced tariffs on trade with the EU since Brexit, according to an analysis of official EU statistics. 
    Despite the tariff-free deal agreed with the EU, a study by the University of Sussex found up to £3.5bn of British exports had taxes applied. That accounts for about 10% of British goods exports to the EU. Some firms paid due to the complexity of claiming zero tariffs, or said they planned to reclaim the fees later. For exporters, maintaining zero tariffs under the post-Brexit deal is not automatic: it needs to be claimed on customs declarations that from January have had to accompany every export to the European Union. An analysis for the BBC, by the University of Sussex's Trade Policy Observatory, used European customs data from these declarations. The figures indicated that between £2.5bn and £3.5bn of British exports faced a tariff in the first three months of 2021. 
    "What this analysis shows is that in the first quarter, around 27% of trade that could have entered tariff-free did not do so. "In some sectors and for some firms, this will no doubt improve, but it reflects the reality that leaving the EU has imposed real costs on firms, with long-term implications for trade and production."

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