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  1. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Yes, it's such a strategized takedown - the economy is thriving. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/29/business/economy/united-states-gdp.html#:~:text=Over all%2C the broadest measure,growth rate was 6.4 percent.&text=Over all%2C the broadest measure,growth rate was 6.4 percent. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/02/10percent-gdp-growth-the-us-economy-is-on-fire-and-is-about-to-get-stoked-even-more.html
  2. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    There was a thread a while back called 'Other news from around the world' or similar which was just Blucrumpet mindlessly copying and pasting everything from their Twitter feed. It was useful as it functioned as the General Discussion section Junk folder. It needs to be resurrected.
  3. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Ah Greg Abbott, the same Greg Abbott who's received financial support from various fossil fuel industries? Yeah, he'll definitely be impartial then. Follow the money, as you always like to tell us. Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that renewable energy had nothing to do with the problems in Texas. https://interestingengineering.com/what-caused-the-texas-electricity-blackout#:~:text=Settling the Debate%3A What Really,electrical blackout in US' history. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-texas-wind-turbines-explain-idUSKBN2AJ2EI
  4. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    I'm guessing it was Professor BS McTheorist in the renowned journal 'Drivel on Twitter'.
  5. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Oh no, I've been rumbled again
  6. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Er....no they're not and no it won't. Again, please tell me why are Republicans pointing out the ridiculousness of this 'audit'? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/11/us/politics/arizona-election-recount.html or claim it makes the GOP look stupid https://www.newsweek.com/arizona-gop-state-sen-regrets-supporting-ridiculous-audit-that-makes-us-look-like-idiots-1590254 or why did Republicans in the state over see this fraud. Because using your logic they must have done. And tell us exactly how the 'dominoes will fall', what will the process be?
  7. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Utterly, utterly predictable from the dynamic duo.
  8. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Exposing the incompetence of the 'audit' team. Why don't you explain to us why the Republican Chairman of the County Board (also predominantly Republican) has issued the statement found in this article repudiating Fann's assertions and describing the 'audit' team as 'in way over their heads'? https://www.abc15.com/news/state/what-do-missing-files-ballot-claims-around-the-maricopa-county-election-audit-mean
  9. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    If I'd spent 20,000 hours 'researching' only to be proved wrong again and again I'd consider it time wasted and keep my head down. And you'd think that someone who has 'researched' so thoroughly would be able to answer a question about whatever it is they've 'researched' and be able to enter into debate.
  10. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    That's what you get from Tony Heller, expert in nothing apart from manipulating and misrepresenting data. Blu posted exactly the same chart months ago, can't even remember his own nonsense.
  11. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Any century now...
  12. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    It's the conspiracy theorists way. Anyone who doesn't toe the line is subject to vitriol. I've noticed Republican Doug Ducey copping plenty of hatred for having the temerity to declare that the election in Arizona was fair and Biden won. Another Republican, Cindy McCain, has come out today and stated that the AZ audit is a farce. I'm sure the Twittersphere will be alive with hatred pouring in her direction any time soon. The irony of course is that the conspiracy brigade are desperately trying to convince themselves they're fighting (well, reading tweets) for freedom. However, the only freedom they want is one where everyone has to believe exactly the same as they do.
  13. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Remember, a few weeks ago Blu and Wolfie shared a tremendously insightful video from GuidoFawkes1976. I've been keeping an eye on good old Guido's Twitter output to gain a valuable insight into the world of someone who is able to 'join the dots' and I'm sure is 'getting it'. Plus, it's unintentionally hilarious. In the last few weeks, there have been the following jewels: The Moon Landings were fake. - Tbh this is old hat in the conspiracy world, an up and coming theorist needs new material. The Mars lander thing was fake. NASA is run by Satan, that's why the red symbol on the NASA badge is shaped like a forked tongue. JFK is alive and met Trump JFK knew that NASA couldn't get to the moon, NASA were going to kill him, that's why he had to fake his own death. Hollywood is rife with satanists and paedophiles. Apart from Mel Gibson, who is onto it all and has put staggeringly subtle clues in his films. Although I'd have thought that the fact that he chose that course of action, rather than alert the authorities, makes him as much part of the problem as a cure but there you go. The Oscars ceremony venue had dark tunnels as they were celebrating hell. The actors present at the ceremony had numbers pinned to them by security that matched up to Q's postings. Trump is still the president Trump will be president again soon, maybe very soon, maybe 2024, it's a bit of a moveable feast - Bit of inconsistency in these last two but Guido's followers seem to let it go. Kamala Harris is a Lizard person - If you zoom a long, long way in on a video still you can see a fold of skin that looks like a fold of skin. Unless you have the power to 'join the dots' in which case it's incontrovertible proof that she's a lizard person thingy. Princess Di is alive and coming back - no date set. This is a long way from an exhaustive list, but I've forgotten the rest, I'd need to keep a spreadsheet to keep a record of every bit of drivel he comes out with. But don't forget you can't trust the MSM fake news lies. According to the Dynamic Duo GuidoFawkes1976 is a reliable source.
  14. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    The wonderful Kelli Ward. Tried to use the Jan 6th riots to send the electoral choice back to the legislatures. Then claimed the rioters were fakes planted to undermine Trump. As well as propagating election fraud lies. Best of all (get this!) she was sued because she refused to allow an audit of HER election as head of the Arizona GOP. Yet she is now proclaiming herself as the voice of integrity. Best of luck with that. https://eu.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona/2021/01/06/arizonas-role-us-capitol-riot-paul-gosar-election-certification/6571625002/ https://eu.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/elections/2021/03/12/arizona-gop-chair-kelli-ward-sued-over-refusal-audit-her-election/4667094001/
  15. Kester

    " Line of duty " TV

    The idea that it's Osbourne and Carmichael is the most obvious conclusion. So knowing Line of Duty it's probably not that. The character of Carmichael is the only one I don't like. She plays it in such a pantomime baddie style that she doesn't seem like a real character at all.

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