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  1. frigbo

    10 Favourite Polish riders.

    Tomasz Gollob Leonard Raba Jerzy Trzeszkowski Henryk Glucklich Zenon Plech Boleslaw Proch Krzysztof Ciegelski Jerzy Rembas Grzegorz Szczepanik Jan Puk
  2. frigbo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    As the adverts are on during The Chase, I'll have a go... Leigh Adams Phil Crump Martin Ashby Ed Stangeland Brian Leonard Leonard Raba Milan Spinka Shawn McConnell Andrew Silver Renat Gafurov Alf Busk Bo Petersen Norman Hunter Per Sorensen Edit - forgot Brian Karger....sorry Per, you're dropped to the bench....
  3. frigbo

    A favourite speedway era

    1974 was the first year I went and 1984 was the last year of the top league having a decent number of teams in it. 2000-2006 was an era where my enthusiasm was re-ignited by Swindon's Premier League side and the return to the Elite. I put some money into the club in 2006 and felt it was taken for granted - as a result my enthusiasm has waned every season until now where it's non-existent.
  4. frigbo

    A favourite speedway era

    1974-1984 2000-2006
  5. frigbo

    10 favourite Swedish riders

    Jimmy Nilsen Erik Stenlund Henrik Gustafsson Hasse Holmqvist Tommy Nilsson Per Jonsson Richard Hellsen Peter Nahlin Jan Andersson Christer Lofqvist
  6. frigbo

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Not a big fan of Aussies generally speaking, but here goes... P.Crump L.Adams
  7. frigbo

    10 favourite British riders

    In no order... M.Ashby N.Hunter Leonard Silver Keen Carter Lee G.Kennett Betts Loram
  8. frigbo

    10 favourite American riders

    Jeez I must be bored.... In no particular order: McConnell Gresham Sigalos Cook Penhall Autrey Columbo Nutter B.Bast Ott
  9. frigbo

    Swindon Stadium

  10. http://wwosbackup.proboards.com/thread/2017/tommy-morley
  11. frigbo

    Workington 2019

    Thanks, appreciate that. I would readily admit that I do have a generally dim view of the modern speedway rider and have a strong belief that their selfishness and expectation that they can be professional at a relatively low level, have gone a long way to help create the mess the sport is in the UK right now. To be fair that probably means I read most rider comments through those eyes, and did so here. I guess I thought Kyle, if anyone, would have expressed more of a concern on the loss of his local club and the impact that would have on the local community. Riders need to start looking at the bigger picture, and can't expect to make a living from speedway alone whilst clubs stretch themselves to breaking point.
  12. frigbo

    Workington 2019

    I understand he's just a kid, but as a local lad I would have expected a far more balanced response to be honest.
  13. frigbo

    Workington 2019

    The Kyle Bickley interview in today's Speedway Star speaks volumes of riders' mentality. A quick soundbite about the impact on the fans and then paragraphs about how "I" and "me" will suffer.
  14. frigbo

    RIP Bernie Leigh

    Seen on Facebook that Reading stalwart and ex-Swindon man Bernie Leigh has sadly passed away. Poignant for me as he's the first to pass away of the original Swindon 7 I watched in my first meeting v Ipswich in 1974.
  15. frigbo

    AGM November 2018

    Just the most important people then.... Chris Harris' comments this week absolutely epitomise how far removed from reality most riders are - their selfish approach is a huge factor in the mess UK speedway finds itself in. I am one of the long-term fans who has been disillusioned by so many things (particularly the way the sport is run for everyone but the fans) that I'm not sure I have anything vaguely resembling enthusiasm to give a toss if/when they are fixed.
  16. I for one am someone who no longer attends Swindon due to both guests and doubling-up being out of control and virtually turning teams into a travelling circus of riders.
  17. The end. The patient has suffered enough and is now terminally ill....
  18. frigbo

    Kevin Beattie RIP

    Great player from my childhood whose career was sadly blighted by several bad injuries.
  19. Got to love a bit of doubling-up - 2 riders crocked for a cup semi-final due to tooling about in a lower league clash for a completely different team.
  20. frigbo

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    My view of Simmo is greatly tarnished by his spell non-trying (by his own admission) at Swindon to reduce his average to drop to Hackney in the NL.
  21. Announcement this morning - last meeting at Arena on 14th Sept and club moves to Rye House from the 15th.
  22. This precisely sums up one of the main reasons I no longer go. The majority of riders in the PL couldn't care less about any aspect of the meeting, team or fans as long as their pocket is lined and wh*re themselves out to whoever is paying the next pound coin.
  23. Viable for who?? Some weaker tracks may have to be sacrificed to make something new work. Fudging everything to enable a couple of teams to exist in front of 150 people isn't helping.
  24. Still, in effect, replacing your number 1 with a junior irrespective of where in the team they ride. Maybe there's an option to only permit a number one guest for away meetings and teams utilise r/r at home and only if the absence is through injury? A mid-level big league should, in threory, mean less top-end absences for anything other than injury anyway.

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