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  1. Trevor


    Love the new delivery service much better than Royal Mail, it was on my door mat first thing this morning. Thank you.
  2. Trevor

    May 17th

    I see the Government have said today that if the data allows at the time sports venues can reopen on May 17th. That is with a limit related to the capacity of the venue. I take that as good news for Speedway, as only some of our announced fixtures needing to be rearranged.
  3. Would people agree with me over my view of how the Government has handled the pandemic? Try to be objective, putting your party allegiances to one side. Lockdowns - Poor ( Too slow, even if for understandable reasons) Provision for furloughed workers - Good (Borrowing billions to pay for this, will take years to repay, but was the right thing to do) Keeping borders secure - Poor (Should have been far tighter) Vaccine programme - Excellent ( Best in Europe, second best in the world after Israel)
  4. I know that very few Speedway stadium are built from scratch. However when new ones do get built, I'm surprised that the pits are always built out of sight behind a stand. Would'nt it provide more interest if the pits were in full view of the public, say on the back straight, or bends 3/4? So the public could see how ready a rider was to meeting the two minutes? Or, if a rider was making a last minute bike switch? Even the extra fun of an occasional bust up! As Speedway by it's nature has gaps between races, there would be added interest if that part of the event was visable. If ever I win the lotto, which I don't buy tickets for, I would build my stadum that way.
  5. I just got this reply to a tweet I sent to Eurosport asking about TV coverage of the Final. I'm happy to hear that you are a fan of the British Speedway event. We are still looking at the possibility of broadcasting the British Speedway Final on the 26.09.2020 , as soon as I have more information I will get in touch with you. Kindly bear with us.
  6. Trevor


    I totally understand the need to cut costs. The thinner paper however does cause a more crumpled magazine. Would it be possible from a production point of view, to have the wrap around cover thicker than the inside pages?
  7. Trevor

    European Union - In Or Out?

    All those asking for a 'People's Vote' should remember having asked the people to either Remain or Leave, and getting the answer Leave, the only vote now should be how. So it's either the clean Brexit we voted for, or Mrs May's or Mr Corbyn's half in and half out versions.
  8. Trevor

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Glad to see this today, that those who want us to vote all over again, cannot succeed in their dream. https://order-order.com/2018/08/29/times-second-referendum/
  9. At the start of the season we switched to set race nights. To bring back the stars, and have full teams racing against each other. The authorities foolishly stopped the return of the big names, by the one eight point rider rule. On the issue of less guests, do you think it has worked? What affect has it had on crowds size, for the clubs that have had to switch race nights?
  10. I often go to Belle Vue, but will give this a miss. Silly prices for an untried new event, and now with Cook dropped, it is even less attractive.
  11. Trevor

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Such sad news, he was the best rider I have ever seen. The lack of coverage on BBC outlets is shameful, fans should bombard them asking that this true sporting legend's passing is marked.
  12. Trevor


    I love the Star, and look forward to Thursday when it comes. I also loved the retro feel of the front cover. My only suggestion for improvement is less of the really long articles and a bit more fan input, such as teams your team loves to beat, tips when coming to your track, rider you love to hate etc.
  13. Trevor


    Best read of the year!
  14. Trevor

    For or against team suits

    Team suits are a big help to identify which rider is which plus it gives a more professional look. Out of interest which team first went for team suits? I remember Halifax Dukes wore a team suit in the early 70's.
  15. Trevor

    Promoter's Agm!

    Overall some common sense decisions. My only gripe is Tac Sub in Heat 14 and only one rider over 8 point ave in the Premiership.

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