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  1. Sorry to ruin a good conspiracy theory but the M1 at Sheffield is inches deep in water; having left a wake on a hill top, a few miles away, owing to the marquee also flooding. Two mourners from Brigg turned in boots owing to conditions there this morning. Disappointed as I was looking to continue a further 100 mile round trip for this match. But rubbish happens so well done to the much maligned Mr Godfrey for an early postponement.
  2. Mr Ore


    Sunday 30th May 2021Bradford Bulls 37 York 18 Attendance 3,742Admission £22 seats £20 standing Prog £3.00 Seemingly 4000 current crowd limit for rugby.
  3. Mr Ore

    Sheffield 2020

    All Premiership teams are racing that night.
  4. Mr Ore

    Tales of the Unexpected

    I reckon you are correct. On in London today, with some irony being the second half of a double header. The series was produced by Anglia TV so Peterborough would have been in their catchment area. Definitely looks like the old at EoESG grass-banking on the back straight.
  5. Mr Ore

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Pleased to see I'm not the only one who has problems with predictive text. Should actually read as bombing.
  6. Mr Ore

    Speedway On The Chase, Kinda

    He moved to the Herefordshire area but, I hear, still has a love affair, with the Blades. I was unaware of the company link, but sounds logical. On a cottage holiday last year in that area, I wore my Tigers hoodie to a local non league football game and was greeted by a regular home fan who is also an exiled Tiger, and still goes to Owlerton on a regular basis. Small World.
  7. Mr Ore

    Speedway On The Chase, Kinda

    A friend of mine is one of the question writers (researchers) for this and several other quiz programmes and often throws speedway questions in. He has never seen a live match, owing to distance to the nearest tracks and having a young family, but loves it on TV and will speak with me about it when we meet . He had an action photo of Franky Zorn on his office walls at the BBC in Wood Lane and Ellstree studios so does his bit. Bradley and Mark (The Beast) both are also big, albeit similarly distant, admirers of the sport. As a huge Blades fan maybe the Tigers could look to get Mark along to Owlerton one week when all is up and running again, although I believe he has now moved from the immediate area. He'd love the buffet.
  8. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Alton v Ringwood Town in Wessex League, last night. Two teams intent on playing good football and providing great entertainment. Free hot drink with every programme. One more to go before lockdown.
  9. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Yes, they did a programme at (deep breath) £3 for 24 pages, but sold out shortly after I got mine, around 25 minutes before kick off. Seemed to have done a lot too, but had their biggest crowd since moving to the Hub. Unsure if it will be regular hard copy production, but I'd seen it advertised on their Twitter during the day. They had been doing on line only last season and earlier this, but the format didn't seem to print off correctly in booklet format. On line only at Maldon (and Cheshunt the week before) so other half printing them off for me at her work today.
  10. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Very much my attitude, with season ticket duty on Wednesday no doubt seeing my final game for some time, after about 25 non league matches during lockdown hiatus. With surgery scheduled for December putting me out of commission until next February, I had an impressive diary of intended games scheduled, until going under the knife, too. Walton and Hersham v Peacehaven and Telscombe (at the impressive new sports hub) in the "and" derby on Friday and Maldon and Tiptree v Kingstonian in Trophy yesterday being 2 new grounds for me, although only being able to buy a takeaway container at the Maldon micropub, as unbelievably real ale sample trays do not constitute a substantial meal. In whose language ? Forlorn hope that there may be some ice speedway when I am mobile again.
  11. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    One of my interests but haven't been to as many games as I usually would this season, although I still have a season ticket for my local team. It costs around £80 to watch my main league team at home at level 3 to just get there and in, and around £20 all in including post match ales for my Isthmian team. My other half will go with me too, as it is far cheaper and can be as entertaining, often more so . Crowds are definitely up all round so more are turning to this level. Great to see how much you are watching on here. I never did their old ground although worked fairly close so had seen it many times. I did a memorial game at the current ground last week and since my last visit, last season, they have fully fenced it in as dog walkers could get in for free from Wimbledon Rugby ground just through the woods, or foul the pitch when nobody was there. Also floodlit, with hard standing on 3sides and 2 seated stands, although one is especially small with a few loose seats. No idea if they have the freehold but are developing to remain there Given the current location and Raynes Park already having a team at the same level I doubt a name change to reflect their current area would generate any extra support so keeping the original name going isn't so bad . They currently share with Westside FC in the same league who started as a church team from Wandsworth so they are even further from their roots, Their own ground though is in this area, the other side of the rugby club but also couldn't be developed to Combined Counties League requirements..
  12. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Frightening. It seems so recent when they moved but obviously was that long ago. Been in the Comb Cos League since the early noughties. Not 100% sure but probably in Surrey South East Combination when they moved to Wibbandune. In the late 90s they merged with Vandyke becoming Vandyke Colliers United around 97; and taking their place in the then Surrey Premier / County League. Reverted to their own name before promotion to their current level. Vandyke previously played at the Fire Brigade ground in Ewell, but had to leave. CWU had the ground and Vandyke the more senior status so a merger suited both .
  13. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Same level, different league; Lydd Town 1 v 3 Forest Hill Park. # birthday treat. Thought we could hear the sound of bikes from the speedway during 2nd half but turned out to be a plane taxiing at the airport next door.
  14. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    A long story, but spoke with "my" John, and he never made it in the end. All very curious that 2 medical people, with the same forename were miles from home, in the same area and could have both been in a group of 80+. Would have been incredible had they met,. He is not really a football fan but seemed interested in taking a look, when the Lancaster game, we had spoken about as something to do on his hols, was postponed. A walk and meal were a better deal in the end. He owes me. Very weird coincidence. Ironically in a past job I received a, shall I say, intimate gift in the post, through head office with an apology and love letter. I had no idea who it was from, other than a first name, or what it was about but thought I’d better not hide from my other half, at the same time denying any idea of why I had received it. I have an unusual combination of first and surname , but incredibly received a call the next day from “my namesake” who was working as a temp in head office for a few weeks so not in the staff directory. That was an embarrassing meeting.
  15. Mr Ore

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    That is very strange.

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