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On 1/31/2018 at 12:29 PM, Sings4Speedway said:

Yep welcome to speedway.

Interested in having a ride around on your own while you learn how to actually ride a bike? You may be lucky to live near one of the few existing training tracks (most of which the governing body disapprove of)

Progressed with your learning and want to test your abilities with some racing? There are a few (amazing) amateur events running but they are very limited (most of which the governing body disapprove of)

Got good at the amateur meetings and want to showcase your talents? Here you are extremely unlikely to get any laps after a meeting unless your face fits despite only asking for 5-10 minutes additional time unless you can get one of a few precious places in the (amazing) development leagues.

Got a development league place? Now you can drive up and down the country for the "chance" to get 3 very rapid rides after the main meeting providing the main event hasn't dragged out due to prima donna antics, excessive interviews weather watching etc in which case it will be cancelled and you will be sent home with nothing but loads of expense incurred.

Like i said welcome to Speedway you are our future, still want to stick around?

I must add that all those who run practice days, amateur meetings, development teams along with the band of volunteers are truly amazing beyond words and are the reason the sport continues in this country. Without you it would be finished already so i salute you all.

You can ride at more than just training tracks as an amateur. Scunthorpe, Buxton, Leicester, King's Lynn, Rye House, IOW etc all have amateurs ride there so you aren't just limited to training tracks.

Once you have progressed yes you can ride in amateur meetings and most in my experience are sanctioned by the SCB.

Why would anyone who is an amateur (unless a youth rider) get track time after a professional speedway meeting?  That would be like asking if you could have a kick-about after a Premier League football match at Old Trafford. On saying that if you can ride a speedway bike well then it may be possible to get a second-half ride if you have potential to get into a league team and i've seen it done. The problem is that many (not all) amateur riders think they are better than they actually are.

As for development leagues they should be limited by age so young riders get a team place and the teams aren't filled with 30+ age riders with no chance of ever developing into a league rider.

There is a lot wrong with speedway but the amateur side of the sport has never been healthier and there are far more opportunities now for an amateur to rider a speedway bike than ever in the history of the sport.



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1 hour ago, adonis said:

I Know how expensive road racing is , and if I wanted to take part  all i have to do is have enough money , and providing I can ride fast enough ,there is nothing standing in the way of me going all the way to MotoGp  , unlike speedway  where ability is a lesser consideration than  your face fitting .. 

Someone's face fitting is much the same in  road racing as it is in speedway and that's more to do with human nature than either of those sports. There are plenty of riders whose face didn't fit that have succeeded in their chosen sport and speedway is no different.

Where anyone ends up in road racing is down to many things like dedication, sacrifices made and of course talent but being fast in road racing doesn't guarantee anything. I think you'll find that even if you were fast there would be plenty of things stopping you getting to Moto GP.  Plenty of very fast riders never get beyond the club road racing scene.

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AMATEUR MEETING (LEICESTER) - 17th February 2018


Dan Bewley 11 Danny Ayres 9

FINAL: 1st Danny Ayres 2nd Dan Bewley
Tom Spencer 12 James Chattin 8 Sheldon Davies 5 Mick Sutton 3

FINAL: 1st James Chattin 2nd Sheldon Davies 3rd Mick Sutton

James Spencer 11 Callum Foy 8 Mark Anderson 8 David Chiles 4

FINAL: 1st Callum Foy 2nd James Spencer 3rd Mark Anderson 4th David Chiles


Mick Skinner 12 Lee Coleman 8

FINAL: 1st Mick Skinner 2nd Lee Coleman


Jacob Clayton 12 Eli Meadows 8 Harry Ogier 6 Erin Ogier 0
FINAL: 1st Jacob Clayton 2nd Eli Meadows 3rd Erin Ogier 4th Harry Ogier
YOUTH 125/150cc CLASS

Jack Bell 11 Cameron Taylor 10 Max James 9 Thomas Vinning 7

Mickie Simpson 6 Finley Dimmock 6

B FINAL: 1st Mickie Simpson 2nd Thomas Vinning 3rd Max James

A FINAL: 1st Jack Bell 2nd Cameron Taylor 3rd Mickie Simpson 4th Thomas Vinning

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