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2017 Lydd Championship Re-staging - 2nd June 2018

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Gary O’Hare 12 Chris Mackett 11 Graham Knowler 9 Ian Leverington 8

Derrick Keyes 6 Dave Harvey 6 Adrian Harden 5 Brian Cornelius 4

Geoff Jeggo 3 Keith Hill 3 Dave Jamieson 3

C FINAL: 1st Geoff Jeggo 2nd Keith Hill

B FINAL: 1st Derrick Keyes 2nd Brian Cornelius 3rd Adrian Harden

A FINAL: 1st Gary O’Hare 2nd Chris Mackett 3rd Ian Leverington 4th Graham Knowler


Darren Grayling 12 Andrew Palmer 11 James Laker 6


Ed Travaskis 10 Martyn Smith 9 Luke Barnes 9 Gavin Ware 6

Jordan Bull 3 Chris Davis 1

FINAL: 1st Luke Barnes 2nd Gavin Ware 3rd Ed Travaskis 4th Martyn Smith


Mike Osborne 12 Robbie Higgins 9 Chris Pullen 8 David Chiles 4

Tom Waddell 4 Syd Sherman 7 Paul Whichello 6 Steve Gallagher 6

Martin Tappenden 4 Darren Carr 2 Ian Foster 1 Rob Lambert 1

B FINAL: 1st Tom Waddell 2nd Paul Whichello 3rd Steve Gallagher 4th Martin Tappenden

A FINAL: 1st Mike Osborne 2nd Chris Pullen 3rd Robbie Higgins 4th David Chiles

Archie Wareham 15 Jamie Etherington 10 Harry Cunningham 4 William Cairns 1

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I attended the Veterans meeting at Lydd on Saturday but had to leave after heat 25. If anybody who attended has a completed score card, could they possibly send me a scan so I can fill in my programme.   Thanks.    aspringett59@hotmail.com  


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