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Sat down to do the BSPA quiz last Friday to find it dealt with only one year! So to amuse you all during this lockdown and exercise the grey cells I've compiled a quiz for all ages. (Well over 30's if I'm honest) If you can answer them all without resorting to the archives,digital or otherwise, then you are entitled to call yourself a speedway buff. Please don't post any answers--I'll post them all next Saturday 25th. So here goes:

1: What year was league racing first introduced in Britain?

2: Which English star lost his life in a track crash at New Cross in 1935?

3: When was the first occasion that three riders from the same country shared the world final rostrum?

4: Which track was nicknamed 'The Frying Pan'?

5: Which Canadian rider qualified for the cancelled 1939 World Final?

6: Who moved from Bradford to Wimbledon in 1948 for a record £2000 fee?

7: Who rode a machine nicknamed ‘The Black Duck’?

8:  What was Split Waterman’s actual first name?

9:  Who was the first English world champion?

10: What was known as ‘Parker’s Pension'?

11: Who was the first rider to win back to back world championships?

12: Who were the three all time greats who made their World Final debuts in 1954.

13: How did Ronnie Moore earn his living as a youngster in New Zealand?

14: In what year did Ivan Mauger first ride in England?

15: Who were the first provincial league title winners in 1960?

16::Name the evergreen speedway personality who won the 1962 Provincial League riders championship.

17: Which Scottish rider captained West Ham to the inaugural British League championship in 1965?

18: What unique feat did the Leicester Lions team of 1969 achieve?

19: Who was the only British representative at the 1970 World Final?

20: Who was nicknamed "World Cup Willie'?

21: Bert Harkins had two nicknames.One was ‘Haggis’ Can you name the other?

22: Who withdrew injured from the 1972 World Final after a clash with Bernt Persson?

23: Which English rider was runner up to Peter Collins in the 1976 world final?

24: Which London stadium hosted the 1977 Intercontinental Final won by Peter Collins?

25: Who won his third World Final at Wembley in 1978?

26: For what team did Kenny Carter make his debut in the same year?

27: How many generations of the Dugard family raced?

28: Which notoriously poor gater became World Champion in 1991?

29: Rickardsson,Neilsen and which other rider were involved in a three man run off for the 1994 title?

30: For which team did Jason Crump make his British debut in 1991?

31: Which of the Kennett brothers is the father of Edward Kennett?

32: When was the final year that Cradley operated at Dudley Wood?

33: In what year did Greg Hancock win the first of his world titles?

34: Who won a hat trick of British titles in the 90’s?

35: What father and son stood on the world final rostrum in 1975 then 1993? (Not at the same time just to clarify).

36: Rye House won league titles in 1980,2005 and which other year?

37: Which former Poole captain now promotes at Swindon?

38: Where did Glasgow Tigers race before moving to Ashfield?

39: Who was the first rider to become world champion while riding for Poole?

40: And a curved ball to finish.Which former Belle Vue star now runs boarding kennels?

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1: 1929  2: Tom Farndon 3: 1937 (Jack Mine,Wilbur Lamoreaux, Cordy Milne 4: New Cross 5: Eric Chitty 6: Alec Statham 7: Vic Duggan 8: Squire 9: Tommy Price (1949) 10: The British Match Race Championship or Golden Helmet (owing to the number of times it was won by Jack Parker) 11: Jack Young 12: Briggs,Fundin and Craven. 13: Wall of Death rider 14: 1957 15: Rayleigh Rockets 16: Len Silver 17: Ken McKinlay 18: They used the same seven riders for the entire season. 19: Trevor Hedge 20:  Ray Wilson. 21: Bertola 22: Barry Briggs 23: Malcolm Simmons 24: White City 25: Ole Olsen 26: Newcastle Diamonds 27: Four 28: Jan O.Pedersen 29: Craig Boyce 30: Peterborough Panthers 31: Dave 32: 1995 33: 1997 34: Andy Smith 35: John and Chris Louis 36: 2007 37: Alun Rossiter 38: Shawfield Stadium 39: Mark Loram 40: Joe Screen. 


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