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Workington v Berwick Border Trophy 31/03/24 3pm

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1 hour ago, Gazc said:

Race lasts for 4 laps though , so what’s your point.

Point is the said rider was well in the mix, some people on here think the rider is miles behind and off the pace, which on Sunday proved some people wrong,

got to remember when worky were accepted into the league in mid November,  Godfrey and Co had signed up most of the riders weeks/months earlier , so some out of the box thinking was needed to get a team, at least Celina is keeping the comets in people's minds, wait till antti gets settled in, he is something special, just hope Glasgow don't tap him up :nono:

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Think Celina should just be left to get on with it.She doesn’t deserve all this bickering over whether she is good enough or not,she it giving it her best shot.Time will tell.

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5 hours ago, Woke23 said:

I think you lot are getting in a disagreement when both are right.

Yes, comets knew what they were doing when signing a female rider. They knew it would bring good publicity and they've acted on that too. The celina merch at the practice session was the only merch advertised over the speakers. Why? Because they know it'll bring in strong custom.

However, they wouldn't have signed her if they didn't think she was good enough. She's obviously shown good signs and that coupled with being female helped seal the deal for comets.

Whether it will turn out to be good or not is still to be seen. She's came in as a 4 pt average but so far she's clearly been the worse rider of the team. Young Sam has shown much more both home and away in the first two games.


Ok thanks, as with every rider good luck to her....

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9 hours ago, bloom89 said:

I think the general consensus is it’s generated a lot of interest purely because she’s a woman but say for example they had signed Adam Roynon there wouldn’t be half the interest there’s been for Celina so you could call it a bit of a pr stunt I’d say it’s got people talking and social media and other outlets have taken an interest in this signing… Look at the facts though she’s had 13 rides to date in 3 meetings and she’s scored 2 points there are so many unemployed riders who could’ve scored that and better and that’s a fact it’s nothing to do with her gender. 

If you want to look around there's plenty of higher riders in this league and the prem who are not scoring points some are regarded very highly 

What I saw of Adam roynon last year I don't think he would be scoring much more if any 

Which is a shame as I remember how good he was 

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