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  1. kitten2502

    Birmingham V Kent 11th July ?

    Sensible decision now made!
  2. kitten2502

    Birmingham V Kent 11th July ?

    Swindon have postponed their meeting on Wednesday to avoid a clash with the semifinal - really hope Brum reconsider their stance.......
  3. kitten2502

    British Under 21

    Very disappointing crowd with just 10 minutes to tapes up. Perfect weather for it - what more to people want?
  4. kitten2502

    British Under 21

    Forecast is looking good - warm bordering on hot sunshine.
  5. kitten2502

    British Under 21

    Unless it's Polish of course...............
  6. kitten2502

    Birmingham 2018

    As are the Brummies fans...........
  7. kitten2502

    Birmingham 2018

    and also not likely to be fit to ride until possibly June - accordung to this weeks SS - so I don't think so....
  8. Think he came across really well .......
  9. kitten2502

    Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Thankfully yes!
  10. kitten2502

    Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    Errrrrrrrrrr don't tar us all with the same brush. I'm happy with the outcome as I was dreading some of the names being banded about............
  11. kitten2502

    Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    As the article on the official site says, injury &/or illness.
  12. kitten2502

    Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    Weather forecast is not the greatest..........
  13. kitten2502

    Cradley V Eastbourne Tpnl 11 Sept 2017

    It's still dry with patches of blue sky...........
  14. kitten2502

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    Have to admit I've got one foot firmly planted in this camp at the moment................

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