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  1. Birmingham 2018

    and also not likely to be fit to ride until possibly June - accordung to this weeks SS - so I don't think so....
  2. Think he came across really well .......
  3. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Thankfully yes!
  4. Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    Errrrrrrrrrr don't tar us all with the same brush. I'm happy with the outcome as I was dreading some of the names being banded about............
  5. Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    As the article on the official site says, injury &/or illness.
  6. Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    Weather forecast is not the greatest..........
  7. Cradley V Eastbourne Tpnl 11 Sept 2017

    It's still dry with patches of blue sky...........
  8. How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    Have to admit I've got one foot firmly planted in this camp at the moment................
  9. Bv Colts V Birmingham

    I personally support my team - win, lose or draw. I would have thought a visit to the National Speedway Stadium was incentive enough. Don't get me wrong, there will be people travelling, but a minibus would facilitate those unable to make their own way - sadly this includes me
  10. Bv Colts V Birmingham

    I was looking forward to this one too - however, as we can't even muster enough supporters to travel on a mini bus I won't now be attending. Very disappointing................
  11. That is incorrect - season ticket holders did not have to pay to get in last night.
  12. Kent V Birmingham Mon 12th June

    R/R for Darryl Ritchings now as aggravated leg injury on Wednesday - going to make it tough.
  13. Birmingham V Eastbourne

    Is an apology due - to both the promotion & rider???
  14. Speedway Star

    Is there any particular reason why SCBNL news is frequently pushed behind International speedway and Grass Track news? I would have expected it to follow SCB Championship bearing I'm mind the Speedway Star is a BRITISH Speedway publication, isn't it?
  15. Speedway Star

    Tesco came to the rescue. There would be no point in ordering for delivery as I cannot bear crumpled/damaged/bent magazines - one reason why I refuse to buy pre-read (or 2nd hand ) shelf copies. Wish the magazine was poly wrapped to stop shop flickers - you either want to buy or you don't.