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  1. Why start yet another item of fake news ? I assume your happy if you managed to stop a few attending, you really won’t be happy until KL speedway is no more, ok we get it you no longer attend but those that do have enjoyed 3 good meetings this year....oh the absent Auty was exceptional tonight.
  2. 7.45pm first race is perfect......there are a lot of people that have to travel a fair distance to attend, 7.30pm start would stop me and my wife attending as we travel from boston but often don’t leave work until 6.15ish, as it would many others I suspect, is 15mins at the end of the night such a big deal ?
  3. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Incredible .
  4. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Fair point..... moaning must be contagious ! ........hopefully being positive is ? Roll on the 4th April, I for one can’t wait !
  5. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Ok , the usual suspects have “explained” many many times, really not sure what is being achieved by constantly repeating the same explanations. i am not sure that you do care, you have made it clear you no longer attend, even before the farce caused by holder and batchelor last year, and that you don’t intend doing so in the future, perhaps it’s time to move on find new interests ?
  6. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Agree, the same few have made their feelings known over and over again over the last few months, not sure what their motives are but to continually repeat the same old same old is getting really tedious, we get it, you have all made the same points, many, many times but is it not time to look ward and not back and to get behind the Stars for the new season ?
  7. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Do you really think your constant criticism is “supporting” speedway ? If so your are sadly deluded. Thank-you
  8. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Just hope that now you are no longer attending that will also mean an end to your constant moaning and negativity, genuine KL supporters are really fed up with reading the same tedious comments from the likes of you and a few other regulars who will hopefully take your lead and not return either, perhaps you could go to Peterborough with Star Lady.......they deserve you both ! Good Luck to the Stars in 2018 !
  9. Bert

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    FFS can yo stop moaning !
  10. Get your facts right, It is the Speedway Control Board who have fined Peterborough not the British Speedway Promotors Association....nothing to do with Chapman, incidentally it is not a fine, they are just recovering the bribe money Peterborough illegally received from Poland....surely that is only righ and proper ?
  11. What is the point of your continued negativity ? I really hope now you won't be returning for some time you won't be commenting further on something you have no interest in or clearly care about.
  12. Bert

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Well said ! Never posted before after supporting KL for over 30 years, completely fed up of reading these negative posts especially from people who never go, Star Lady and other regular moaners just shut up, your getting very tedious. The very people who have wanted £10 admission for TV meetings are now moaning that it is not KL that have done it but BT.......does it really matter, get off your keyboards and down to KL to support the club you are supposedly fans of !

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