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  1. Matt Davis

    The Reunion

    Well I can't believe this was posted approximately a year ago...! Well I can't believe this was posted approximately a year ago...!
  2. Matt Davis

    The Reunion

    I mentioned on a thread about gustix (that I think must have been deleted) that we should have a reunion to which there was a reply from the doctor and Steve Roberts. In reply to Steve yes I might be the same Matt from Oxford that you used to know.. That all depends on whether you're the same Steve Roberts I used to know from Oxford?! :-) Anyhow, how many members are still about from the forum circa 2003ish? I see SCB is still going strong, anyone else still lurking? I'll have to try and remember some names from back then
  3. Matt Davis


    I've not been on here for years and years, maybe we could have a reunion of some sort?
  4. It seems Speedway photographer Steve Dixon was injured today while taking photos at a motocross event. Details are sketchy at the moment but it appears Steve is in Coventry hospital under going surgery. My very best wishes go to Steve for a quick and full recovery.
  5. Matt Davis

    Speedway Fans Interests Survey

    I think if you were looking to spam a lot of people, targetting a small group of Speedway fans wouldnt be top of list of places to get mass email addresses
  6. Why does Tai say its a Jawa engine when its clearly a GM tuned by Peter Johns?
  7. Matt Davis

    Hancock And Gollob When Will They Retire ?

    I don't see why Hancock and Gollob shouldn't get a pick if they finish outside the top 8? Far lesser riders have been picked when finishing outside the top 8
  8. Matt Davis

    Is This A Record?

    Im positive he averged more in the EL with us than he did with Swindon in the PL - I cant remember if he ever got to number 1 though, maybe number 3 from memory
  9. Matt Davis

    British GP 2013

    Well I enjoyed it
  10. I'm always blowing like a steam train after 4 laps. Probably down to the fact that I'm unfit and only ride a handful of times a year but i do only go about a third of the speed that Tai does
  11. Matt Davis

    Looking To Get Involved (mechanic)

    Start at National League level would be your best bet. You will start off putting fuel in the bikes and pushing the rider and then go from there
  12. One observation I made from the NZ GP was that most riders seem have bare patches on their kevlars and bike covers, in particulaur Tai Woffinden. Even the likes of Gollob, Ward etc had spaces for sponsors. Is interest weening in the GPs or is money just tight everywhere?
  13. Matt Davis

    Darcy Showing What A Pro He Is Again

    Im sure most young blokes on here (me included) have been kicked out of pubs/bars, and had a pee in a doorway, half cut at 2 in the morning. Its not right, and the likes of Darcy and Chris are in the public spot light so must accept their actions will be reported in the media etc
  14. Matt Davis

    Heat 15 Eligibility

    Why? I wanna know the gossip!
  15. Matt Davis

    Inside Speedway Magazine

    Not had chance to really read it yet, but I agree with TWK. The design work is very nice, graphics good, layout good. Very modern and upto date, certainly doesnt make Speedway look like a geeky sport
  16. Matt Davis

    Inside Speedway Magazine

    Just arrived http://twitter.com/62mphMatt/status/317931390001881089/photo/1
  17. Matt Davis

    Tai Woffinden

    Agree with Baggy, one swallow doesn't make a Summer!
  18. Matt Davis

    New Zealand Gp.

    Bad/OK camera work? Do people not know that what you see on your telly comes from the same World feed and therefore the picture is the same in all Countries? What you saw last night would have been exactly what you would have seen on Sky Sports...
  19. Matt Davis

    Fim Racing Suits 2013

    Surely it will be the printed suits that would be banned? (D-Star, SFR)
  20. Matt Davis

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    I think so, 410 for HD, 412 for Standard
  21. Matt Davis

    Inside Speedway Magazine

    Just ordered ours - Looking forward to getting it. Lets hope it AND the Star are around for years to come
  22. Matt Davis

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    Would Speedway get more casual viewers on ITV4 than Sky Sports though?
  23. Matt Davis

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    Anyway, ITV4 anyone?
  24. Matt Davis

    Inside Speedway Magazine

    I think 'Skid' was aimed at kids?

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