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  1. Thats what happens when you follow the money, as opposed to where you would be better served for your future.
  2. balderdash&piffle

    Berwick v Peterborough 18/08/2018 @ 7pm

    Next weeks entertainment as there is no speedway. Colin is performing the Hokey Cokey in Cornhill village hall. Followed by The Highland Flunk, all in his Northumbrian Tartan
  3. balderdash&piffle

    Berwick v Peterborough 18/08/2018 @ 7pm

    Sorry Sarah, for me this season has been poor racing not always Berwicks fault nevertheless. The 1st meeting against Glasgow was fantastic, brilliant racing on a well prepared track, considering the score on Saturday I did enjoy the meeting, Apart from that the racing has been fairly poor with the odd good heat thrown in this season. I have missed a few meetings this season to be more precise chose not to attend and it does appear that the meetings I chose not to attend were wise choices. Some fans think a win is good speedway, for me it is about good racing and the win although preferred is not the main thing over good close racing, of which there has been little this season at Berwick. I do know that you can only race what is put in front of you, but it has not lent itself to being entertaining
  4. balderdash&piffle

    Berwick v Peterborough 18/08/2018 @ 7pm

    Bl**dy hope not, scores like that are generally boring meetings, I like to be entertained
  5. balderdash&piffle


    Well Saturday is the last home meeting of the season. Can anyone remember when Berwick had a season this short
  6. balderdash&piffle


    Not Scott surely
  7. Thats the question, were we good or were Galasgow bad
  8. balderdash&piffle


    Will it be a car, if so cannot wait
  9. balderdash&piffle


    I assume the Trust at Edinburgh have an input into the running of the club as the trust does with the Berwick Rangers Trust, Glasgow totally different scenario 2 brothers with lots of disposable income that they seem willing to lose, would be nice to have that at Berwick, SUGAR DADDIES.
  10. balderdash&piffle


    Just being a pragmatist, I see a need for fund raising in specific areas of need, the Cancer Cars need donations to help cancer victims, the Air Ambulance need donations to help save lives and so on. Speedway is an entertainment provision where the entertainment is disappearing, the way forward is to provide entertainment that the public are willing to pay for, they gates will improve and will pay for itself. This format is asking fans to prop up the sport because of it's own failure, hence perpetuating the poor entertainment that is provided. As you say use it or lose it, the answer is USE IT. Sort out the structure, reduce the running costs for riders, this will result in lowering overpaid point money, the gate money is already overpriced for the entertainment provided probably worth £10 a meeting. If fans want to donate, so be it, I already do via heat sponsorship and rider sponsorship, most fans are not in my situation, simply they cannot afford it. IMPROVE THE PRODUCT, TO IMPROVE THE GATE
  11. balderdash&piffle


    I can only think with my business head, charity starts at home for me Direct sponsorship yes, advertising yes, attendance yes. wouldn't it be great if someone ran a car boot sale and gave the proceeds to me to support my business, because I had got my business structure wrong. If the sport of speedway is based on being propped up by the hard pressed supporter , then the only conclusion is the sport is flawed and is doomed to fail.
  12. balderdash&piffle


    Support comes via the fan paying at the gate surely, plus businesses like mine paying for advertising which I class as a donation to the club. Get the gate up with good quality entertainment and the business should pay for itself
  13. I will simplify this, I get as much entertainment following speedway on updates, as I do in attending Shielfield Park this season, it is a sad indictment when old die hards like me can TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, in entertainment value. Something serious needs to occur before it's total demise , a good start would be to strip Promoters from the decision making, everything set by an independent group.

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