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  1. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    It's his favourite position
  2. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    Would be fair to say Robin is 'ALL AT SEA'
  3. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    current leaseholders BRFC SC in order to be eligible for government funding, if all goes to plan. Sorry did not see the SC
  4. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    No ! it says the leaseholders are BRFC (Berwick Rangers Football Club), The leaseholders are Berwick Rangers Supporters Club, seperate entities
  5. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    It is Berwick Rangers Supporters Club that are the leaseholders of Shielfield. not Berwick Rangers Football Club
  6. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    The experience they will get in OZ will stand them in good stead, both have got good mentors Down Under in Tai for Leon and Jason for Kyle, lets hope they take good advantage of this
  7. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    Leon Flint is one of the better prospects at the moment, if I have a comment could do with being a lot more aggressive. I like Kyle Bickley but the same applies to him, of the 2 rideres Leon has progressed a bit better than Kyle, but is a year younger than Kyle. They both should sign for a small track NL position, as they are both weaker on small tracks
  8. balderdash&piffle

    Predictions thread

    Berwick 7th then
  9. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

  10. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    Col, people are not on the riders backs, they are clearly stating, that line up is not a winning format. It is not the riders fault they have been signed, it is the club for setting up this line up. Sorry couldnt find the Conhillian appendix to translate it for you
  11. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    Think you know full well who offered to buy the club last Xmas, and probably the amount they offered
  12. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    How anyone thinks that the product is weaker, when it's already rock bottom, beggars belief.
  13. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    We would probably be 7th then
  14. balderdash&piffle

    Newcastle 2020

    As usual. they have tinkered around the edges, going back to something they tried 3 years ago. The BSPA is it's own downfall, they need to be radical but for what ever reason are reluctant to change.
  15. balderdash&piffle

    bandits 2020

    On the grapevine only. I believe Grant Henderson now runs it, apologies if I have misunderstood

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