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  1. No gloating Sean mind, if they turn us over
  2. Not yet ! Will be when Johnsson and Trump get together, wonder if Trump has placed an offer to buy Scotland
  3. balderdash&piffle

    berwick bandits 2019

    The curfew states no engines to be started before 6.30, don't think it actually mentions the racing
  4. balderdash&piffle

    berwick bandits 2019

    Berwick has a curfew, racing between 6.30 and 9.30, most weeks there is a struggle to get one meeting within the curfew, let alone 2 meetings.
  5. Wasn't it New Holland that did not pay the sponsorship
  6. They all have a place in promoting a business, but by no means are they individually the only way. If I have a new product, I use Facebook in the knowledge it is only going to my friends on Facebook in the hope they will also share with their friends. It has had a modicum of success, word of mouth when you are a local business is the most successful, especially if you provide a service.
  7. Most youngsters I know use Instagram and snapchat, Facebook has become an oldies format, but by using Facebook you are only preaching to those who have befriended you on Facebook. How does Facebook reach the out to the public at large in this scenario
  8. Just been talking to my music tutor about the use of Facebook as a promotional tool, he described as throwing a pebble into an ocean, where it quickly sank to the bottom with all the other pebbles. It has a place, but in the grand scale of promoting a very small place.
  9. I am not saying that folk should not volunteer, but, if the club is dependent on volunteers, it is not totally viable in the 1st place. Would it be fair then that volunteers should have much more input into how it's operated, as it is those volunteers that secure the life of the sport and are propping something that would otherwise be unviable.
  10. That old chestnut is always thrown back, it's a bit like saying Berwick track is the wrong the shape, or, if you complain about track prep, why don't you volunteer if you know better. It is supposed to be a professional set up, for that you DO NOT NEED volunteers, it becomes a bonus if you get them, but it should run without them
  11. We already have the dry ones, wet displacement tyre need to be developed, probably adapting motorcross/ enduro tyres
  12. Never quite understand why in the UK speedway is off because of rain. Two sets of tyres for wet or dry conditions, and just get on with it
  13. Tosh, they are running a business, the main jobs should be done by the owners and paid staff.. No business should be run on volunteers, however, turn it into a Trust with no ownership, with theTrust running it, then there is scope for volunteers
  14. If you mean by a shower Thunderstorms at 15.00...1700....and 1900 Then showers it is

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