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  1. I don't disagree in terms of on track racing.
  2. You're operating on data that is well out of date as there are stringent FFP rules for Championship clubs now. You see, football sees a problem and takes steps to fix it. Speedway just plods along making the same mistake over and over and over. Who mentioned pensioners? Increasing age doesn't mean pensioners. Rapidly heading in that direction, but not always pensioners.
  3. Wolves 2018

    Wouldn't call it backward thinking, would be highly sensible.. harsh, but sensible. I can't see much happening tbh. They made their bed when they went with Thorssell over Lindgren. It's a team built to win at home and try and pick up a pt or two away and maybe get lucky and catch a team on an off night. They had the chance at Rye and blew it.
  4. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    The damage was done before the season even started. Although the league isn't actually any weaker than last season, it's impossible to tell most speedway fans that. As soon as they announced the one over 8 rule speedway groups on social media were full of fans blasting it many saying they'd had enough. Seems they have been true to their word.
  5. Championship clubs are generally chasing the dream, to get into the Premier League and reap the rewards of the TV money. There is no such dream or opportunity in speedway. Speedway's issue is fans walking away and not being replaced, a continual process that gets worse each and every year. Every year new excuses are looked for.. and some of them such as constant weakening of the league, race nights etc can play a part but the issue that simply can't be escaped is the age of speedway fans continues to rise and through sheer natural wastage the sport has no future.. unless it can generate a healthy supply of younger supporters to take their place.
  6. Not the most up to date figures HT http://www.bbc.com/news/business-43820603 2016/17 saw Premier League clubs record a profit of £500 million. All 20 clubs made an operating profit, 18 made pre-tax profit. Premier League clubs have made a profit in three of the last four years.
  7. Agree, the argument was simply over whether football provides value for money. Clearly it does. West Ham has it's own individual problems with their owners but that is a separate issue, but even TMC has stated that tickets would be bought by others if available anyway.
  8. You really shouldn't talk about yourself that way. You're airing your opinion, others are airing theirs. It's discussion.
  9. In other words, you've had a bad season. Happens with every football club. When things go bad the owners are the devil etc. Then fans trot out the lines of 'plastic' as if nobody else is allowed to attend if they weren't at Roker Park on a cold Tuesday night in January in 1974 . Your argument was value for money. Yet now you are telling me that folk who aren't even West Ham fans are quite happy to turn up and fork out for this product that is not 'Value for Money'.
  10. Totally agree. Year after year they have 'cut costs'. Year after year more fans have walked away. They never, ever, ever learn. The meeting from Belle Vue last night once again did nothing but damage to the sport. I doubt if anyone bar speedway fans even saw Heat 9.. folk flick on, see tonnes of empty seats and think, this isn't worth my attention. Had they seen a full stadium with vibrant atmosphere they might stick around a bit longer.. then get hooked on the superb on track action.
  11. Spot on. I gave up my season ticket at Wolves when I moved to Portugal. I wish I hadn't now. I was considering buying one for next season even though would only be able to attend a few games (would lend it out to family for others).. but chances are next to none with the demand. Not until they expand the stadium up towards 50,000 anyway. As for the kit.. the anticipation for the new kit at Wolves is at a fever pitch. It's now been announced it will be made by Adidas which has increased the level of excitement even more. It's going to sell in bucket loads when released.
  12. It really does destroy any semblance of an argument when you try and take a pop at football when discussing speedway's ills. If you think West Ham are worth watching, think again! you say.. With a POOR side they averaged 56,885 this season!!!
  13. Correct. It's fantastic Woffinden has sacrificed his own personal glory for the good of those coming up in the ranks providing them with a better organisation in which to showcase their skills and reap their rewards. If only more riders were as selfless as Woffinden. Tbf Nicholls and Richardson tried to do the same previously but they didn't have the same clout as the double World Champion does. Still, success breeds jealousy and it's always pleasing to see it spewing out from certain posters. Little point you posting about the Speedway of Nations, as you've said, you won't be watching.
  14. You're spot on here. In what sport could you imagine future prospects sitting at home watching a World Champion and think "I want to achieve what he has'. Disgrace. Get him out, put some lesser riders in there so future prospects can aspire to lower levels.
  15. Now THAT IS A RACE. Absolutely awesome.
  16. Didn't need this eyes anywhere. Just ride the line that has kept him in 2nd place with comparative ease for 3 laps.
  17. Not read the earlier comments, but once again Speedway has shown it simply has not got a clue how to present itself. Having a meeting broadcast with such a pathetic crowd does nothing but damage to the sport.
  18. It never ceases to amaze me how dumb speedway riders can be. Ellis is holding Tungate at bay with ease, riding a wider line. Tungate keeps trying inside, but Ellis always has the speed of the corner. So what does Ellis do? I know, lets go tight on the inside on lap 4, there you go Rohan, have a free run round the outside. Awful riding.
  19. Wolves v Somerset 14th May

    Or it was, until their equipment failed.
  20. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Pawlicki "squeezed" himself up. He had the entirety of the bend and opted to go where he did. Nobody forced him there.
  21. Bank Holiday meetings have always attracted huge crowds. One offs, just going out for the day etc. Is it fair to say? Peterborough, Scunthorpe two other tracks that constantly get praised for their racing... hardly pack in the crowds though. Peterborough did not so long back.. when they had a very good team. Winning teams bring the crowds in more than the racing.. that's the case whether the sport is booming or in decline. Edited to add: But both is better!
  22. Sounds excellent HT. Chase the Ace does indeed sound very much like a young Mr Wolf.
  23. There's only you and and a very small minority of Wolves fans who think this season will be anything close to mediocre.
  24. PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    It was at Belle Vue every year for decades. It was never a problem, it was brilliant. It's HOME is Belle Vue. The new Belle Vue stadium and track offered a fantastic opportunity to build this event back up towards the level of prestige it once held.. that's been ruined. As usual!
  25. Yeah it would be fantastic! Just the sort of decision making progress that has the sport where it is now in the UK. On its knees desperately struggling to survive.