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  1. Once again if you believe restrictions are required now to avoid '200 deaths a day'... then you are advocating restrictions EVERY YEAR for the rest of your lives.
  2. That's fair enough, finding information can be tough at the best of times. Hence, I just tend to stick with what's reported on the ONS mostly. Same source. Same methods. For the England/Wales that is of course!
  3. Maybe I should create five or six accounts instead eh Matthew?
  4. Of course it's relevant when the figures vary by so much. Do you honestly believe tens of thousands more die in the UK than Germany from respiratory diseases.... yet the UK still has a better mortality rate? It almost certainly has to do with how these deaths are recorded.. which makes comparisons very difficult does it not?
  5. I haven't said anything about the rate they are increasing at. I've said they are increasing as they normally do at this time of year. I can see why you may have interpreted it another way however. The rate is another topic and more difficult to judge as it can change annually dramatically. For example, in the first 3 months of this year there were over 6,000 less death certs with flu/pneumonia on them than the five year average. The five year average in itself can be deceptive too as the figure tends to fluctuate so much. Just for reference though, the five year average for Weeks 2 and 3 of the year for influenza and pneumonia is 3427 deaths and 3299 deaths. The ONS has stopped showing the average now so it's not possible to compare with previous years.
  6. I'm not discussing a conspiracy. All I've ever said about a conspiracy is that a hidden agenda is a possibility, not something definite. What that hidden agenda may be is another issue entirely. What questions are you asking about the UK? I've answered them multiple times, you keep claiming the UK suffers so badly from it, that may be right.... OR as I've pointed out it may simply be down to how these things are recorded. What we do know is, the UK has a higher life expectancy than Germany and less deaths per 100,000 of the population on an annual basis. You haven't yet come back with what all these Germans are dying of if so few die involving flu and indeed Covid compared to the UK.
  7. The UK is what we are discussing.
  8. Shame you're emotional view is restricted to one small group though isn't it. My emotional view is for everyone.
  9. As said before, all viruses have a very small number of people that are effected for longer term. This is no different to the flu in that regard. Except its not fashionable that is. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5596521/ https://www.everydayhealth.com/cold-flu-pictures/suprising-health-complications-from-cold-and-flu.aspx
  10. Since Covid arrived: Deaths with Covid: 51,917 Deaths with flu: 51,116. Doubling may be a mathematical model. The issue is, things have to be doubling in the first place for it to be valid. They aren't.
  11. On this we agree, it will be interesting to see the take up of the live stream to ascertain whether it is something viable to consider in the future for other events too.
  12. The point is if any parent is worried about sending their child to school because of a one in a million chance (or whatever the figure is) then its utterly nonsensical. The problem is there are parents out there who think that way. Do you not think it is wrong that they have been utterly misled?
  13. So children can never go to school again then. Although of course they are far more likely to be killed in their own home. The most ridiculous nonsensical argument possible.
  14. Time for a reality check. Death Certificates mentioning Covid-19 in 2020: 51.917 Death Certificates mentioning Flu/Pneumonia in 2020: 73,770 That's 21853 more death certs with flu/pneumonia on them. Since the first Covid deaths: Death Certificates mentioning Covid-19: 51,917 Death Certificates mentioning Flu/pneumonia: 51,156
  15. This nothing different to flu which can also take months to recover from in some unfortunate circumstances. It's a virus!
  16. I haven't mentioned anything to do with following or not following the law. I have asked you, what you disagree with in the facts I have posted. Once again, you are unable to disagree with anything. Here's another fact for you. Death Certs mentioning Covid-19 this year: 51,917 Death Certs mentioning Flu/Pneumonia this year: 73,770 Again, official stats taken from the ONS.. although the flu/pneumonia figure is higher as a lot of certificates have both Covid and Flu recorded on them, but are only included as Covid on the figure.
  17. More inane childish nonsense. I have only posted the facts. Indisputable facts, as provided by the government. The fact you get so worked up about them because they contradict what the media has told you speaks volumes. Keep scaremongering.. Keep killing.
  18. Based on evidence you say. They tell us it is doubling every seven days, the 'evidence' says otherwise. The rest of your post is irrelevant. Online 'chaff' has nothing to with it. Unless the Office of National Statistics is deemed as 'chaff'.
  19. I've not given an opinion. I've given facts.
  20. Covid is out of control you say. Interesting. Week ending 14th September: Deaths involving Covid-19: 98 (up from 79) Deaths involving Flu/Pneumonia: 1127 (up from 874). We are heading towards winter. Death from respiratory viruses are going to increase, they do EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Christmas and New Year sees very high levels of deaths, far far higher that what we are seeing at the moment and far far higher than anything we have seen this year other than the couple of weeks when Covid was at its peak. If you are advocating a lockdown now, then we should be locked down in the winter months every single year.
  21. Crystal ball theories you say. It is the crystal ball theories that are locking people down. The reality is that throughout the 00's the mortality rate was considerably higher than this year. I don't remember any fear, restrictions, lockdowns or attacks on liberties and freedom.
  22. Correct, the smaller the number, the higher the % change. That's why I included it, because even though Covid-19 is a far, far smaller number, the flu/pneumonia figure still rose by a higher %! And you are correct.. those 253 people and their families are seemingly dismissed as irrelevant by some.
  23. So we have: Masks Restrictions Local Lockdowns Hundreds of thousands not allowed in sports stadiums No Concerts Distancing Bubbles The list goes on. Yet as we head out of summer respiratory viruses increase just as normal.
  24. So the latest figures are out: Week Ending 14th September: Deaths in England and Wales: 9811 Number of deaths involving Covid-19: 99 (up from 78) = 26.9% increase Number of deaths involving flu/pneumonia: 1127 (Up from 874) = 28.9% increase. Flu-pneumonia involved in 11.38 x more deaths.
  25. Right... So, we're going to have restrictions placed upon us because a virus 'might' end up being involved in 200 deaths a day. But a virus that WILL, not might, WILL, be involved in at least and 99.9% certain far more than 200 deaths a day... we're not bothered about and never have been bothered about. Makes perfect sense.

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