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  1. Nonsense, were you there in 1976 or not? Russ Hodgson, world class. Legend. Wow, Chris Turner, Praestbro, world beaters, levels, different, skill, no tuning, inside outside, I was there, were you, I'll spark you. Woffinden, talented, yes, great, maybe, better than Hindle, no chance, 75 I saw it, did you? Wow, Tyrer, would he beat him, doubt it, maybe, Rob Maxfield genius.
  2. That's nice for him, what qualifies him as the most 'knowledgeable and intelligent' person in speedway out of interest?
  3. No need for the parody anymore folks!
  4. Don't get me wrong 1 valve, Tai is good but he hasn't got anyone to beat. So much easier now, just turn up, win, ride round, don't have to win many races, pressure? No, closed shop, rivals not around. In the 70's did you see a rider lose a race before a World Final? So tough the competition, Betts. Look at it, Ashby. Legends. Pusey, warrior. Would he lose a race today, don't think so. Grand Prix, back in the day, wow, Mauger would have won 20+, Olsen too, Collins 10... could you see them losing a race, wow, competition, Les Collins, grand prix, would he get beat, be honest? Carter, be world champ 5 times over in a GP, tough, Sanders! Different class. Joe Owen, different level, Think 1 valve. Were you there?
  5. Oh come on Chunky. You talk some good stuff but averages is silly. Averages and winning races is no way to judge a rider, nor titles for that matter. I'm surprised you're basing your judgement on such things. Even if you did have you ever seen Tai Woffinden win a world title live, in the stadium?
  6. Is he genuinely in the top 50 all time British riders?
  7. All this Woffy love, there's at least thirty British riders I can name that are better..
  8. The No 1 position will alternate during the year and whoever is there will see a drop.
  9. Thanks for that Red Flag. Not as bad as I first thought.. but as you say, better with a reserve.
  10. Tbf, that's quite common. Some Poles take to the track quickly.. others really struggle.
  11. That's what I thought. Doesn't change what an awful decision it was. It gives them the inside gate whichever way you look at it. Fortunately didn't cost us, mainly due to Becker. Decent result though as well under strength without Nick Morris. Once he is back Wolves will be very tough to crack at Monmore. Missed opportunity for Swindon.
  12. Realistically, who was he expected to beat given the form Becker showed tonight?
  13. Shocking shocking management from Peter Adams. Wolves win toss and take 1 and 3. Howarth breaks tapes. He puts him in of 15! He is never going to pass Doyle or Ellis in Heat 1, they both go well at Wolves. Put Morris in, he can gate and might get amongst them.. plus gets some track time in before Heat 2. Is the rule also Howarth would start from 4 and the others move over? Not sure if they changed it a year or two back... if that is still the rule even more ludicrous decision.
  14. Except they're not.
  15. I agree with Steve above. Over and over we here the same nonsense trotted out that there is little difference between the two divisions.. yet everytime they meet it's a walkover. Wolves were nowhere near full strength. Nathan Greaves in for Scott Nicholls.. RR for Nick Morris.. but still won by 20 away from home.
  16. If people don't wish Neil Middleditch to benefit, they simply don't attend. I am sure plenty will however.
  17. Completely irrelevant. That is applicable when you have a big hitter at No 1. When you have a 7.3 rider at No 1 there will be many meetings when he doesn't perform.. and the rider in the position will swap a few times during the season.
  18. As I said on the other thread, as long as Lambert performs like a No1 Kings Lynn are ok. Poole need to get used to whomever is at No 1 for them is going to struggle.
  19. As I said. Lambert does his job, Kings Lynn are ok.
  20. If your No 1 and leader is going well it inspires confidence. It also allows him to perhaps spend more time encouraging and passing tips on to other riders. If things are going badly, he'll have his own problems to deal with and the rest of the team can be somewhat rudderless. That's basics surely!
  21. I stand by it. The No 1 is the leader. If he is under performing it effects the whole side. If he's doing his job it can lift the rest of the team.
  22. A 2pt win for the Stars he says.. "Not really an improvement" That's a new one to me. I'd always considered a 2pt win better than a 10pt loss but hey ho, I live and learn.
  23. I haven't assessed anything. He's been signed as an out and out No 1, a 9.82 average including bonus. He is the 2nd highest averaging rider in the league and well above the rider in 3rd. You can't really get a more 'out and out No 1', bar Jason Doyle.
  24. Yes they would. Holder did about as expected score wise.. 7.39 rider, now riding at No 1.. against a Kings Lynn team pretty solid in the middle order. There is none of them you can 100% say he should be beating pretty much every time. Lambert is a different kettle of fish. An out and out No 1 whose job role is to score big. Any time a side built in that fashion has their top dog under perform so much they are in trouble.

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