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  1. No TV deal?

    Not all, but it would some. The sheep factor.
  2. No TV deal?

    Is that really surprising?
  3. No TV deal?

    Quite simply week after week it was broadcast in front of a minimal, atmosphere-less crowd.
  4. No TV deal?

    And it is blindingly obvious the reasons why. Nothing to do with 'on track action' either.
  5. No TV deal?

    If this was true.. which I highly doubt, that's one company.. there are thousands!
  6. No TV deal?

    Are there no ends to your nonsense?
  7. No TV deal?

    Second halves are a complete and utter waste of time. You are arguing from the point of view of us old time fans who used to love watching every single race, even riders practicing gave us a thrill. Those days are gone, there is a new breed of supporter out there and they're not interested in practice races, exhibition races. I'm like you, I never used to leave, I would always stay for 2nd halves, whatever the 2nd half may have been and then riders practicing after that. They were great days, but they're not going to get anyone back in through the door.
  8. No TV deal?

    The problem is most sports have this natural loss of fans, even football. I know of many, many folk who were season ticket holders or regular attenders to football but now don't go, or very infrequently go. However, the difference is, other sports, again especially football have a consistent flow of new supporters. Of course that is mostly down to media coverage. The sport isn't going to recover by aiming to get 'back' those lost fans.. it has to learn how to attract new fans and keep them. Unfortunately it is still such a long way behind in it's approach. Still trying to shun a tv deal that they had finally figured out how to use in a positive fashion (i.e. ensuring there is a decent crowd). Somehow being unable to find a sponsor for the TV coverage?? Seriously, how is that possible?ANYTHING is better than nothing. "Premiership Speedway brought to you by.." at the start and end of each advert break. Once one company has that, others will show an interest and bid a bit more to get it. Asking stupid prices from the off and ending up with nothing.. where oh where is the benefit in that?
  9. No TV deal?

    Completely agree. Especially on cold nights, the last thing you want is the meeting being dragged out and then the words "10 minute interval".
  10. No TV deal?

    It never ever ceases to amaze me how some spend so much time posting about something they day after day say they no longer have any interest in. ANYONE, who in a time when the major complaint is the sport doesn't give value for money, thinks reducing the match by two heats is a viable idea has seriously got a screw loose.
  11. No TV deal?

    In the past. That is the whole point. The sport is still stuck in THE PAST. Reduce the main meeting by 2 more heats and you may as well shut the gates now. Folk aren't gullible now and won't be interested in 2nd halves.
  12. No TV deal?

    It doesn't tell part of the story, it tells the whole story. It is simply bona fide fact that the more teams there are in a league, the more perceived 'star' riders there will be. I agree with most of your post but that is just the ebb and flow of individual riders careers and nothing to do with the original point.
  13. No TV deal?

    As already explained, they had healthy averages because there were more teams., bonus pts were included and the bottom end of sides was poor. This is so easily evidenced when the leagues merged in 1995. Top flight riders who averaged around 6 suddenly jumped to 8.5-9pt riders. Now imagine they had ridden in a league of that size all their careers, they'd be looked back on as near 'stars'. As it is, they didn't, so they are looked back on as middle of the road journeyman. Same rider, same ability.
  14. No TV deal?

    Some fair points here. As I've explained previously, two main reasons for this. One: Size of the league. The bigger the league, the more 'heat leaders' there are. Two: Heat format. Back in the 70's and early 80's the big guns didn't meet that often. That meant they lost less, their averages were higher and there were far more of them with that 'superstar' appeal. I'm not knocking that, it's a good thing and makes it easy to promote. Although would I advocate a switch back to a 13 heat format and the big guns racing each other less, not sure I would, that wouldn't improve the racing either.
  15. No TV deal?

    Greatly improves the event. A last heat decider, whether it's for the match, or an extra pt is always more exciting than a meaningless one, regardless of the action on the track.
  16. No TV deal?

    Nobody is living in denial with regards to tv meets being shown in front of sparse crowds being damaging. The issue with folk living in denial is the continued false claim that racing was so much better in years gone by. There is no denial needed, the evidence is readily available on Youtube. I just went there, first meeting I found, decided to watch it through... ONE Pass in 13 heats. Riders spread out in some races more than you ever saw last season.. in fact I think two of them still haven't finished heat 3. Commentator Dave Lanning several times tells us that it's the very best of British League Racing we are seeing... things really don't change do they? Of course, it all looks much better because of the big crowd, which proves the point I've been making since TV coverage first began.
  17. No TV deal?

    Exactly. And UFC basically built on the format of WWF/WWE down the years. Another prime example of using TV to go from a small regional business to a billion dollar industry.
  18. No TV deal?

    Never ceases to amaze me. Speedway, the only sport in the world that thinks TV coverage is a bad thing and has managed to ensure in some ways it IS a bad thing. 20 years of utter waste.

    Phillip Rising has explained, the tyres are simply optional. If riders wish to use others they can. It's up to them to test them and decide if they are going to get benefit from them.

    Does this mean they are the ONLY tyre eligible for use in the GP this season? Or is the term 'official' supplier purely a marketing term. If they are the only choice any riders struggling early on have their excuse prepared for them!
  21. Bt Sport Coverage

    Yeah you're right, we should be more productive with our time, maybe spend it in jail instead.
  22. Bt Sport Coverage

    So you're an even bigger **** than we first thought with zero regard for others. Emergency services are stretched enough as it is without having to deal with idiots like you. Going 1 mile over the speed limit doesn't land you in jail. The more you post, the more of a fool you make yourself sound, or perhaps you're just after some attention and you're making it all up. Either way, it doesn't paint you very well. Now let's get back on topic with regards to the tv deal.
  23. Bt Sport Coverage

    Staggering as it may seem most people can go through life without breaking the law thousands of times and somehow, despite as you say 'things happening in life' manage to avoid going to jail. That's before your bragging about not paying for a TV licence.
  24. Bt Sport Coverage

    So a drain on honest folk in more ways than one.

    Personally I think there should be an investigation as to just why Doyle was awarded the World Championship trophy when clearly his elevation was not cleared by the authority that is Hot Shoe.