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  1. martinmauger


    I recall the '97 GP at Odsal, shame Loram didn't win but some good racing. Both rugby clubs in Hull were happy to accomodate speedway initially, Hull FC were actually sold at one point then re-named Hull FC once more. Hull KR at one point were bankrupt and for sale at £600,000ish, accept £500,000, (bargain if it included the stadium), but once both clubs' serious money troubles were sorted, well some folk have short memories....
  2. martinmauger


    What about Hull FC ? . Went to Odsal a few times, before and after Hull started up again in 1995, saw the great Per Jonsson whizz between the team-riding Bradford pairing in 1992, great track, brilliant view form main stand, almost as good as Hull's Craven Park (almost). Unless only the main stand was used any crowds less than the 30,000 ish who witnessed 1985 & 1990 World Finals were lost in that vast bowl. Just imagine a if a GP was held there today , shame the Dukes couldn't return....
  3. martinmauger

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Very pleasing how speedway if progressing at IOW, good luck to the club. Something which occured to me watching 'the incedent', and also the racing of Eastbourne v Glasgow, was how many security staff were present in addition to 'regular' marshalls / stewards in hi-viz jackets. Any public event requires marshalls / stewards, we all understand the reasons, one promoter told me for every 'x' number of spectators (forget the figure) at least one steward must be employed to satisfy HSE, etc. Not re-fanning the flames or stirring the pot but I was surprised that Eastbourne employ security staff, at least for the Glasgow meeting, as speedway is still largely a trouble-free sport.....
  4. martinmauger

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    "Me either, although the bit he is pointing towards was where all the people were lined up so maybe he was kinda gesturing that people were still there. Who knows.." Kinda looks that way to me too, possibly the marshal said something to Cook at the same time, along the lines of "stop, the track isn't clear". No, I'm not trying to be funny or excusing Cook's reaction, just sayin'. Also presumably there is an agreed system of signals at Eastbourne to indicate whether the track is 'green' or 'live', that is it's free from obstacles or people, and riders are free to be pushed off and ride around albeit not necessarily at full racing speed....
  5. martinmauger

    Speedway Star idea

    No race times or TMs to be named then. One Hull branch of WH Smiths closed, leaving the main branch in Hull City Centre and I think the smaller store in Hull Paragon Interchange (Hull Railway Station). I was in the main branch the other week and one of the model railway magazines not only had shelf space but a wide cardboard banner above the level of the overall display, think it was the only publication with such a banner, guess it worked as I noticed it but can't but wonder how much it cost....
  6. martinmauger

    Scorpions v Edinburgh 4.8.19 League

    Thanks for confirmation that I really should have attended. Spoke to relatives living 25miles South West of Hull they said it heaved down for a few minutes, a few short showers then dried up, prob the band of rain that passed Scunny. If I'd travelled from home I'd have chanced it as the track does seem to take the rain well and Scunny are well sorted with plant to prep the surface. Oh well, still a few meets left....
  7. martinmauger

    Scorpions v Edinburgh 4.8.19 League

    So what was the weather like afterall ? I only ask as I wasn't there, but was a last minute chance I could make it and was keen attend having (infuriatingly) missed the Glasgow match but I'm sure I saw one forcast predicting a 75% chance of rain at 6PM-ish. So faced with a near 100 mile round trip as I wasn't at home I decided to give it a miss, wrong call (infuriating again). I know: breathe deep and relax ....
  8. martinmauger

    Speedway Star idea

    I could suggest a merger with Stationary Engine Magazine. But seriously while I mostly like the new look of Speedway Star, I'm still a subscriber, I am disappointed team maangers race times are no longer included in meeting results. Example; Craig Cook in the recent SON, following the very unfortunate collision with team mate Robert Lambert, we alll expected we'd seen the last of Cook in this meeting. But he bravely returned to action scoring a third, a second place and a heat win and it would have been interesting to see how his winning time corresponds to the other race winners. In addition the Swindon track has been shortened this season and we have been informed 'winning times are falling' but not by how much. Also when from time to time a replacement team manager is utilised, it might be useful to compare the stand-in to the regular TM. Perhaps the meeting referee or time keeper could supply race times and team manager details for the official score chert....
  9. martinmauger

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    Seen Danny ride a few times, knew he was an all-out tryer and something of a character. Not heard him speak that much before Monday nite but the guy is clearly also a dude, defo worth paying good money to watch....
  10. This ^^. Not normally a fan of 'invivids' apart from the GPs but this year's Bitish Final was great with a possibly surprising yet deserving winner....
  11. Now THAT's a 2-valve, this dude knows what he is about and has got it going on. Looking forward to seeing pics from the Nice IOW individ meet....
  12. martinmauger

    Swindon Stadium

    Any sign of the 'Lego trucks' yet ?...
  13. martinmauger

    Swindon Stadium

    New houses popping up all over Hull including some being built on a former flood plain, which is well below the majority of the area with 2 storm drains filled in, and the foundations are already 2ft underwater. I certainly wouldn't buy one of those houses, just sayin'....
  14. martinmauger

    Speedway on the BBC

    And most of the 1977 Final....
  15. martinmauger

    Scunthorpe v Eastbourne 28.6.19

    As above. Track was difficult but an enjoyable nite at the speedway, talking with like minded folk. Hope the guys who took spills aren't too badly hurt: Kennett & Nielsen....

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