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  1. For or against team suits

    And kinda baffles me the BSPA can't get the Prem League sponsored. "Your name included in league name description 'Whatever Pramiership League' with 14 riders + (potentially) 2 team managers + (potentially) 4 start girls wearing your logo, front and back on riders' suits / bibs, match programme, fence, centre and pit area advertising possibilities, with live TV coverage (approx) 20 times per season, also logos and name included in televised (potenial) Champs League meetings". Don't seem too bad a package to me...
  2. 'I was also there' for The Wilkie 4's, big turn out of fans on a freezing cold & wet day with many top riders riding for the 4 teams: Ivan Mauger, Bruce Penhall, PC, etc, etc which showed the high esteem people had, and still have, for Alan. Ivan won the World Individual Championship & tunned around the fortunes of, and won the league with, every team he rode for. Except Hull. The 3-no shows at Wimbledon + 1 non-arrival at Swindon in 1979 which did for Hull's title challenge were entered into the annulls of speedway history. Though Ivan did win the then World Team Cup with New Zealand in that year. Think the only 'major' (no pun intended) national trophy Hull won during Ivan's time (1978-81) was the Interleague 4TT - and ironcially Ivan didn't ride in the IL 4TT Final at Sheffeild. Many riders, didn't make it back from the postponed for 24 hours World Pairs at Vojens the previous day, though Zenon Plech did, but Ivan wasn't scheduled to ride at Sheffield on that day in any case. ...
  3. For or against team suits

    And there we have the main criticism of team suits, he same goes equally for matching fork covers, mudguards, wheel spoilers, etc. They look cool & professional when all the same, less so when some don't match up mentioned to above ^^. I'm less than keen on some club logos but that's a slightly different topic. And while still on the subject, I'm convinced not a complete change of team colours is a good idea either....
  4. For or against team suits

    To continue 'Coventry Wulfsport-gate', yeah those 'suits' are what I remember, p'raps not the Wulfsport brand as such, but Moto-X style seperate shirt & pants. Not ideal riding atire for speedway....
  5. For or against team suits

    I could be wrong on that one maybe Coventry never used Wulfsport stuff, genuinely thought they did, but they defo were used by 'Lynn Oxford (Silver Machine & also Cheetahs at one time) & Wolves. I meant the gear with Wulfsport & sometimes Speedway Star logos: separate shirts & pants, you'll know it when you see it, not the one piece suits with Buildbase, etc on them. Not a Bees fan but their suits have looked good in the past....
  6. For or against team suits

    To clairify; those lycra suits of 1998 (l think) were like slightly baggy and a bit thicker material that are used for aerobics, dancercise, etc. The idea was to be worn over leathers but were too small and made leathers much too tight. The Wulfsport gear, used at various times by Coventry, King's Lynn (Knights), Oxford (Silver Machine) & Wolves was basically for Moto-X. I.e. a silk / nylon shirt - literally just a sweat shirt - and the Wulfsport pants / jeans were slightly reinforced nylon-like material. This stuff was less than ideal but ok-ish with body armour worn underneath , though I know at least rider who didn't (!), but didn't offer a huge amount of protection in the event of a sliding-off spill. 'Kevlars', that is the 'heavy reinforced' material with sewn-on logos is ok also when worn with body armour, but there is also the thinner material (not sure what it's called) with printed logos which looks not the unlike tracksuits used by football players & athletes to keep warm. Leathers offer the best protection of course but are both hot and heavy to wear, in comparison to the 'heavy' kevlar-type material.. Me ? It'd be leathers + body armour, bit hot 'n' heavy but feeling protected....
  7. For or against team suits

    I'm 60-40 in favour of team suits, but quite a few didn't match anyway so maybe race bibs is the garment of choice long as the riders' own suits are in the team colours....
  8. Swindon 2018

    Speaking personally, if it weren't so far away I'd swing by the storage facility for my own interest to look at the stadium sections for comparison with the rendered picture graphics ....
  9. Indeed it is, happy to stand corrected....
  10. No.4 is Alan Ciowland, the rider Wilkie originally had the on-track (racing) difference of opinion with, No.1 is probably Ray Wilson, I believe one of the guys (rider) holding Wilkie back is Malcolm Mackay, John Boulger can be seen in the background looking amazed at the unexpected action and I think the rider dealing out a left hook in the style of a gentleman is either Graham Plant or probably Tom Leadbitter. The Belle Vue no.1 on the night in question still in the pits, and therefore missing out on the fun, was Ronnie Moore guesting for Ivan Mauger. I read about the episode in an old 'Star and if my information wrong, happy to be proved so if the case....
  11. Whilst prob not aimed directly at me, and without getting into an online slanging and 'I know more than you do' match, you'd be surprised of my experience, knowledge & previous involvement (albeit it somewhat minor) of semi-professional and fully pro TV broadcasting and film & video production. I do realise the chances of BBC, or anyone, showing King Cinder again are not great as apart from things like production, research and possible medium film to video transfer costs, as I believe King Cinder was originally shot on film, the demand and interest aren't likely to be high. But hey, you never know and no harm in asking: if you don't ask you certainly don't get.....
  12. Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    I wish, but sadly no. Len is still super keen about his sport, as Martin Rogers says in this week's 'Star "the promoter needs to be biggest fan in the stadium"....
  13. No TV deal?

    Happens from time to time was same in Hull last week, mine arrived Friday other copies were delivered on Saturday....
  14. Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    Oh yes, and the rest. Also don't agree with everything Len says but he does, and always has, promoted his tracks and gets people in watching and talking about them. Dunno about his online presence but he writes regular-ish letters to the 'Star ....
  15. Caption fun...

    "Brrr, who says the season starts too early ?" ....