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  1. Oh but he has, he most certainly has. He's no doubt already contemplating his next battle and would likely blow a gasket if I told him about the disabled parking discussions regarding Peterborough, which I hope get sorted asap BTW....
  2. Taking this thread slightly sideways, which is what we do in speedway, my cousin who never, ever backs down from any argument or fight, probably why he looks 10 years older than his actual age, well his dad, my uncle has a Blue Badge parking permit. He complained to a large well-known supermarket about non-Blue Badge holders parking in disabled bays thus preventing his Blue Badge holding dad, who has severe walking problems and mostly uses a wheelchair, from parking in them. The large, well-known supermarket replied "we don't criticise people for using the disabled bays who are not entitled to, as they may not return to the store"....
  3. martinmauger

    Ipswich 2020

    Well Crumpie's score won't lie, hope he goes well and reckon he's a positive addition to the PL. Ipswich fans, and also Sheffield fans with NickiP, must be well-excited for the new season. Reminds me a bit of the 'buzz' around Hull in 1978 after signing Ivan during the close season....
  4. martinmauger

    Norden Stadium

    Les defo rode a JAWA to 2nd in 1982, read somewhere that the 4-valve JAWAs were tricky to set up, 'specially ignition timing and valve clearences, but once sorted they pretty much 'flew'. Les came so close to winning, he'd already beat victor Penhall, but ran a 3rd in one heat, but 2nd was still a great result....
  5. martinmauger

    Norden Stadium

    Forget exactly how many matches Egon rode for Hull 1976 but know he averaged 8.75 so none too shabby, he was a more than decent speedway rider but think he was strongly 'encouraged' to ride speedway in order for his permission to ride to ride longtrack be processed quicker & more hassle free, long / sand / grass track being his first love. I have the official VHS video of 1983 Final with Barry Briggs translating Egon's German commentary, recall the start marshall, who got skittled by an Engine Failed rider (Hans Nielsen) - how often did that happen in a World Final, was at school with Egon. As well as 'road developing' his bike, he took just the one machine - how's that for confidence, Egon later admitted to practising all he wanted on the Norden track prior to the final. He also appeared to 'advise' on track watering / grading during the actual meeting. It's true Hull ran R/R for Egon in 1977, Ian Thomas said Hull fans would be required to pay adult entrance (75p ?) + £2.50 each to meet Egon's demands, so maybe today's entrance + £30 ? Also, anyone who saw Egon ride will recall Egon's super-wide, 'cow horn'-style handlbars. He wasn't a cheap rider but when the mood struck he was dynamite, had speedway been his main thing reckon he would have been unstoppable....
  6. Yeah, wasn't overly clear but he would certainly be in the car with us if his Blue Badge was used, pretty sure it does contain his name & photo and he carries it with him at all times for parking use....
  7. It occured to me after posting that the car park at Scunny is landscaped pretty flat, it isn't tarmacced with permanent parking spaces painted but 'parking lanes' are marked with what looks like whitewash, similar to the stuff used on starting gates. There aren't any disabled spaces, as far as I've (not) noticed, but everyone seems to park where they should and I personally haven't experinced being blocked in. They have a 'gateman', sometimes it's a 'gate woman', to take you parking fee and stadium staff / marshalls are available if anyone requires help.....
  8. Wasn't gonna comment again on this thread but, oh well. In my (limited) experience 'life-challenged’ people wish to be left to cope themselves as far as possible and will ask for help if they really need assistance . They very much prefer to be left to 'get on with it' usually only requiring the odd minor, consideration like in this case being allowed to park as near as possible to the event and ideally not be required to cross uneven ground. A further consideration is that for various reasons people need to arrive & leave venues at different times. e.g. in my own case depending on commitments I like to watch every lap of racing & practice, at other times I need to be out of there as the riders are on the slowdown lap after the last heat. So while using ‘golf buggys’ or other such transport from the parking area to the entrance, is one possible solution I don’t think it is workable. TBH I can’t be bothered with trawling through all the responses but I believe someone mentioned they know the Peterborough promotion to talk to, specifically Buster Chapman, I think he has commented that he is aware of supporters’ concerns so chatting with him about disabled parking issues at The East Of England Arena on speedway days hopefully a solution will be found. In my, and my friend’s dad’s case (who has walking difficulties), if / when we a plan to visit a track we will telephone beforehand, and also confirm on the day of the meeting, whether we are able to park as near as possible to the entrance, using my friends dads Blue Badge. While I cannot speak for others at this time, if we cannot be guaranteed close parking, then unfortunately we likely won’t go….
  9. martinmauger

    Ipswich 2020

    Awful news. RIP....
  10. martinmauger

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Such awful news. RIP....
  11. martinmauger

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Awful news. Danny was an all-out tryer and a real character, speedway is much saddened at his passing. RIP.....
  12. martinmauger

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Feel for you, really. This terrible and unfair condition has affected my family to a various extent, in some cases extremely close to home, I'll leave it at that. Surprising that the Panthers management seem unable to police parking aspects within 'the stadium section' of the Arena on speedway days as do promoters of most venues, not only speedway. E.g. "you can park here, but you can't park over there, only Blue Badge holders only (BB to be displayed in all cases) can park in the designatated areas. No exceptions, people not complying with parking conditions will be asked to leave." You see words to this effect pretty much everwhere; cinemas, music venues, sports stadia, hospitals, etc. Viewing the 'from the air foto', on my last visit to Peterborough think I parked in the 'gate 3 area' as I said a bit of a trek for me, but reckon it would be too far for disabled people to walk....
  13. martinmauger

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Indeed. This incedent ended Billy's meeting and season there and then. There is still some doubt, however, whether Billy broke his wrist in the resulting crash or on Finn's head when they exchanged notes in the pits afterwards .....
  14. martinmauger

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Final words on the matter: I'm all for fighting for ones rights, I meant that potentially rowing with stadium staff whilst at the venue, in my opinion is a waste of time, no matter what was promised in advance. In such situations I tend to mentally flip a coin and either do what is required for entry, within reason which varies greatly on the circumstances for each person, or say "no thanks" and just walk away, done both a few times. A shame if Peterborough don't allow close parking for disabled people, I don't speak for others but when / if the opportunity arises to visit any venue, as always we will discuss the pros & cons and then decide whether we consider it worthwhile....
  15. martinmauger

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Thanks I wasn't being sarcy, just for once some might say. I know the routes to local hospitals only too well, on behalf of msyelf and others, spent too much time in waiting & treatment rooms and really hope I've attended more funerals recently than most posters; 7 in the last 2 years. Ok put the tiny violins away I'm way done feeling sorry for myself, I was just pointing out that life is to be lived if possible and hopefully enjoyed (like by going to speedway), and that arguing over relativesly unimporrtant things, is a pointless waste of time. So, speedway then a new season will start soon, looking forward to it as always and seeing was much on-track action, on TV and ideally live, as I can .....

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