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  1. Agree with the previous post - this is a tough start for us especially following on from Glasgow on Saturday night. Home wins are essential. It is hard to see many away points coming our way but I would love to be wrong. The weather looks good so let's hope for a good crowd. Prediction 46-44 home win.
  2. Good luck to The Scorps tonight. It looks a tough fixture first up but remember what happened at Ipswich last year!
  3. Good luck with the weather for Sunday Chris. Us Scunny fans are rightly proud of the quality of racing we regularly see at the EWR. Hope it lives up to expectations - last week was a cracker!
  4. If you ever get chance to watch Heat 15 (DVD, YouTube etc) you will see Speedway at its best. All 4 riders in contention. multiple passing and re-passing and the outcome of the race and the match in doubt until the final pass on lap 4 bend 4. A superb meeting all round but this was the cherry on the cake.
  5. The weather is OK this morning in Doncaster. There is always something special about the first meeting of the season and Thursday's result adds to the anticipation. I would guess most Scorps fans did not expect a 4 point away win so let's hope it puts a few on the crowd for today.
  6. jonesy

    Your First Taste Of Speedway

    Doncaster 1969. The Stallions against Romford Bombers I think. I was hooked.
  7. jonesy

    Scunthorpe 2015

    On Sunday Rob mentioned a possible rider from overseas for 2015 who would need help with accommodation. Any whispers or rumours who this may be? Could the Stags line-up from that meeting provide a clue?
  8. Fog clearing in Donny now. No excuses - shall be setting off soon!
  9. Not much Forum interest in this one! End of season fever no doubt. The weather looks OK so one last speedway fix for us this year. Only pride at stake for the PL fixture but it would be great to see the Stags get something from their meeting. Hope there is a decent crowd today - let's have a safe evening for all.
  10. Who saw that one coming? Great news for Scunny - maybe a few gremlins out of the way now although it was only one meeting. Let's hope for continuation of this form on Sunday. For the Tigers - the fans seem very downbeat after one disappointing result although it does seem as though other factors played a part in their lack of enjoyment. I'm sure they will be OK going forward. Speedway - don't you just love it!
  11. On form a comfortable home win but from a Scunny perspective let's hope that this is the start of better things. Obviously the League Cup has gone for us now but any confidence we can take from tonight will be welcome leading up to Sunday's league meeting with Somerset. Safe meeting for all please.
  12. Good luck to the Scorpions tonight. It's good to see Ryan back in the side but let's not expect too much from someone who only returned to the UK earlier today! Weather forecast looks OK.
  13. The best team won - all credit to Sheffield for turning a 6 point deficit into a 48-42 success. There was some good racing and passing and both teams could take positives from the performances of riders returning from injury. Great start for the Tigers and a decent crowd too. Let's see what Thursday brings at Redcar for the Scorps.
  14. The weather forecast looks good and there should be the usual high turnout from Sheffield so it looks all set for the first Scorps meeting of 2014. Early season matches can be difficult to predict but here's hoping for a safe afternoon with competitive racing. Ideally most will stay to watch the Stags too - maybe some real prospects for the future.
  15. A shame for David but hopefully a re-schedule will lead to a bigger turnout than today's weather would have allowed.

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