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  1. jenga


    make you wonder just what geoff100 is wearing now seeing its the weekend ... sorry mate , could not resist .. but its Monday tomorrow , so you should be okay for 5 days ..
  2. jenga

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    a guy in our group of fans won the 50/50 draw one week .. prob broke even for the rest of the season .. .something to look forward too every week , sort ov .
  3. jenga

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    so what year did you first go to a speedway meeting john ?
  4. jenga

    Poole Pirates 2020

    forget it for this year (2021). 2022 might give you something to look forward to !
  5. in 2018 , workington were quite happy with ricky wells and his gardening . wasted time trying to get the perfect furrow and ran out of time . excluded , dear o dear . cost the team the meeting and the chance to win something that year .
  6. jenga

    workington ..

    thats not true. i can reach the top shelf. oops . but i have trouble bending down and foraging through the gardening stuff to get what i want . big trouble in little America . at the moment . going to put an all nighter in watching the news etc ...
  7. kill two birds with one stone while you take the dogs for a walk take some beer with you , if its raining, take a flask of tea .
  8. been outside for a walk , but neve to test if i need a pint of beer . keep it going, only another few months before we come out of lockdown !
  9. i think the wording was , he drove x amount of miles TO TEST HIS EYES and NOT to have his eyes tested . when all he had to do was to go out side and look 25y. yards up the road and see if he could read the number plate on a vehicle @ 25 yards away ..
  10. Back to the seventies it is then . speedway was fun to go to,two,too .! PRESS THAT RESET BUTTON NOW ............
  11. jenga

    British 'Dream Team' 2021

    can anyone better that , naa thought not .
  12. jenga

    workington ..

    i can see the shops in the other jamland still being sold from the 70s ! would i be able to get some up to date S.S.s from a wurky charity shop or even a local wucky shop selling up to date copies . ? roll on 22 !
  13. jenga

    workington ..

    i was never one to subscribe to the star . also had a good few given to me on a regular bases , cos i am a tight ar$e . but maybe one day i may walk into WH Smiths in Whitehaven and try and pick onE up . until then i will get info from here. and word of mouth . Merry Christmas . roll 2022 .
  14. jenga

    workington ..

    something tells me it will B as rare as rocking horse `````````....
  15. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    why have you got long blond hair in you avatar. is it you weekend thing ?

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