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  1. jenga

    bandits 2020

    i can see me paying Berwick a visit this season . but that £20 gonna take some finding ..
  2. jenga

    workington ..

    at no time in the conversation did mr Steve Whitehead tell me to ... go forth and multiply .... as you put it . he was very clear in his words and those were not in the conversation . part of the deal was the apology . thats what Steve required from me . two weeks later he even passed a comment of how the apology was worded .... in typical jenga style , as he put it . i really dont want to drag this topic down any further , so perhaps this conversation should cease and not make it a hot topic during the close season ..
  3. jenga

    Sheffield 2020

    will his sat nav wok that far north ?
  4. jenga

    workington ..

    anyone that complained about food , drink . still went to support the comets. maybe did not go the the cafe as often tho . but they still supported the main product . when people had a bad cup of tea/coffee , there was no use asking for another drink/chips or burger because you were only going to get the same product as a replacement . also if you looked back ,the crowds were falling off even when stoney was riding .there ..
  5. jenga

    workington ..

    in reply to THJ and his multi comments , i agree with most of them . but the customer is king . i and many others still attended workington speedways last season , a glorious one at that .. the product could have lasted a bit longer than it did . the cafe stuff, many fans tried to make it known about the quality of certain items . supporters where i stood still bought 50/50 ticket and even still supporters the cafe . sure , i have not been the best customer that workington had , but i did not close the unofficial forum down . all they had to do was to pull my membership , no more me ..limp chips and warm tea/coffee was a regular thing but it got to the point when enough was enough . you will always get fans disagreeing with promotions of any sport . its human nature . if you dont make the management aware ,then they dont do anything about it .i sent comet dan (moody) a pm about the condition of the food etc . i had no reply and it just carried on . will i return if it returns . of course. thats if THJ lets me in . MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone , war is over .lol
  6. jenga

    workington ..

    i think the only the people who bought season tickets for the 2019 season will know whats happening about any reimbursement of any funds oweing to 2019 season ticket holders . they will be going down the correct routes in order to retrieve money . its a patience game .. sorry to say .
  7. jenga

    workington ..

    i think your answer is before your post on this thread . ! it requires reading from the start . there are only two pages to read . the answerIS on this thread .. oops , now three pages .
  8. jenga

    workington ..

    maybe any bond/assets are frozen by the HMRC or whoever pulled the plug on the club ..
  9. jenga

    Rev Limiters

    how things have moved on in most forms of motorsport .
  10. jenga

    Rev Limiters

    i think it was VW that had a form of rev limiter built into the early rotor arms of their ignition system . when the centrifugal force spun the rotor arm past a certain RPM , a small spring would open up and cut out the electrical circuit to the dizzy cap and the revs simply stopped . dont think they have anything like that nowadays . its all ecu,s and other things .. but as they say on here , the moment you back the throttle off , as speedway bike speeds up ! jeez , is that the time ?
  11. that will be about 10 of us then , seeing our crowds were so thin !
  12. i have been self employed for 16 years in the motor trade , ran a fleet of taxis . think i had all the F1 drivers ! a few years @ Sellafield newk site ... onto repairing chips n cracks in windscreens in all forms of vehicles , commercial vehicle mech . repairs to boats , city n guilds in mig welding and a few other things that tie into the motor trade . put my own cash into worky speedway to take it over from George Graham .. all long serving jobs never let anyone down with anything , inc bills . never ripped anyone off either . left with a clean sheet . ..... no need to be sorry for the delay, we put no time limit on the reply . looks like i am back in the forum groove .
  13. jenga

    Glasgow 2020

    never went into hiding . always on here, like it or not . so who am i ?

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