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  1. jenga

    Workington 2018 .

    not telling any porkies then am i ?
  2. it was all okay until the bomb was dropped about no more Friday meetings .
  3. jenga

    Workington 2018 .

    i . did stick up for myself. i did not go to a home meeting for two weeks .
  4. jenga

    Ipswich 2018

    send for Chip Foose !.... why oh why is it not a cheap sport ?... its not riders pay as mr worrall cant even afford a pair of kevlars ! ! !
  5. jenga

    Ipswich 2018

    support your team dude . dont drift away. i know the sport is going through a tough time at the moment, but stick with it . up @ worky , we have only had 2 hpme league meetings . but we are sticking together . (unless they try to ban you ) LOL the governing body of speedway needs replaced to make it a proper sport again and a good few rules that exist and the ones that dont exist need to be binned . the sport is so simple , it will not take more than a few pages to rewrite the so called rule book . dont bail out , your team needs people like yourself .
  6. aye , he helped workington to a few handy away wins too !
  7. jenga

    Glasgow 2018

    just as and when they want to give him a run out and if he aint fast enough in the practice session. he heads home. but he must be on a g/tee number of meetings there .. so could be pulled away from ed/bra at any given time . i think .
  8. jenga

    Workington 2018 .

    why are you changing the subject ? never have grovelled to anyone , you included !
  9. make everyone clean their own waste up , or are Peterborough fans too posh to wash ?
  10. jenga

    Edinburgh 2018

    so how do you invest in new equipment for next season when you get dropped mid way through this season ? max will tell em where to stick it , as will mr riss.
  11. jenga

    Edinburgh 2018

    i think he is . he is just waiting for the magic of the faccues race suit to take an effect on him . a lot of promise , but sadly a crash n burn merchant . great entertainer tho .
  12. jenga

    Edinburgh 2018

    EDIT .. replied to wrong post
  13. jenga

    Edinburgh 2018

    BLACKMAIL . more like it .dont sign the guy . reeks of bull ! so he has been racing all these years and has not got a spare pair on kevs . what next , a throttle cable ?
  14. thats a shame . always liked him when he rode for worky. a trier all the way . get well soon mr oystercard . pity we wont see you @ workington for the league meeting . recover well marra ! signed ... a fan from a distance .

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