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  1. jenga


    we all ruin a good thread , now and then .
  2. jenga

    Workington 2019

    Silloth airfield. ,that brings back mameries ! my old man had a ford anglia in the stocks . by the time he had welded/bolted girders into it . it had the top speed and acceleration of a Sinclair c5 . it was pink, hence the name the pink panther with back off boogaloo written on the boot .didnt last long tho . if i . remember correctly , there were large tyres around the rugby pitch to stop the cars running onto it. i think they also tried motocross there as well (but not on the hallowed turf) my old man jumped through a flaming hoop of fire at derwent park on my yammy trail bike , just asked to borrow it . didnt tell . me he was going to try and set it on fire tho . way too much elf and safety nowadays . folk cannot enjoy theme selves at all . entertainment now ? its a toss up between C.F.C. or the REDS now . rugby is not my thing .
  3. jenga

    Workington 2019

    all our stock cars are being used on the roads , so there is no need for a stock car track to be built in the area . SO LETS CREATE ONE AND DO A SCUNNY .
  4. jenga


    good to see you ruining another thread !
  5. jenga

    Workington 2019

    maybe all the more reason to push for Northside as a proper track . i know there are a few complications etc . its been part time , maybe full time could happen .
  6. jenga


    fACEBOOK ! whats that ? is the the one where your husband or wife looks up old school friends/work colleges ? then the next thing you know , he or she is leaving you for an old school friend work mate etc . then you are saddled with a 2nd mortgage to pay them out , but still have to pay for kids and the extra money they get off you goes towards a new car for the new partner and not to the welfare of the offspring . not speaking from experience or owt like OH, that facebook .
  7. jenga

    Workington 2019

    i am sure that there were some artificial corners laid on the rugby pitch years ago , ( 70 ish ?)? to help with the corners on the speedway track .so if the reds get relegated , whats the point of a new stadium for rugby and poss NO proper football team in a decent league ? ........ more money well spent by people with big ideas . IF speedway returns , i can see it being @ Northside . just needs a bit of tinkering size wise and a Donald Trump style wall around it .
  8. jenga

    Leicester 2019

    stop . Stop . STOP .
  9. jenga

    berwick bandits 2019

    a bit like a speedway treble , eh
  10. jenga

    Workington 2019

    i am led to believe that a speedway bike will not run properly when it is just taken out of the crate (so to speak) it needs set up for the conditions that it will work in . unlike motocross bikes where its plug n play . these animals wont run correctly at all . allow tuners etc , but only in the top league and start putting engine numbers on the casings so they can be traced . (will stop a lot of theft as well ).
  11. jenga

    Workington 2019

    r c where ya comin fra bonny lad . teams have already gone 4/5 weeks without a home meeting and some will ride more home or away . but its the shortening of the season that gets to fans and the long gaps between fixtures . a two/three week gap is not the answer . but it will stretch the season out a bit longer . .. sheff finished in mid june ! i think lol . rider availability should not be an issue. the bspa . or scb . whatever they call themselves now (more like billy smarts circus) had the chance to make the elite/premiership just that and screwed it up big style . there is no way certain high average riders should be allowed in lower leagues . thats whats killing it . i would rather wait a couple of weeks for the next fixture if worky were still around for a meeting .we have scammers on the internet , now we have them in speedway . well . i am of to Carlisle for a pint . will it be worth it , you bet .
  12. jenga

    Leicester 2019

    why dont you just buy your programmes on the match day and save the ink ?
  13. jenga

    Workington 2019

    dry, as in very few fixtures in the U.K. speedway scene ? i think its time to run the speedway fixtures like the football did . once a fortnight @ home and the following week away . that way the season will seem longer ! fans will keep an interest in the sport and look forward to the next home fixture . eh ..
  14. jenga

    Workington 2019

    all riders earn their money. kyle invests to get better and progress in his chosen sport . one day mate , you will be up there . was looking forward to seeing your 2nd year in the championship. looks like i may have to get the passport renewed to see you race .. stick in kid , ya got it .
  15. jenga

    Somerset 2019

    i see you joined as well !

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