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  1. jenga

    Fours qualifiers

    we will never know until we give it another go .... .variety is the spice of life ...just do it for one year and see how it goes ....... speedway , if its broke , TRY to fix it .
  2. jenga

    Poole Pirates 2020

    just asking , do you think team suits help a team to win things . easier to follow a certain rider in his own colours than a deck of cards face down . imo .
  3. jenga

    Eastbourne 2020

    think back a wee bit . somehow i cannot see the home (eastie) fans giving martin a hard time . if the r/r is in use when eagles land @ Glasgow and martin just happens to be going well . whats speed type if i may ask ?
  4. jenga

    Eastbourne 2020

    Dugard @ Glasgow . thats going to be interesting .. ... thats the way to do it !
  5. jenga

    workington ..

    was not having a go at anyone , past or present . just saying at one time a person raised enough funds to install video on the site to help protect it from that kind of stuff . it never was installed . as for workington having me as a supporter for all those years . i turned up every week since the speedway returned and paid my money to all the promotions that ran it .. pity some speedway fans dont do that . enjoy the rest of your day .
  6. jenga

    Redcar 2020

    was there too many dots in the .5.com ?
  7. jenga

    Redcar 2020

    site cannot be reached !
  8. jenga

    workington ..

    i would be happy if you could show me the humour in my post ! there is nothing funny about what has happened @ northside .
  9. jenga

    workington ..

    i think its online . i think fire damage ? and some racing equipment was stolen . looks like the finger COULD be pointing in the direction of the usual suspects as it was almost the same as the last break in ! one person did raise a large amount of money for security cameras , but that seems to have evaporated into thin air .
  10. jenga

    bandits 2020

    Irelands answer to the J.C.B. ! !
  11. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    as a whole , 3 i do believe , jeez , is that the time ?
  12. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    except workington had a total weapon (mason) in the reserve berth most of the season and rene moved to reserve , then swopped around again . plus klyle came on strong in the later play offs .
  13. jenga

    Predictions thread

    its okay , we all make mistakes .
  14. jenga

    Predictions thread

    right is wrong , write is right !
  15. jenga

    Predictions thread

    DRAT and double drat . ...

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