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  1. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    there will always be honest taxi drivers . otherwise they dont get repeat customers . same with speedway promoters !
  2. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    the demon drink has seen off many sports people , inc speedway riders . it has done the people who think they are immortal . could be a few shocks down the line later on un life ! wonder how many on here will not be around in years to come ! your engine will only run on water and hops for so long . try putting oil in it for a change .
  3. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    i played snooker in a local league for our club . i had a mate who alway wanted to go on last so he could have a few beers . i asked him why he wanted to be last on . his reply was that the beer helped him with his nerves and he became a more confident player . it calmed him dow and did not have any shakes with nerves and played like a pro . i think i might try it when i am driving . it works for others ! ! !
  4. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    steve , so whats the reason behind that ruling . that crowd could be classed as a spreader of the virus . may be speedway should just hold challenge meetings and open championships . could that be a way around it ?
  5. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    or a gap that was not even there !
  6. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    on a brighter side of things , just watching football on BT sport between bishops stortford v st. albans city (fa cup q) and there is a good sized crowd. about the size a speedway meeting would get . so looks like we may see some speedway in 2021,with fans in grounds . fingers crossed .
  7. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    can you still get soap on a rope ?
  8. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    i remember brent werner putting his back out getting his bikes out of his van !
  9. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    Neila , do you remember him dancing around the pits gate @ workington one year and doing so crazy moves that would shame a monkey on a Bermuda trip ? one of my mates pointed this out to me ,(yes i have mates ) and they do not come in packets .
  10. very few riders just burst onto the speedway scene and become world class and then stay at that level for prob the remainder of their time in the sport . the majority of riders get their style ( a way of riding that suits them ) and that gives them confidence . then the speed comes with it . i will be happy to shoot you down when this happens . he is still a kid and has the backing to be a good servant to the sport . steve lawson loved to see 3 riders away from the tapes before setting off, cannot remember how his career went . hope it went well ! in the H18TORY season @ worky, Kyle beat some quality riders and @ worky was really starting to up his game .. Kyle IS a world champion , did you know that ?
  11. neither should Kenny Carter have ridden with his gammy leg , but he did !
  12. those remarks may come back to bite you in future years and i for one will remind you of your poor COMmEnTS , hats if i am around . i am sure kyle had an arm injury , could be wrong tho !
  13. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    no mention of speedway , but Scunthorpe speedway get a free advert !
  14. jenga

    Jason Garrity

    hope he drops the bar of soap

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