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  1. been livin in a bubble for a while ! what is this fund raising you talk about ?.
  2. jenga

    Eastbourne 2019

    whats he worth then t.t. ?
  3. i think thats bang on the money . Sunday league football in a multi million pound stadium is a joke , give the money to the reds and let them upgrade borough park . its all been one big con , run by some of the biggest con men and women in the area trying to make a name for themselves . its a shame that riders/players/fans from all three sports have been subject to this modern day robbery .
  4. and that brings us full circle back to the beginning . the management MUST have known that speedway was NEVER going to start in 2019 and signing riders up was a huge smoke screen with a few mirrors thrown in for good measure . rumours are around saying speedway will return in 2020 , but the cost of re doing the track and all the other stuff thats getting ripped out will be too much for ANYONE to take on . plus , who is going to start the massive job of putting it all back together .? we have had some bad times team wise and a good few great ones . it will just be a memory now and many of us will not see this sport @ Derwent Park again .. speedway will never flourish while the likes of Godfrey and co have their fingers in the mixing bowl . .. 5 yrs max and thats your lot .all the magic tricks have been done, they have ran out of smoke and broke all the mirrors . very sad ..
  5. jenga

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Bandits starting to shock a few with their results . well done to the Berwick riders . Sheffield .. looking like a hot and cold season for the men of steel who are now made of plastic . . but at least you have speedway !
  6. jenga

    Scunthorpe 2019

    according to the speedway gb site . he said he would not be fit to start . the new season . only andy will know if he is fit enough . good luck to him in his recovery .
  7. do glasgow have any riders in the danish semi @ brovist . that meeting has been cancelled and it may be on tomorrow night .. saturday ...?
  8. a tight 10 @ that . lee ces ter R the team of the moment , along with redcar ,berwick. OHH , to have a tankful of fuel !
  9. jenga

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    the sharper the spade , the deeper the hole you can dig !
  10. jenga

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    as long as its just one ...
  11. jenga

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    one was called nike , one was called adidas and a local lad called new balance . . i think the poster was talking dog poo . ProudtobeaBrummie ..
  12. when you are allowed to build your army with bigger guns , you are always going to win the war , so to speak !
  13. depends ! injured , walk out or sacked . i was going to say say 28 days . but even then the BSPA. will not know ! better orf asking godders @ scunny ....
  14. the spiel machine grinds into operation.. what was Craigs old name . K2 ..
  15. nice edit there bowl to bowel . well done . good job i copied it lol .

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