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  1. what year did you start showing other teams respect like ?
  2. now , now . lets all get a grip of the situation on here
  3. the brown envelope was not fat enough lol.
  4. jenga

    workington ..

    congratulations Simon Lawsom . some effort ..
  5. still has to be run tho , dunnit . mickey mouse or not .or is it because you dud not win !
  6. err , how can you ride with no visa . or is it sorted out ? just saying lyke .
  7. jenga

    workington ..

    so you admit you are a tiny bit corrupt ! lol .
  8. jenga

    workington ..

    and they cant see what they are doing to the sport and themselves junior riders are the best entertainment because you dont know what they are going to do next . i can see good support for the new venture and will support it when its on . looking forward to going to the field of dreams ..
  9. just a reminder for those with tinted glasses on .( keep tight hold of that white stick , you may need it later on in life ) or maybe even now .
  10. no passing indeed . so glad u came out on top .poole . looks like i could be the last poster on here . sorry times for Glasgow atm .well done. the pilots .
  11. Covid test for cc before the start ?
  12. always moaning @ refs and track staff .maybe getting paid to throw a sickie wonder who paid him , maybe Brum ?
  13. you lot still dining out on the Redcar win ? lol

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