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  1. jenga

    Scunthorpe 2019

    no need to do that. i am happy with what i have , thanks anyhow .
  2. jenga

    Play offs

    sarj is a bookies dream bet, will he or wont he ? still waiting for him to double his average as he promised the faccinas (spelling) he would . maybe next season he will finally kick on and lose the habit .he can do it .just needs a little bit of luck ..
  3. jenga

    Play offs

    you know where the sweet spot is to stand , dont you ? the last semi i had was on the 25th of July , i am now in a terraced . thanks for that if you come up , bring your welding gear . i need some cast iron arms re welded to my vintage garden seats . tea supplied , but bring your own biccies .
  4. jenga

    Play offs

    just in case anyone did not know , its comets v tigers in the KO cup semi . cant remember the last time i was as excited over a semi !
  5. jenga

    Scunthorpe 2019

    copied for future reference .
  6. something tells me there will not be any records of how poor some guests have been . they will all be in room 101 ..
  7. jenga

    Play offs

    Peterborough will prob pick lakeside as they done them over on a neutral track . it will be a a different lakeside in the play offs . workington will be happy with Glasgow as they had a good meeting @ Glasgow. but its not our choice .
  8. it would be nice to know just who is bending/breaking the rules , ie // the person/s behind it .but i dont think we will ever find out .
  9. jenga

    Play offs

    thats not too far away .. .probably .
  10. jenga

    Scunthorpe 2019

    correct , i agree !
  11. jenga

    Workington 2018 .

    ops . replying to wrong post .
  12. underdogs , we love them . everyone loves an underdog ! lol
  13. what a smashing result for the panthers , deserved table toppers . looks like you are going to pick the soft option for the semi . lakeside i feel were tired from the first meeting and never really got into their stride . good luck to you against then. i think you will need it. BILSHOT. the mad rapper , check him out on the tube . lol.
  14. jenga

    Ipswich V Berwick

    new flux capacitor and taxi for ippo T.M. , clueless .

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