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  1. jenga

    Kings Lynn 2022

    building another Championship side are we ?
  2. jenga

    Is Emil Right In What He Says?

    its just like cars on the assembly lines in the60s/70s/80s . if you were lucky enough to get a car that was built from tuesday to thursday it would be a good un . mondays and fridays were the worst days that a car was built . WHY . well fridays the assembly guys were looking forward to the weekend and had other things on their minds , mondays they all came back to work with hand overs and had no idea what they were supposed to do . NOW if a person had had a fall out with the management or something and was working his notice . you would often get a noise in the car when turning corners . this was traced to dash board rail . workers would put a small ball bearing in this rail and every time the car. turned a corner the ball bearing ran in the rail from one side to the other . ya dont get that now because they have plastic/moulded dashboards . same with engines and other stuff !
  3. jenga

    Is Emil Right In What He Says?

    its the plasebo effect ! its all in the head . i think i will buy another reliant robin . i have a feeling the next one will go round corners better than the last 2 or 3 i have bought . get back to basics and move on . who pays for all these three wheelers (engines ) ? i think it could well be the fans and while the riders get all they want from promoters , they dont give a monkeys chuff what the end product of the sport is as long as they are all right jack .. the riders are killing the sport with demands .. the end of season AGM will be a proper comedy of errors and where most of clubs will bail out of speedway . RIP British speedway ..
  4. jenga

    Glasgow 2021

    is there any street lights in Glasgow that work . standing by !
  5. jenga

    Glasgow 2021

    i wonder how that extra , EXTRA cash in my account came from ! say nowt . still trying to buy a league title ?
  6. jenga

    RIP Taffy Owen

    owen ellis owen , great times remembered of a great rider . still got his taffy owen fan club picture somewhere . RIP wee fella .
  7. good result for Berwick, even with the loss !
  8. craic cook is owned by Glasgow ( i think ) so craig is doubling up or have edinburgh/belle vue/ lynn still hold his contract .
  9. Err , Adam Ellis has just wont it . as did cook .as did roo boy while riding in the upper crust league . be honest ,the riders that are doing both leagues SHOULD be doing it the top league only . it now looks as though the championship is stronger than the crusty league without bigger wage bills . if riders can ride on cheaper rater in the so called lower league , they can do it in the top league as well !.
  10. the question is not hard .
  11. in the dying embers of British speedway , how many times will a championship rider win the premiership riders championship ?
  12. jenga

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    2 lap races ! riders will spend more time gardening than racing . why not give the riders extra points on their teams total when a rider gets to the tapes first, and so on . pretty soon we will all be gardening and growing our own food . thats the only type of gardening i would like to see . wonky veg n all that. . farmers were ploughing wonky carrots back into their land cos supermarkets wanted perfect products for the customers .. its time to plough the greedy mob back into the soil and start a new crop of non greed .exciting riders . speedway id goosed as we used to know it .. its a ten pund sport all day long .
  13. who on earth is going to buy a speedway bike now ? not many tracks are going to be open to have a spin on . i was not in the loop about Newcastle and Birmingham being in trouble .. as was mentioned before , its a £10 sport all day long . if riders want to make a killing while doing the sport . go and ride in another Country that can afford your demands .

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