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  1. jenga

    geoff penniket

    also was a partner in a three way workington co-promotion . i think he was a bit touch and go to work with , so i am told .
  2. jenga

    Glasgow 2020

    you mean 2022 season .oopppssss , having a Trump moment .
  3. and sales of ice creams from those 1980s iced scream vans that tootle around our streets selling everything but 99s wid a flake `1
  4. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    just in time to back into lockdown !
  5. i thnk they call it sherry pickin .
  6. get yourself to specsavers or take the blinkers off ....... .common sense , is the the liverpool type .? lets look forward and see what happens in march 2021 .
  7. its shows a trend that is on the increase in most parts of the world . even some places that did not have any deaths are starting to show signs of the covid 19 virus . we all live on this big round football and we have to make it last as long as we can ! get yourself on holiday to America and tell me you are not bothered then . thanks for your stunning reply to my post .
  8. U.S.A. as of today , its now 127.000 deaths as i type . UK. LOOK OUT .
  9. we will probably see the outcome of all those beach bums ,street party folk , and ignorant football fans doing their bit to make sure the UK falls flatly on its ass when the covid springs back into life in a month or so . S.D. down to 1mtr , thats a bad move . U.S.A. deaths now over 122,000 and rising by the day . a nugget in charge who plays more golf and spends more time looking at stocks n shares than he does running the country ! all our lives on this planet will be gone . remember when its gone ,its gone . never to return . the U.K. will have its second spike of this virus in about 2/3 months time . (Merry Christmas) speedway , forget it .it will be lucky to return in 2022 never mind 2021 .
  10. IMO riders are already screwing speedway all over the world . sure , the fancy parts they use all cost more than the factory parts .i do believe that the bikes dont run great when they come out of the factory . riders have had a good time over the last few decades regarding points money and signing on fees . now its time to give something back to all tracks that have given them a great life over their time in this great sport . thats the way i see it , like it or not .
  11. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    we were all a twinkle in someones EYE at one time . better the devil you know , than the devil you dont
  12. jenga

    Newcastle 2020

    did it ever have any tarmac onnit ?
  13. jenga

    Polish Speedway on TV

    and the Americans are having a huge rise in covid cases , some cities had rises of COVID up to %100 , compared to the last few weeks .
  14. jenga

    Polish Speedway on TV

    get your selves ready for a second spike of corona ! ! ! as shanks said , speedway is not a matter of life n death . its much more important than that ..........
  15. jenga

    workington ..

    born 17/8/1962.

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