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  1. more importantly , how high is the jolly green grass now ?
  2. jenga

    Edinburgh 2019

    long tail wagging the dog now . can monarchs wait until August ? in the meantime , Sam has to ride like reserve till August to get his average down for the next phase of re building , by that time .the season will be over for them ..
  3. ahh , funny that i have just been reading the so called legal letter from Mr whitehead . with me being a well known supporter of the comets in the area i have good friends around me . Mr Whitehead and i had a wee talk and he said i was okay to enter the stadium to watch the meeting . this decision came BEFORE i wrote the apology on the BSF . being a popular fan , i had the backing of at least 20/25 fans who said they would not return if i was banned ! Mr Whitehead then told me to come and see him the following week to have a talk . now Steve being in the know , should have known there was NO meeting the following week ! (again) as i was walking to gain entry to the stadium . one of Mr Whiteheads helpers gave me abuse and said he was going to rip my f...ing head off . i turned away and started to walk . then i felt something wet on my clothes . i turned around and a a guy who i later found out was T.H.J. had squirted water over me . he continued to give verbal abuse . many fans heard his outburst . luckily it was only drinking water , but could have been something worse like wee , acid or even McDonalds milk shake ! i will add that during the conversation with Mr Whitehead he kept using the word HONESTLY on a regular basis . something T.H.J. does on a regular bases in his posting , tho claiming NOT to be Steve W . i was glad to be allowed back and also my friends did not have to lose their fix of speedway . Groveling no . common sence , yes . BTW . i dont know where you got careful consideration from in your reply . speedway needs people through the gate . fans have a forum that they use and its free voice for all . good or bad . its a pity some promoters and high flying people dont read it on a regular bases and wake up and smell the coffee .. anyone that would like a copy of Mr Whiteheads legal letter is welcome , contact via pm for more details . worth every penny for the cost of an envelope and a stamp ! cheers J
  4. WHAT instruction was that then ? i suggest you read my post again. i can put it in block capitals if it makes it easier to/too/two read
  5. Baldyman . one of the nicest guys around . a proper guy and enjoyed his wee bit of craic @ workington . it will be hard to find a nicer person .
  6. i take it you did not eat all your veggies . so 5/6 posts and you come up with that conclusion ? maybe if you eat all you greens that were on the table in front of you, you would be able to know the their/there situation in the Inglish land which . perfik !
  7. i take it you have read all my 7.822 posts then . speed reading works wonders !
  8. and that brings me back to when craig cook was riding for the cornets . it is on you tube . one female fan was heard shouting out loud as cookie was trying to go around the home rider PUT HIM IN THE FENCE . so its ok for scunny fans to shout stuff like that , but not the opposing team . just my opinion of course .
  9. keeps the forum ticking over so people like you can read it when you aint washing your under crackers !
  10. says the poster of 28 posts . LOL.
  11. better ask someone who knows about speedway , you obviously know jack . banned or not band ! , that is the question .
  12. lol . well a least you know how to spell it ! .... have you ever seen a live one up close or are you still on the hand pump ?
  13. poor ole Mason , left out in the sun . brilliant guy . gutted 4 him . so most of em fixed up bar the sun tan kid ! there is always something good to come out of the negatives .
  14. BWD just riding prem atm .
  15. wee tero riding for brum . just .

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