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  1. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Would Nik Porsings average fit in Simons Lamberts place?
  2. Good result for the Stars. Another poor spectacle with not much good racing. Only incidents to remember are Stefans awful smash ,Doyle wiping Riss out, and Riss barging past Jensen.
  3. Think you are right. Can only see an away win for Swindon.
  4. I was wrong. I must have dreamed it.
  5. I think the 1st of July is the last day for team changes this season for every club.
  6. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If anyone had a go at Simon Lambert after Monday's meeting, they were out of order. I thought he rode well and was up to speed. I am one of the first to criticise riders when they are poor , but Simon done his job.
  7. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I have nothing against Simon Lambert , and I know he tries his best. He gets a few usefull points at home but always struggles away. He has had his best days and it's time to replace him with someone who has the potential to improve and score a few points away. Simon has been a great servant to Kings Lynn but for the teams sake it's time to move on. Hopefully he can get a team place in the Championship. And I don't go to the bar after the meeting , and if I did it wouldn't make Simon a better rider.
  8. I thought last nights meeting was ok , a few decent heats and meeting finished at 9 05 pm. Buster must be concerned about crowd levels , I thought crowd numbers was poor.
  9. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Never mind about having a go at getting fourth, I want to see us have a go at getting to the top of the league.
  10. First the positives from tonight. The 2 Lamberts , Cook when he woke up ,and Jorgensen. The negatives were Toft, Proctor , and Kerr. Good to see Dale Allitt back at the arena. Why was there a interval when we had already had 2 long track grading breaks. Meeting took far to long to complete.
  11. Not me. I think the whole idea of fans picking race members is ridiculous .
  12. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I also enjoying watching R Lambert race, and British speedway will be all he poorer as a spectacle without him.
  13. With all the rain in Sheffield yesterday and today, I can't see this meeting going ahead.
  14. If Iversen goes to Panthers best of luck to him. Kings Lynn speedway was there long before Iversen and is still there without him.
  15. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I hope Simon Lambert isn't coming back to he Stars team. He has had his best years . There must be some one better.

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