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  1. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Shovlar ,why don't you get a life and stop posting such crap? Poole are champions by default and weren't the best team in the league.Kings Lynn were.
  2. He says in this weeks speedway star that he wants to ride in Great Britain next season.
  3. Who said R Lambert lives in Germany? As far as I know he still lives at his parents farm near Norwich.
  4. So the dream is over for us Stars fans. The injures to Iversen and Toft have cost us and dodgy reffeerieng decisions in the first leg have done us. Stars team gave there all but Ellis wasn't good enough Howarth tried hard but Toft would have scored more. Been a good season but speedway isn't what it was, only the importance of last nights meeting kept it interesting. Racing wise it wasn't anything special.
  5. We might have some good racing tonight. We could have had a tight score at the start if Poole hadn't had payed the refferee to make some dreadful decisions in the first leg.
  6. Bed at 4 this morning. Up again at 6 . Work at 8 . Wouldn't mind but the refferee ruined last night for us Stars fans. He was a complete joke. But at least Twatum and Pearhead will be happy that Poole have a good lead.
  7. Enough of the argument of who guests for who. We can't alter it. So let's all head to Poole and cheer our teams on. Come on Kings Lynn we can do this. The stars team have a chance to go from team members to heroes.
  8. We are coming from Walsingham in Norfolk. We are leaving at 11 o clock so should be there about 5 o clock.
  9. We are heading to Wimborne road next Monday, is there plenty of parking space at the stadium or close by?
  10. Good crowd last night,Buster should be happy. Good performance from the Stars despite Iversen having problems. But as a spectacle the meeting was dire. No passing,and l lost interest after heat 1 . Belle Vue were poor and apart from Musielak offered very little resistance.
  11. mrss


    Did anyone really expect this meeting to be ran properly? It had no chance of being a success with Laurence Rogers being involved with the organising of it. The man is an arse who buggers up any speedway he has anything to do with.
  12. Fantastic achievement by the Stars to finish top of the league. No more negativity. Let's all get behind the Stars and roar them on to be champions.
  13. Brilliant result for the Stars. Best win of the season. It's time to believe the Stars can win the league.
  14. Didn't see that result coming. Not only was it a Stars win it was easy. Poole weren't up to the challenge. Well done to Simon Lambert scoring in every one of his rides. A great team performance in front of the biggest crowd I have seen at Lynn this season.
  15. Update on the Stars Twitter page says that Iversen is definitely riding for Stars on Wednesday.

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