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  1. Well done to Swindon. Ipswich are dreadfull. Heeps , Lawson , and Sarjeant are useless and the rest of there team are hardly any better.
  2. Dreadfull advert for speedway. Track is crap , if this was earlier in the season it would have been postponed.
  3. No Lambert , no Jorgensen, no Palm Toft, no Porsing, no point in this meaningless meeting.
  4. mrss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    On Monday Poorthing had a chance to pass Batchelor but just as he got level with him Poorthing backed off. He hasn't any bottle. He has been poor ever since he signed this season. He was the one who told everyone he had 3 bikes , 4 engines and 2 Polish mechanics. Seems like none of them done there job.
  5. mrss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Why is it worse for the riders? I had to pay to watch him score nothing. Poorthing got payed to score nothing. The only one at fault is him.
  6. Far end car park had more cars in because middle car park was closed due to extra seating in place for stock cars. I thought the crowd was very poor.
  7. By far the smallest crowd I have seen at a Stars home meeting this season.
  8. mrss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    He might of been dejected, so was I watching him score nothing again.
  9. mrss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Good. He is rubbish.
  10. Away win 42 48 . Stars will miss Jorgensen big time.
  11. mrss

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    For once I agree with you. Speedway can't afford this sort of behaviour, and it's about time the BSPA punished those responsible.

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