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  1. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I hope Simon Lambert isn't coming back to he Stars team. He has had his best years . There must be some one better.
  2. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Emil Grondall was sacked at the interval of Panthers v Newcastle a few years ago.
  3. I wasn't at the AFA last night ,so I can't comment on the standard of racing , but it was a terrible result for the Stars. It's time to show Proctor and Anderson the exit door.
  4. Never mind worrying about Lamberts score, people should be more concerned with Eric Riss and his lack of points.
  5. Can't see Stars getting any league points at Wolves. 55 38 home win.
  6. Good point for Stars . I didn't expect to come away with anything . Onwards and upwards
  7. Looking at the Stars riders scores in the championship yesterday, I fear a big away defeat today.
  8. Draw is good result for Stars away from home, but after being 8 points up dissapointed they didn't hold on for the win.Kasper was Stars man of the match. Kerr looked poor, hope he picks up soon and scores a few points .
  9. Hopefully T Jorgensen won't be feeling the effects of 2 falls he had yesterday . Kasper seems to have picked up a few points for Sheffield so that's a good sign. Try seems to have struggled yesterday for points. Going to be close meeting , hopefully the Stars can come away with a win.
  10. A while ago if a rider was struggling a senior team mate to would take his bikes on track for a few laps after the meeting. Then report back with set up tips and anything else he thought needed changing. Doesn't this happen anymore?
  11. Won't be attending this meeting . I dont do pretty stupid cup matches . Hopefully the Stars will give the Witches a good thumping.
  12. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Ffs. How long have the speedway club known the football is at home Easter Monday? People have made plans for the afternoon meeting.
  13. Well done Kings Lynn. I didn't think the Stars would score 30. I am happy to be proved wrong. The Stars season has started tonight.
  14. Easy home win. Stars will struggle to score 30 .
  15. The only Stars rider that done his job was Riss. The rest of the team were very ordinary, with Kasper being worse than that.

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