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  1. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Could be something to do with future of Peterborough speedway. I think the club were having a meeting this week with showground owners and councillors .
  2. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    It’s more important than ever the Stars sign a replacement for Niels , hopefully before the next meeting at Belle Vue. I also think that a change is needed this season for either Kerr or Jorgensen. Tungate is looking for a British team place and Klindt was a while ago. Could either replace Niels?
  3. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Going to be a struggle tomorrow at Peterborough for Stars. They are going there with a team with only 2 heat leaders, and 1 of them hasn’t been going great recently. Can’t imagine Edwards will get many points, I hope Jorgensen can clean up at reserve. I sincerely hope I am wrong , but I can see another defeat for Stars. Then it’s season over.
  4. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Rohan Tungate is looking for a British team place. He could replace Iversen .
  5. Tonight’s delay is a dreadful advert for Speedway. How can anyone make changing an air fence panel take so long.
  6. Typical British speedway cock up.
  7. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Sedgeman doing well tonight guesting for Sheffield.
  8. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Need to find a permanent replacement for Iversen before the next meeting at Peterborough,and replace Jorgensen or Kerr with Sedgeman.
  9. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Never mind all the rules and regulations. What we need is some word from the Stars management, about who is going to replace Niels and Jack.
  10. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    It seem like Iversen has been stopped by polish ruling from riding for the Stars. Unless the management can find a decent replacement quickly, I would say that it’s season over .
  11. mrss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I hope Jake Knight isn’t on the rising star list.
  12. I can’t remember Arrnio having a decent meeting at Lynn. Makes me wonder why Ipswich picked him to guest tonight.
  13. Terrible Arrnio has ridden the Lynn track a few times before tonight.
  14. Had thought about going to Lynn tonight, but seeing the team the Witches are putting out I won’t bother. Good luck to the Stars tonight, can only see an easy home win.

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