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  1. What kind of beer do you drink Tsunami? Bitter? Thankfully Newcastle have never stooped to such levels have they - well apart from an ex-promoter with a pocketful of blank doctor's lines? Allegedly of course!! I've told you before that Wolbert's burger meant missing a double header, surely he only planned to miss one meeting due to galloping dandruff? He was a last minute signing for Glasgow that year with little in the way of machinery or sponsorship hence his poor season. As for Glasgow fans suggesting deliberately lowering averages?? Thanks to Wethers pulling off track that night it didn't work Anyway, what a fantastic result for the never say die Monarchs!
  2. Sorry Keith, this is slightly wrong - because we are the Monarchs we make the rules and cheat every meeting, we have been awarded 6 points and a point knocked off each rider's average
  3. 65p beer? You will find it Paulco!!!
  4. My biased ramblings from the Monarchs Chatzone - Right, been very lazy this season what with trips to France and too many beers I've not posted my manic thoughts very often. So here's my thoughts on tonight - It wasn't raining! We ended up with quite a few decent races, some strange refereeing decisions but then I saw who the ref was, a home win but a worthy point for the Tigers select. Yet again the Monarchs threw away a few points starting in heat 2 - you have four laps to overtake Mr Davey, calm doon!! Sam was beaten twice by a fast gating Howarth, Mark had a bad 4th ride but helped seal the win in heat 14, Erik had a good night until Bjerre changed line without any control 20 times in 20 metres, when a rider in second crashes because a rider in front loses control who is to blame? Last week Davey was excluded ( rightly so) for causing Hansen to run into him but tonight a different ref ignores the cause of the stoppage. Never noticed josh tonight but think it was a paid 7 for r/r, Ricky was better out the gate early on. Max had a busy night with some good passes and used the outside line, Mitch had a night to forget. For the Tigers select, Aaron on his normal track got his 2nd ride and the t/r right , Todd was poor but a good win in heat 8 where I thought he got away with a flier, Bjerre improved his scores but his heat 12 win was fortunate given his loss of control. Mr Sarjeant never broke the tapes but only beat one Monarch, Kyle Howarth was superb, top scorer on the night, he maybe gate and go but if you go like that so what? Rob picked up useful points but it was a bit too soon for Ryan at this level. Well run meeting apart from lap counting problem, got home in time for pie and a beer or three
  5. You're quite right, it has never happened before in the history of speedway!!! lol
  6. Was great to meet up with Paulco again, sorry, should have bought your drinks after your moral victory. I believe Mr Wells wasn't looking to see the positions in heat 13, he had some shale in his eye honest!! Very ironic that we were complaining about the track being so dry, it will pee down all week now!. Monarchs certainly dropped some silly points but with so few last places Tigers certainly deserved the draw. Big worry now with Clegg at reserve but it can go both ways, win heat 2, get confidence back and upwards, but if not who can replace him?
  7. DavyH

    Rip Bryn

    You were nuts!!! I remember fondly when we had the speedway chatroom with Bryn and we were all virtually civilized with each other. I last saw Bryn at KL a few years ago,going to miss his unique humour
  8. DavyH

    Rip Bryn

    So sad to hear this news RIP Bryn.
  9. Ok, deviating further Rob, did you see that when Monarchs were riding against Sheffield a few weeks ago, the BSPA refused us a guest to cover the Riss brothers riding in a German league meeting ( they are both on German Licences!) despite that being one of the most most obvious rules. Obviously it was overturned because we make the rules
  10. C'mon Rob, it's all true, plus when did we have to start keeping on thread in this forum? You know that every thread degenerates into Edin v Glasgow! lol
  11. Aye but if the Monarchs were in strictly , it would be a legal guest. Can I do an old schoolboy joke? What's white and glides over the floor? Cum dancing? I'll get my hat
  12. Sorry Gaz, you are black-balled
  13. But Rob, you don't know the rules, you are still moaning that monarchs illegally used Mitchell Davy when we cuffed you, despite it being obvious from rule 16 that we were in the right. You then went on about Dan Bewley riding for us instead of BV in the NL whilst forgetting that the rule says the NL side have PRIORITY over a re-arranged PL meeting - it doesn't say that the NL side can't allow their rider to ride for the PL side does it? I would think that BV took the view that Dan would learn much more in the PL that night than a routine max in the NL You need to stop listening to the uninformed from the west!!
  14. Because we make the rules?? No idea, but perhaps he was named as a #8. Kevin probably wouldn't be up to a place in anNL yet but hopefully tonight has gave him a boost.
  15. I dunno Rob, I thought you knew the rules!!! Being serious though this would seem to be sensible in allowing a change for injury but not tactical reasons, Guess the BSPA will change it overnight then on the grounds of excessive commonsense?
  16. Nothing yet on the updates Trees http://www.monarchs-chatzone.co.uk/chatroom/blab.php
  17. While the main concern is always with an injured rider I see that there is now an hour's delay tonight. Did Newcastle not have 2 ambulances in recent years? Maybe costs have curtailed this facility?
  18. The covers were already there to protect the greyhound track I assume - maybe you could help out George? I'm afraid I can't.
  19. Saturday is the alternative race day as far as I know.
  20. Insults?? Where?? You were inferring that a Monarchs official influenced the decision , I explained what really happens i.e. a BSPA member is NOT involved when an issue involves their team. If you want to know who made the decision, ask the BSPA!!
  21. Absolute crap, members of the BSPA committee will not be involved when a decision affects their own team. The statement could not be clearer - BSPA rules applied as per Cyclone's post above, What gets me is why things like this get anywhere near a protest. Surely the BSPA should be explaining before the meeting to BOTH teams why Davey is eligible to ride. And why Mr Godfrey doesn't appear to know the rules on how to make an appeal!!
  22. Aye tells the truth? I am sure that is what you mean Paulco
  23. Rambling time again.... First of all, well done to all 14 riders for competing on a wet track that got worse as the night progressed. Hope Dale Lamb is ok after his two falls, one when lying down. Belle Vue showed their team experience of regular meetings despite only having one heat winner - it helps that Dan won 6 heats with his last two starts very impressive! Well done young man! With good back up from Matt Williamson and Rob Shuttleworth especially, they won the match in ht 15 when Jye just tried too hard. For the Monarchs select Max had a good night but two poor starts cost him points in ht 13 & 15 - Max, you have four laps to pass, you will learn! Dale was unlucky with two falls, one when he laid the bike down. Mitchell looked decent, young Willie Lawson? A fall in one but looked decent on what I dont imagine will be modern machinery? Jye continues to baffle - some good starts, three wins then a fall in ht 15- he needs to take confidence from his wins. Lewis and Kev were well off the pace but picked up some gift points, the experience of a proper meeting will encourage them I am sure. For the Colts, Matt picked up a good score but only by meeting the Monarchs juniors and taking advantage of a Max fall. Good 7 points though. Holt got a couple and fell but looked steady enough as did Woolley. Shuttleworth backed up Dan well with 9 points, Lee Payne picked up 5 and was always not far off, Basford had a couple of exclusions. So what did tonight prove? There's no doubt Monarchs have three problems in the team, Max, Jye and Dan for various reasons. They probably felt some pressure tonight with the appearance of Mitchell and Willie but what did we learn? Lets start with Max - He's already picked up this last few weeks after a sticky start and only by being too impatient in ht 13 will he be annoyed. Dan? superb performance, it will be a problem with BV Colts fixture clashes but this young man is progressing by the lap. Jye? How do we criticize our joint top scorer tonight? Could Willie do a better job within a few weeks? No idea. Lastly, on a night of falls, our esteemed raffle ticket Molly had a wee fall on the back straight terracing tonight, no doubt the BSF will blame Ryan lol. She seemed none the worse and there was no need for r/r. I'm missing in France for two weeks now so please make sure she is ok next week - I advised her to put a wee bit water in her nip Take care Molly
  24. I see you have a similar keyboard to mine!!

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