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  1. Does anyone know if tickets are required? Down in dorset for the week so will be popping along!
  2. seanisnumber1

    Elrc - 16th October

    What a load of rubbish!!
  3. seanisnumber1

    Welsh Open

    Any more names released from todays meeting?
  4. seanisnumber1

    Lee Richardson Gp Qualifying

    Got to say I was a bit confused too - based on what Lee said it will be the same for Tai too then!!
  5. seanisnumber1

    Welsh Open

    Any news on the line-up?
  6. Looking forward to this meeting even more now we have qualified - hopefully we will go with Ashworth and Auty!!
  7. Exactly...less than 3 weeks away to this meeting and there has not been one spot of any publicity at all!! No one even knows when the cut off date was for teams to qualify!!
  8. Any closer to having a line up seen as its less than three weeks away now??
  9. World Cup star King should just be able to turn up to Wolves and beat Hally!! I wonder how many races King has rode at Wolves since Hall did about three/four years ago!! Come on Richard!!
  10. seanisnumber1

    Welsh Open

    Can we have an 11am start please...dont want to be missing the world cup final!!
  11. If he has to beat Ashworth we might have a long wait on Monday.....I think you mean Richard Hall
  12. Well I just hope Ashworth and Auty scrape in because the form they are both in at the mometn would provide some excellent racing!!
  13. Well I hope Mr Woffinden has his day for GB but based on the below found on speedway star website who knows: - The semi at Sheffield was rained off after 12 heats with Woffy failing to make the cut. “There was meant to be a ballot to decide which riders went where, but I could have gone to King’s Lynn,” said Tai, referring to the other semi-final venue. “It makes me wonder why I chose to race for Britain. I still can ride for Australia I guess, there’s nothing stopping me.”
  14. Nothing to do with the weather...the people who have missed out were just not good enough!! Would be unfair to re-run the meeting and rob the likes of tully and frampton a place in the final. Regarding the final place between King and Hall, perhaps there will be a run off before the final?
  15. Fantastic GP with some quality racing and a bit of dirt on the track - long may that continue for the rest of the season. Harris did well to get to semi but made a shocking gate and Tai looked well out of his depth unfortunatley!!

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