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  1. Not Blinkered

    Official Club Websites

    Good to see a webmaster asking the fans what they want, hope you get good feedback. Hopefully the BSPA webmaster is reading this and will fix the BSPA site which is currently badly designed and not working for one of the most common screen resolutions still being used. For the OP, I would recommend regular updated content and good reading material and features will bring visitors back, rather than the usual club press releases.
  2. Not Blinkered

    "celebration Of Speedway 2011"

    Aaaw, did I offend you? Diddums.
  3. Not Blinkered

    "celebration Of Speedway 2011"

    Don't worry Haggis, Impartial One seems to do nothing but go around making sarcastic posts. I think he must be overcompensating for some inadequacy.
  4. Not Blinkered

    Bspa Management

    Rubbish, mud slinging between the BSPA and Cov/Pete is more unprofessional, so sometimes saying nothing is more professional. And with a court case looming, they have to be careful anyway.
  5. Not really, only 95 people voted. I did not bother voting, as internet forum votes are pointless, and I am not for it.
  6. So why the hell would we want some TV executive deciding on the sports rules, feck me, the green helmet colour fiasco was bad enough. Yes invite a TV executive to be advisors, but the whole point of an independent board is they are just that, INDEPENDENT. What happens if ITV decide to come back to the world of speedway to bid for coverage for ITV4 or something in a few years time? having a Sky person on the 'independent' body means there is a conflict of interests. Sky would not give a toss about speedway, their only interests is in Sky, screwing the sport for a better deal and for higher figures. Yes, lets embrace them for advice and ideas, but they should not form part of a body that runs the sport.
  7. How would having someone from Sky be independent? They are involved in the negotiations for broadcasting rights of the product and only have their interests at heart, not the sports.
  8. Not Blinkered

    Bspa Management

    Do you really think this will help our sport, or hinder it? Because I think such actions would hinder the sport.
  9. To be honest for a long time I thought an independent body would be the best, but more recently I now suspect that it would resolve very little. Look at how we have little respect for the FA which is independent of the clubs, or supposed to be. And then, how would the independent panel be selected. All that will happen is that we will end up having these same conversations about the independent panel as we do the BSPA. Instead what I want to see is a clearly defined procedures in place for when the BSPA meet and make decisions, maybe monthly face-to-face meetings in addition to the AGM and how decisions will be made, and what constitutes a quorum if some members are absent. I am not part of the BSPA so this may already happen and these procedures may already be in place.
  10. An independent body still needs to vote decisions on a majority, and that would not have prevented this situation, which from what I can tell is because two promoters refuse to accept the majority decison.
  11. Not Blinkered

    The Long Eaton Project

    My family is totally split, all of whom live in Long Eaton, my Dad and his side of the family are all Derby fans and consider themselves from Derbyshire, myself and my Mum's side of the family all consider ourselves from Nottingham and Forest fans. Funnily enough, my Dad does not like talking about football much these days lol
  12. Not Blinkered

    The Long Eaton Project

    I grew up there myself, and I spent 30 years in the area myself, the postcode area is Nottinghamshire, but the town is in Derbyshire, in fact on a speedway Wednesday night, if you turned out of the stadium towards Nottingham, within 400 metere's on Nottingham Road you see the 'Welcome to Nottinghamshire' sign. Not everyone in Long Eaton tells people they are from Nottingham though, as you know a lot of people think of themselves from Derbyshire too, hence why whenever Forest play Derby the station always kicks off, or usually does. Reminds me of a good football joke... What's the quickest way from Nottingham to Derby? Down the A 5-2... lol
  13. Not Blinkered

    The Long Eaton Project

    Archers is irrelvent to Long Eaton anyway, technically Long Eaton is in Derbyshire, not Nottinghamshire, so if you were looking at the Robin Hood analagy for tradition it would not be applicable. Personally I am happy for Invaders to remain if it was in Long Eaton, which represents the most succesful period in the clubs history. A league tite, a 4TT title, a representative in the World Final. But, the reality is that we will never see speedway in Long Eaton again, so if a new stadia is found in Nottingham or Derby then it should be a brand new name to represent a new club and a new start.
  14. Not Blinkered

    Thanks Johnno!

    I remember him arriving at Long Eaton on loan from Sheffield. He was ready to quit and go back home I seem to recall he once said, he had crashed time and time again, injured his hand or finger and was getting nowhere at Sheffield. He arrived at LE bit of an unknown, and he immediately became a fan favourite at Station Road with his racing style, often leading to a few tumbles, but most fans love a trier, and eventually it started to click into place for him. I seem to recall on those early days at Long Eaton he tussled with Dave Blackburn or his mechanic (not sure) on track after a crash when his parent club Sheffield came a visiting, which further endeared himself to LE fans. I think the antics he and Stoney got up to at LE were always pretty entertaining at times Great servant to the sport, on and off the track.
  15. Not Blinkered

    Club Websites Farce

    And back to .co again this week!!! yeah I know that, I did point out in my post that I was not sure who was at fault, just a general change of website/app names to seemingly pointless names is a farce.

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