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  1. 15 hours ago, TelfordWolf said:

    Hi JC71, online users can take the premier player option for £11.99 a month - no contract and promo code should work for that too. Think you’d have to cast through an app to play it on your tv though

    Plug your laptop into the TV by HDMI cable. 

    14 hours ago, Najjer said:

    In that case then, use the promo to get 3 months free and then cancel.... get the speedway season and don’t need to pay a penny, or am I missing something?

    You have to cancel 1 month in advance if I remember from subscribing to them previously. 

  2. Lewis Millar has some NL experience even if it’s very limited and Rothery has probably shown up best so maybe those two will start at reserve. Good to see the Devils giving youth a chance whilst still putting out a respectable team with 3 good heat leaders who are all young too. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    It does have the feeling of building a team bu chucking a few riders in then attempting to plug the gaps rather than a thought out approach? 

    I think Verge is based on IOW now so makes the travelling impractical, Harris was never keen on the journeys to Kent so cannot see his crew heading North. Shame really as the venture could struggle unless one of the Newcastle riders wants a few extra rides or miles on their van.

    The rules don’t let riders do the NL and NT for separate teams though. That’s why Flint has left Newcastle. 

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  4. 16 hours ago, Ringitsneck said:

    You don't like Wallinger, now you don't like Phillips, you really do add value to this thread.

    Not true. I do like Phillips but it’s fact that his career has stagnated so I was being positive by hoping that a change of track will help him. 

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  5. So we’ll need a new man in charge and inevitably new ideas! 

    If he can cope with the workload I think there’s only one man for the job. That is Barry Bishop!

    If that’s a conflict of interest then I  think there’s another obvious appointment, if he has enough time on his hands: Connor Dugard!

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  6. 20 hours ago, Ringitsneck said:

    He will easily be a big scorer around Newcastle and compared to others that have ridden in this league he is still a yougster.

    We will see if he’s ‘easily a big scorer’ but he has been signed to replace the second heat leader yet he has never achieved an average over 7! Even if by some miracle he does excellent this season, is he really going to be promoted to the Diamonds set up and be a prominent figure for years like Clegg is looking like he could be and other Gems like Freeman and Halder could be?!


    15 hours ago, Dandelion said:

    Don't see why he shouldn't be in the league? He's at the level he's meant to be at? Is it because he's not 16 or under? Not EVERYONE can be a youngster... I'm excited to see David around Brough as he was pretty entertaining last time, seems a hard but fair rider and he's pretty local too... I'm sure he was beating Leon around Brough also? More used to the track perhaps?

    He halved his average last year and is nearer state pension age than Flint’s age! 

  8. 1 hour ago, Ringitsneck said:

    Flint go through the card at Newcastle? I doubt it judging by previous outings around our patch. Clegg SHOULD be unbeaten but he is only human.

    Halder and McDonald a surprise. Still young I suppose but McDonalds been around a few years and not got above a three average in the NL and that leaves a weak reserve pairing. They haven't got many matches to tune into any home advantage but looking forward to see how this team fares. 

    Flint is one of the best riders in the league, in fact he has the 4th highest average of NT riders (and that includes Clegg). Brough Park will be a new track for most NL riders and I’m sure Leon will get some practice in too. 

  9. 1 hour ago, mac101 said:

    From Rob Grants Facebook page 



    Well folks im going to do this a bit different to how it should be done, but after all i am the gaffer ha.     

    The 2020 Newcastle Gems

    1. Max Clegg
    2. Joe Alcock
    3. Jamie Halder
    4. Josh Embleton
    5. Leon Flint
    6. Ryan Mcdonald
    7. Archie Freeman

    I am very proud, that my first season in charge I will be doing something for the British youth and helping them through the ranks of British Speedway.  Good luck for this season lads.

    Quite a nice blends of youth and experience. I do think that team will struggle on the away tracks with a couple of riders in there who haven’t ridden an awful lot but Clegg & Flint will nearly go through the card every home meeting. Tbf Clegg could go through the whole NT campaign home and away unbeaten! But the main point is to get experience for them all which they will get at Brough Park and good to see Rob Grant putting effort into the venture. 


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