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  1. JCookie

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Why on earth would anyone post this on a speedway forum? This forum is all the better for the many fans of defunct clubs who still follow GPs/Poland/Sweden/other clubs, but why bother coming on here when you've admitted to having no desire to attend another speedway meeting after a 15 year absence? I know your posts get a lot of stick on here so it should be expected, but this is just such a strange way of thinking.
  2. JCookie

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Jedd List was awful last year for Scunthorpe. While I think he'll be better now if he's given another chance, it would be a risk for Poole to spend 4 points on him. Aussie youngsters in general just don't seem that good anymore, they're mostly decent PL riders all told, but that's not really enough reason to bring one all the way over here.
  3. JCookie

    2019 Odds for World Champion

    Woffinden at 6s has to be a great bet, as with every year he's not defending his title. I can't see Zmarzlik retaining, Madsen needs another exceptional season and I'd sooner back Woffinden than Sayfutdinov.
  4. JCookie

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Well, yes, in a roundabout way it's a step towards solving the problem. Look at supermarkets now, it's all set up so you can get in and out as quickly as possible, self service, paying via phone etc. Young people are not interested in spending unnecessary time going somewhere or doing something when that thing could be made 10x easier with technology. Kids these days can't even be bothered to vote in a general election, so they're not going to turn up to see Main Man with cash and a stamped address envelope are they? All tracks should, as a minimum, take care payment nowadays. It's one of the few quick wins and is a step towards getting young people back involved.
  5. JCookie

    Poland fixtures 2020

    Thank you for your help and advice - greatly appreciated.
  6. JCookie

    Poland fixtures 2020

    Finally getting around to sorting out a Polish trip next year. Is there any prudent advice on getting tickets for a Gorzow home match? Looking right at Gorzow v Czestochowa on 01/05.
  7. JCookie

    Newcastle 2020

    I appreciate you're not very bright, and you're trying to make a joke, but he rode every season between 2003-2015. Can you explain how many comebacks someone can make when they ride 13 years in succession?
  8. JCookie

    Poole Pirates 2020

    No he just had a very specific 'GB injury', most top riders have the same injury these days. Hancock would come in on a 4.5 average after his 'injury' reductions.
  9. JCookie

    Newcastle 2020

    There's probably a Stoke connection there for good measure as well. Lindgren, Wilkinson and another?
  10. JCookie

    Wolverhampton 2020

    So why does Lindgren's website have a section for his SGB Premiership team with TBA written in? Has it been there since he left or is it a new thing? Does it mean anything? Interesting.
  11. JCookie

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Remember when Doyle was a PL heat leader and youngsters like Bridger had Polish team places? Now where are they? Bewley is probably going to turn out better but right now Wright is better, probably not much longer but right now he is.
  12. JCookie

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Rode with Lemon as well at Newcastle.
  13. JCookie

    Newcastle 2020

    I was thinking about his son, Jason
  14. JCookie

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Not sure what's so hilarious when a Premier League side have just been promoted and signed Nicki Pedersen. Lindgren to Wolves would be quite unsurprising by comparison.

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