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  1. JCookie

    Poole 2019

    That explains it, he got to 10 and had no more fingers to count on.
  2. Dudek's injury certainly adds another headache for the selectors. Might we get no new riders in as WCs next season?
  3. Shovvy is a BSF legend though, he throws out bait constantly and is still reeling them in years later. I bet he'd be good crack over a pint. You're right about Gavan, very strange individual, addictive personality it seems.
  4. JCookie

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Would appear to me that Holder has done both of these things, and lives to tell the tale.
  5. JCookie


    Great post, really enjoyed it. Pleased to hear you had a good day, would love to start visiting some lower league stuff in foreign countries, interesting stuff.
  6. JCookie

    Buxton v IOW sun 2nd sept

    Surprisingly, the team manager was "Main Man" if I remember correctly.
  7. Out of curiosity, what does the ISLB stand for?
  8. Good point. Why have any rules for Sheffield if they're going to finish bottom anyway?
  9. They get worse every week.
  10. Auty in a massive crash and Lawson being a bit of a w4nker. Some things never change.
  11. JCookie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Class rider but it'll be a shame to watch, even if he does well, given what he could have become.
  12. JCookie

    Sheffield 2018

    Roughly around 3 rides per meeting at reserve and 0 heat wins. Let's be honest if Simon Lambert replaced Bjerre it'd be a joke, should be no different because he's a young Dane. Rubbish is rubbish.
  13. JCookie

    Sheffield 2018

    Desperate move to get anyone bar Bjerre? Mountain for Lawlor is a very good move as well. Maybe they asked for dispensation to get a Leicester rider in and panicked when they couldn't?
  14. Just a shame they can't all be fitted in. No time for Hancock as a rider but he's better than Lindback, Kolidziej and Iversen, as are Holder, Doyle, Vaculik etc. Still prefer a challenge approach rather than 15 handpicked riders but it has its moments sometimes.

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