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  1. Not quite sure how you can deliberately doctor a track that was partly submerged 24 hours earlier.
  2. At a push I thought we would need a 10 point lead to have a sniff of a chance on aggregate, so on that front 12 is a plus. However, Glasgows reserves won't be that poor at home and you wouldn't expect Cook or Jensen to drop many points either. So both teams have it all to go for. Poor refereeing decisions, didn't he the think Vissing touched the tapes then?
  3. Nope but might need brollies. Smidge of little drizzle in the air.
  4. Glasgow out on the track walk
  5. Elmo

    Play-off final

    Don't think that is too far out
  6. On a separate note, who else though Lawlor pipped Stewart on the line in heat 7? I was pretty much level with the line on the back straight and thought he got it by half a wheel.
  7. A great meeting and a right nail biter. Some cracking heats early doors but became a little bit of a one line track when it slickened off. Thought it would go to the wire and any result could have been possible in heat 15. Credit to both teams and the noisy away support, all the best for tomorrow in cup.
  8. It's been dry so far today in south Leicestershire. I think it could go down to the wire tonight.
  9. Me neither as they have the most fixtures to fit in and it's a GP night. So Tuesday or Wednesday then?
  10. Cubs have a double header on the Saturday
  11. Elmo

    22/09/19 N.L.RC Leicester.

    For Morley to be in the mix for me, he will need to up his game from the league meeting a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Elmo

    22/09/19 N.L.RC Leicester.

    On his day you would have to say Perks but even he has made a few silly mistakes this year with couple of them simply trying to go too fast. Hume has got better as the season has gone on. Of the others I've seen this year, Kemp has not looked at all comfortable at Leicester, Rowe has been good value and you can't discount Clegg if he gates.
  13. Thx for that. Have prebooked for the civic centre.
  14. Elmo

    Leicester 2019

    Better make sure my euromillions ticket is in place lol
  15. Elmo

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Maybe because Leicester Cubs are normally a Saturday track and will be riding in the play offs & cup. But then again the Lions got Joe Lawlor even though Stoke are Saturday too.

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