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  1. Elmo

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Has anyone else taken off 4 other riders in the same meeting?
  2. Just caught up with the meeting on YouTube, what a cracker. Dudek should have gone in the semi. Nice to see Wozza hitting some form, was a tidy little rider at Leicester. Janowski a deserved winner.
  3. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2020

    He had a really weird style and who could forget the somersault over the air fence against Newport and walking back to the pits through the crowd.
  4. Elmo

    Wally Loak

    I’ve got a Leicester v Coventry tape from the early 80’s knocking around somewhere.
  5. Elmo

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    David Howe never rode for Leicester.
  6. Elmo

    Speedway Crashes

    Mike Lanham ran into the back of Gordon Kennett when his bike packed up on the home straight in a Border Trophy meeting against Kings Lynn in 1983. Certainly one of the worst crashes I have seen. I remember Mike Farrell breaking his femur at some point but cannot recall the specific crash. The other one that sticks in my mind was Chris Holder at Coventry.
  7. Elmo

    2019 Most 5-1s

    Douglas & Bates? Perks & Mountain?
  8. Elmo

    2019 Most 5-1s

    Nicholls & Perks?
  9. Elmo


    Pity the way it finished for the Sizzlers but it paved the way for Cosby to join the league with Antic Roadshow, Spill The Beans & Paul Weller as the heat leaders.
  10. Elmo


    Can't remember who he rode for, was it Pete Butlers Heroes?
  11. Elmo

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    What happens if one of the team gets offered a place in a NDL side during the season, say as an injury replacement before the NT is completed. How would that be different to the Flint situation?
  12. Elmo

    Leicester v Reading 13 May 1980

    Just checked, looks like I missed that one (I was only 13). Being a Reading meeting I am disappointed that Arnie hadn't got everything memorised lol.
  13. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Latest news http://www.leicesterspeedway.com/_mobile/news.php?extend.31602‬&fbclid=IwAR1OpIJPEbrsnJD-B3tvmXbmeuTLCtNp_X0V3OznNSnoldeT8kxghTZKLp0
  14. Elmo

    Leicester v Reading 13 May 1980

    If I manage to get into the loft this week I will see if I have a programme for this one.

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