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  1. Scott & Bjarne averages are too high and Adam Ellis has already ridden in the play offs so cannot ride for another team.
  2. Pedersen is so far off the tapes at the start that he is almost on the 4th bend lol
  3. Err no Palin wiped out Dan Thompson by hitting him mid-bend, both went down but Dan went head first into the air fence. Thankfully they were both up quite quickly.
  4. Dougy didn’t have dirt deflector on in heat 5
  5. So that’s dads army, now dads navy. just leaves dads Air Force
  6. If it’s a foreign ambulance it has to have a minimum 4 point average
  7. http://www.scbgb.co.uk/news.php?extend.116.1
  8. Confirmed ambulance broken down, update at 19:30.
  9. Something strange is going on, possibly no ambulance yet.
  10. Elmo

    Tracks visited but never seen a race

    Does Glasgow count the other week? One fare of a race but no result declared.
  11. Is this a record for mis identifying riders tonight?

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