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  1. Exactly, that's my point. The surface is just as important. One of the problems at Leicester this year is that the dirt is not being brought back down to give an even covering from inside to outside.
  2. Whilst the shape is certainly not ideal, it isn't the only factor conducive to decent racing. It is the same shape as last year and yet the racing is nowhere near as a good. The SWC at belle vue in 2016, the race off was one of the dullest meetings I've ever seen yet the next day the final was fantastic. Shape was the same both days therefore it must have been the weather & subsequent preparation that made the difference in quality. With regards to any radical reshaping, the only options would be taking the track out and doing away with either the back straight stand or taking the home straight out into the waste ground. Either way I doubt it is affordable in the current climate (lottery win aside lol)
  3. In the programme it said that Craig Ackroyd was the ref. We wondered why Rosco was upset after the Sarjeant tapes offence, I didn't notice if Andersen went on the infield or not. I can only put the poor racing this year down to track prep & surface. I think there was plenty of dirt down last night but it seemed very loose and some riders appeared to be struggling early doors. The blue groove going into the 3rd bend starts halfway down the back straight and there's no kit to bring the dirt back to the inside once it's been pushed wide.
  4. In the main another total bore fest. The racing has really gone backwards this year after significant improvements over the last 2 seasons.
  5. According to SGB it's Cookie that's the Aussie and he scored 15 tonight lol
  6. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2018

    And only 5 heat winners at home.
  7. Was certainly not dusty. Lions just poor. Some excellent races. Watering understandable. Interval did drag on for far too long.
  8. One way traffic. even Poole would beat us riding like this.
  9. Looking forward to this. Expecting home win but the Lions to nick a bonus point hopefully
  10. Very sparse crowd and I think stevie wonder did the score chart in the programme
  11. No, that was before the 2016 season.
  12. Was done the previous winter for last season.
  13. The commentator is terrible
  14. Passed Doyle from the back too
  15. Elmo

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Plus Hans & Kyle have been known to to get away with the "occasional" roller lol

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