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  1. Leicester Lions 2018

    Plus Hans & Kyle have been known to to get away with the "occasional" roller lol
  2. Leicester Lions 2018

    The major work widening bends 3 & 4 were done the year before 1 & 2. I think the plans is just to get them smoother this winter.
  3. Leicester Lions 2018

    He hates the place. He would be missing every home meeting for a national championship round lol
  4. But strangely no away leg listed
  5. So if any of the double uppers are injured, can both teams use a guest for the same rider?
  6. You can if there is an exclusion, not if it's just an unsatisfactory start.
  7. Maybe they can ride for the home team in each leg 😉
  8. MPT didn't move off the kerb, don't know what Doyle was on about, but normally you'd see all 4 back.
  9. Leicester Lions 2017

    Try this http://www.leicesterlions.co/_mobile/fixtures17
  10. Any chance of seeing the start properly?
  11. Wasn't the precedent set last year that there would only be the one fixture at Leicester in a season 😉
  12. Looking forward to coming over for this 😀
  13. Simon Barber

    Only as a stand in