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  1. MrP

    Newcastle 2020

    Think we could see a season where not many(if any) foreign riders ride in the Championship. I’m only guessing of course but maybe only people who hold a UK passport or have been resident in UK a while. I also doubt every team that were due to come to tapes in 2020 will do so in 2021.
  2. MrP

    Newcastle 2020

    Have to say the reason the Supporters Club ended wasn't because of you leaving Dave. Julie,Mala,Janet Ken Davies and myself continued for a good while longer. The main reason was my I'll Health at the time and neither Julie or I could commit as we were. We still managed to do a few month more but the straw that broke the camel's back was the final Social event we put on which was a Christmas party. Despite my best efforts to sell tickets like previous events a lot of people said they would pay on the night. I ordered the buffet but out of over 120 people who reserved tickets/played for tickets there were less than 70 in attendance. I put over £150 of my personal money in to pay for the buffet as we didnt have enough in club funds. I lost this money. That was when enough was enough for Julie and I. We raised a lot of money but could have raised so much more. We lost £600 in deposits for 2 cancelled events. The second family fun day and the second river cruise. Having been involved in fundraising for over 30 years you'll remember me saying on many occasions how frustrating I was finding things and you'll no doubt remember you and i locked horns several times over how we both wanted things done.
  3. MrP

    Predictions thread

    Sorry I meant there were only 10 teams in his list
  4. MrP

    Predictions thread

    What about Newcastle?
  5. First time in over 2 years back at Brough and I can only echo what others have said. Fantastic meeting with plenty of passing.Josh Pickering is very exciting to watch and his win off 15 metres was a joy to watch. The Diamonds wanted it more and rode extremely well to get the win. Also nice to catch up with some old friends.
  6. MrP

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Would it not be better Doolan for Bjerre( if it fits) and R/R for TJ. Means an extra ride for Steve Matty Doolan and Urich.
  7. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    4 points from 19 rides( Championship and Championship Shield)would suggest Danny Phillips doesn't go well anywhere.
  8. Danny has actually only scored 4 points from 15 rides in the 4 Championship Shield / Championship fixtures he has ridden. He is also not a newcomer so should be expected to average more than 2.
  9. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    Mikkel B Andersen would also fit
  10. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    Newcastle are not known for this kind of action and you know it. You just seem to take great pleasure in having a go for the sake of it. Like someone posted earlier if anything they have been too loyal. I remember Casper Wortmann struggling badly and they gave him time. Danny Phillips was awful last time at Newcastle yet he rode the full season. There are many other examples.
  11. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    Heard Lunna has an injury(don't know if it's true) so they had to make a change. As Steve is available it would make sense to try and fit him in,and unfortunately it looks like Victor could be the one to go.
  12. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    Hope it all goes well. I enjoyed being part of the last supporters club,which raised vital funds.
  13. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    No disrespect meant but hopefully not Ludvig. Nice lad but better options. Wouldn't mind L Bjerre and then not sure what's left points wise.
  14. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    Lindgren and Phillips
  15. MrP

    Newcastle 2019

    Well perhaps Ludvig being in the country could be an indicator to signing if not Newcastle maybe Birmingham?

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