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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/motorsport/48497947
  2. Hi, I wish I’d seen this earlier. After making a Facebook page for my fathers 60th back in 2011, I also enquires as to King Cinder. I was told it had been deleted. I have recently seen the book that was available, all I could offer is some photos of the riders who took part that my father had from the time. I have been told that Kelvin (Mullarkey) was the stunt double for Peter Duncan’s character, but I’m not sure how accurate that information is Leigh
  3. dovetoe

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    Hi, who's Hazal?
  4. dovetoe

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    Thank you for all the condolences and stories. It's been a truly overwhelming experience to find out not only was he a legend to us; his family; but to many others also Leigh
  5. dovetoe

    Eastbourne 2017

    Maybe mildy finally realised JK needed a watered track to make the gate...miss the gate he gets no where
  6. dovetoe

    I.o.w V Raiders Thur 18th Aug

    Baseby showing some Jens Rasmussen moves (@rye house) even when he wasn't under pressure to. My 2yr old loved the drum man (stu), a big thank you to him for giving the kids some much needed distraction at times Supporters speedway at its best. Also a massive shout out to the family on holiday from Sheffield, they had a blast and I believe will become regular speedway supporters. All round good speedway from the riders, a different IOW when their not under pressure to score, start to enjoy their riding and become entertaining
  7. Fab night under that beaut moon First visit to Belle Vue ever and I almost lost my voice one thing I will say, they've got to make it so small children can't run under the rail to the trackside.
  8. dovetoe

    Nl Rules

    So far I've read the rules as being a rider not being already named as a 1-7 in another team line up, and with a 3.00 average, so it means only unattached and/or new riders. With all the talk of having a squad, having an eligible no.8 would be the simple extension of this new suggestion, plus make the rules a little bit more flexible upon whom can be a no.8. E.g.(a rider with a higher average, maybe a 4.00.) It would make it more competitive to have a decent no.8 in case of team injuries throughout a meeting, which unfortunately does happen. In addition, they'd more than likely get used in a meeting to take eligible r/r rides....just a thought.
  9. dovetoe

    Nl Rules

    How does the No.8 work out for teams, I see riders named and never used. When and how can they be used?
  10. dovetoe

    Nl Rules

    How does the No.8 work out for teams, I see riders named and never used. When and how can they be used?
  11. Yeah it def would have been worth the trip regardless of the result. For me it was about travelling on a week day. I would really have liked to support my fen tiger riders in person. Will have to wait for the NLRC which is on a Sat
  12. dovetoe

    Son, Father & Grandfather

    Just names I know, not sure if there is any relevance. Adam Mckinna, did his dad/Grandfather ride? Liam Rumsey? Can't think of the others atm. Too much thinking for me!
  13. dovetoe

    Mildenhall Number 6

    What are the "right results" in your opinion for a NL reserve?
  14. dovetoe

    Mildenhall V Dudley Sun 19th Aug 16:30

    I dont recall an incident on 2nd bend with the banners. I remember people untying them at end of meeting. Yes fault on both sides fuelled by??? Sorry still unsure as I was on Sunday.
  15. Josh Bates was man of the season after seeing him make that boootiful cut back off turn 2 for the pass down the back straight in Ht 14. Worth the gate money alone to watch this!!! Better than anything I've seen in the GP from last night so far. (Did I watch two heats?) Mildy boys did excellent to bounce back from a defeat, a royal public dressing down, loads of press about club politics and being a couple of regular heat leaders down. Good on yer boys...for keeping their heads held high despite a few outside pressures. Enjoy ...I know I enjoyed watching you race as a team and bring home all four points. Cheers x

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