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  1. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    from blind person
  2. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    on planet zog
  3. I have had the same now for about 3 months, a mild cold and cough
  4. A ORLOV


    everybody can have their own kiosk which could isolate the fans from each other in case another virus is exported from China
  5. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    pink plastic ones
  6. A relative who had been in Spain flew to Sri Lanka for a week then to london, plenty of checks in Sri Lanka but none at all landing in London. Her main concern is that her cat is stuck in Spain for however long as the pet courier has not been allowed to travel.
  7. Yet in the hospital in Swindon they have still not got enough PPE equipment or masks
  8. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    he's called Ernie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e1xvyTdBZI
  9. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    fastest in west
  10. Another doctor has stated that their hospital does still not have enough PPE equipment so cannot see more than a couple of patients a day incase of transmission of the virus. The lack of testing of NHS staff is a joke. The front line staff are doing a great job under testing conditions but the Health Secretary and NHS bosses still have a lot to get right.
  11. Debenhams is closing, so ideal time to turn it into flats
  12. Following reports of ambulances having had their tyres drilled and today food delivery vans being set on fire or robbed some tough action needs to be taken.
  13. Bring in emergency powers and just shoot them
  14. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    and wind turbine
  15. With idiots walking around deliberately coughing at people any form of face protection is worth wearing, providing they are cleaned properly after each use.
  16. Other, non medical standard, face masks are available, or even a scarf across the face would make sense.
  17. Saw a report on the tv this morning where a doctor stated that they did not have enough face masks or the right protective uniform covers and one of the producers of this protective equipment stating that they had not received any orders from the NHS or Govt so were only supplying countries abroad at the moment. So someone in the NHS or Government has not got their act together.
  18. What is worse is that 99% of those travelling are not wearing face masks.
  19. It seems that any news about muslims is censored out of the BBC news these days.
  20. Are they not limiting the number of each item that can be bought ?
  21. Those trolly ramming or hoarding should be banned from the shop.
  22. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    to find elvis
  23. A number of companies are offering to sell, and even deliver their products direct to the public, have seen examples of baby milk, beer from micro breweries and even ice cream. They are keeping their employees working and offering a good service.
  24. A ORLOV

    Private Pensions

    Which is exactly why a suggested people should check the performance of their invested funds against other available funds on a regular basis. Too many people never checked their funds, especially those with endowments, only to find out too late that they would not provide the amount of money needed.

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