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  1. orion

    One League - Matt Ford

    Other sports that are much more televised don't have a problem .. another only in speedway thing .
  2. Yea because there are plenty of people who want to buy a speedway club !
  3. What idiot picked Wells as a guest
  4. orion

    Swindon 2019

    Shame to lose Tobi but it might end up better if we can get a decent reserve in .
  5. Never thought I would say this but to see Poole Speedway like that is sad .. No crowd a cow pat of a track and stadium looking like a tip ..The grass in the center green was not even cut .. The meeting itself was garbage and that is being kind .
  6. What a pasting that was .. Belle Vue should change there name to Jokers rather than Aces
  7. orion

    Swindon 2019

    Not if there no top riders ….put lesser riders out and no where would be packed even you did ride once a year
  8. orion


    So if they were away not only were they be certain to lose the match the crowd would suffer as well .. The above example is why will still have guests because as nearly every idea lacks any idea about the money side of the sport
  9. orion

    Swindon 2019

    And ? the stadium was full what the racing is like has little to with attendances as Belle Vue has shown us
  10. orion


    Correct ..the moment we stop using guests will be as successful as Poland and Sweden you can see it now fans who have stopped going will flock back once the news get's out . Clubs will have to take the phones off the hooks as the sponsors phone them up the sport will be awash with money and just like Poland with 20 ,000 purpose built staduims wlll arise just because we don't use guests
  11. orion


    The competitions were massive and people did care .what they never cared about was guests being used .
  12. orion


    imagine Cradley using a guest from Wolves or Swindon using a rider from Oxford ? it happened and no one lynch anyone or really cared . As has been said before thou guests are not ideal not one person has come up with a better and workable idea that won't effect crowds figures . The uk ran a system with guests and at one time had massive stature and still meant a lot .
  13. orion


    So if say Jason Doyle is out injured you replaced him with a championship rider of 4.50 ?
  14. orion


    Been here before ..the wilder media gave speedway loads of coverage when had guests not so many I grant you but still guests .. they also gave mass media to the World Championship that had some of most mickey mouse and unfair rules you can have . Speedway has always micke ymouse rules but its not stop it from being popular or getting Media attention . To much is made of what the public and the media think of the rules .
  15. I think they are just your own views to be honest and these people don't exist lets be honest you do it in every debate ..people watch all sport at all kinds of levels but nearly all of the time the better standard the better crowd . This guff about good racing and well matched teams really means next to nothing other wise the NL would be packed rather being watched by one man and his dog .
  16. Of course not.. every time you get into debate you never know of anyone .
  17. Well you keep replying so quite clearly you do ...Not a question if I am happy or not as I still go ..it's the all fans that have left because of poor teams that we should be worried about
  18. Of course it's another matter but yet again it has nothing to with your silly comment . Your last comment sums up why speedway is nearly dead and what little idea the die hard speedway has about what the public want .
  19. Yet again I never said anything about the money side and I agree uk speedway is skint and there is no magic wand I have accepted it . But that has nothing do with people not caring about what the standard of rider is as you have tried to make out .
  20. One off events won't attract anyone if the standard of rider is poor as I already asked do you think Cardiff would have the same crowds with NL riders . League speedway one off events will all get bigger crowds with better riders that just a fact .
  21. Same applies ..other nationalities won't come if the riders are poor and that is the whole point . We got people on here saying the standard of rider does not effect crowds ..
  22. Would they still go if was NL riders ? do you think the crowd would be less or more ? if a event is only once a year and they get the product wrong people still won't go
  23. So you think the crowds will be the same if the GP riders were replaced by Nl riders at Cardiff … Speedway fans are like no other really when it comes to simple logic . Cardiff shows if the product is right people will watch speedway .
  24. Good post . as I said I don't have the answers to get the money to fund the riders etc ..but to say better riders don't bring in better crowds is the most stupid thing I have ever heard on this forum . The last bit is so true the horse has bolted and long gone .. you are correct nothing can save it now from the slow death .
  25. I ask and know many people who deserted there local track and the answer is always the same .. the standard of the league ( riders ) got weaker .. As I said you are the person who's head is in the sand if you think better riders don't bring in better crowds .. that is the attitude and mind set that is killing speedway

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