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  1. Irrelevent And i have never said Poole cheated and i never said Kings Lynn werent blameless The fact is the people that run the sport should never have allowed it....end of
  2. Lol.....do you understand what jealousy actually means....or is this a standard line when you cant actually debate anything! because i have the same opinion as the vast majority of all speedway fans. Poole were lucky this season and a rule was overturned that never should have been Those are the facts .......shame you have trouble accepting them Poole won the league but were extremely lucky that Somerset and Kings Lynn had injuries and that they could use Morris Isnt it funny that only you , Shovlar and Lisa cant see what anyone else does...........the 3 most blinkered fans on here
  3. Yes you were bottom and so were Kings Lynn You made some good changes mainly Klindt and won the league. The record books show you won it, but you were lucky the other team had injuries and there is no way Morris should have been allowed to ride at Lynn So because i say Kings Lynn were team of the season (along with the majority) you have an issue with that? Rank outsiders...to topping the league....would have won the play offs if it wasnt for injuries and the farce of Morris riding. (and yes i know Lynn agreed bu the top brass should have put a stop to it simple as there is now a precedent been set) Not Pooles fault they can only beat whats in front of them but they were lucky winners this season But i forgot in a poll i must include only Poole............... Just had a quick tally up KINGS LYNN 10 VOTES (including 2 Poole fans who know the score) SOMERSET 4 VOTES POOLE 4 VOTES (Shovlar , Starman and yourself were 3 of these, possibly the 3 most blinkered people here and the other said it was because Poole cheated) Poole didnt cheat........................they got lucky and yes i will feel Kings Lynn got robbed through injuries and the stupidity (and yes Lynn at fault) of allowing Morris to ride Kind of says something when the whole forum doesnt believe that the team of the season is the one who won the league. Perhaps if you had come from bottom.....raced other fully fit teams.......didnt get a rule changed...........and won it it then you would be given credit
  4. Your point is? Somerset already had 6 riders then lost their top rider leaving them down to 5 and having to run with 1 rider in one race Kurtz replacements got 7 and Holders 4. yet Poole scrapped through Belle Vue got decimated. Kings Lynn lost their second best rider and a free scoring reserve, Poole then should have not used Morris simple Yes the record books show Poole won..............still struggling to find Pooles injuries you mention.......but they wouldnt if Somerset or Kings Lynn had fit teams.................or if the sports top brass did the right thing and stopped Morris riding
  5. Gavan

    Ipswich 2019

    So who do we keep if as seems likely (and hopefully) we dont go up. Surely Drew is a stick on must I would imagine Nico will be back. I would like to see Coty but i think he may have done 'to' well. Danny maybe a risk and Rory isnt getting any younger. We need a real big signing , but who that might be i have no idea lol
  6. Rider of the year - ROBERT LAMBERT Most impressive team - KINGS LYNN (from huge outsiders to being robbed of the league) Team rider of the season - ERIK RISS One to watch - DANIEL BEWLEY Bulldog award (Best British rider) - ROBERT LAMBERT Meeting of the season - BELLE VUE V SOMERSET Surprise of the season - KINGS LYNN OR THE FACT NICK MORRIS RODE IN THE FINAL MAKING THE SPORT LOOK DAFT AGAIN Underperformers (Team) - SWINDON Unluckiest rider - MARTIN VACULIK OR JAMES SHANES Newcomer of the season - HARDLY A LIST OF RIDERS TO CHOOSE PROBABLY PIESZCZEK
  7. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    He is Pooles number 1 rider and averaging over 7. I would suggest if Poole intend keeping him they need a real number one and then Harris and Kurtz as back up. Dress it up how you want and thier name is on the trophy but Poole are the most fortunate league winners I can remember. Keeping 4 or 5 riders from last season won’t work. No doubt Kurtz is on a good average but his career has stalled. You have 2 riders in Harris and Josh unlikely to improve their average and can Klindt make the jump to heat leader? Can Woryna actually do it in the 1-5? I think out of this seasons team only Kurtz and Freddie are certainty’s to be back and then maybe Harris , Klindt and Woryna but I would take only 2 of that 3
  8. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    He didn’t win a race in the final not good for a number one rider with quite clearly he isn’t Think people look at Harris through rose tinted specs , easily done when he produced the ride to beat Doyle.
  9. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    Poole fans missing the point but nothing new there. Because Kings Lynn agreed to it (more fool them) doesnt make it right that the powers that be approved it. Whats more farcical...................having a rider ride for both teams or to have an illegal rider? Both make a mockery of our once great sport. And the three teams that top the table......Kings Lynn, Peterborough and Mildenhall .....all fail to win their leagues. Poole won the league because they fielded the worst 1-7 for the first few months..............nice to be rewarded for failure. Peterborough and Mildenhall were decimated by injuries, similar to Kings Lynn, Somerset and Belle Vue............Poole would have easily lost the semis to a full strength Somerset but you can only beat whats in front of you so Poole were lucky to face a 5 man team
  10. There really isnt anything to say about the debacle of the end of the season. Poole can only beat whats in front of them but have to be considered the most fortunate league winners of all time. To end up with only 3 of your original seven riders shows how farcical the sport has become. Credit to Matt Ford for making the changes but just shows those with the deepest pockets will always win. Firstly Poole had a massive benefit from the out of control Kurtz wrecking any chance Somerset had in the semi final. Somerset already down to 6 riders were now down to 5 and had to go with 3 riders in one race, yet it still took one amazing Chris Harris ride to scrape into the final. Then we see Kings Lynn 8 points down going into heat 12. Now its obvious that Jacobsen didnt deliberatly knock Palm Toft off. The fact remains that the wrong decision was made, everyone knows that..............oh hang on sorry Shovlar, Lisa and Starman dont...................and thats clearly what is wrong with Poole fans on here, unfortunately you have certain Poole fans that make your club hated. If the correct decision had of been made then yes Palm Toft would still have been injured but it was a momentum changer. Now the second leg.....................Poole now up against a side that had to replace its number two heat leader with another teams second string and also replace its free scoring reserve with someone not as good.............huge advantage to Poole and they scraped home again.....the luckiest winners in league history......................riding against 2 teams decimated by injuries and in 2 case in Holder and Palm Toft, caused by reckless Poole riders putting them out of the meetings. Now the Ellis/Morris situation Kings Lynn are quite within their rights to book the BEST guest available to them to ride at Poole. Now i agree it does make the sport look a bit silly that the same guest can ride for 2 different teams...............but its in the rules Kings Lynn done nothing wrong. Kings Lynn then stupidly allow Poole to break a rule and have a rider with to higher average to ride in the second leg. Why did Kings Lynn agree to this? No way should Nick Morris have ridden, the sport is on its knees and then the ruling body amend a rule to favour one side hugely!! What a farce that made the final. Imagine a newcomer to the sport......................both teams have riders missing so firstly the same rider was going to ride for one side in the first match and then the other side in the other match.......................that made the sport look a bit silly..................so instead in the second match one team is using an illegal rider.....but its ok because the people running the sport allow rules to be changed just for one match....oh and the team that used the illegal rider actually won the match. Our sport is on its knees and this play off fiasco has topped it all off for me. Poole did make the changes and did well to get third in the league but they only won the play offs because of other factors not because they were the best team Somerset having only 5 fit riders and having 3 riders in one race Kings Lynn replacing their number 2 with a second string Kings Lynn losing their potent reserve The sports governing body being so weak to allow Poole to field a rider they shouldnt have. The only reason there is pages and pages is because of the usual Poole trio going on and on saying its sour grapes and trying to shut everybody up all the time The real Poole fans on here although rightly enjoying being champions , know they were very very fortunate, rather than listening to someone like Shovlar actually saying he believed Palm Tofts exclusion was correct, the man is utterly clueless. Even in the championship the season is dragging on and on , less fixtures, a glorious summer and still we cant get the season done. 2018........the season that speedway league racing died in the UK
  11. Because Poole can now use a rider that should be ineligible for the second leg
  12. And your point is? Means they are both of similar standard Ellis isnt as good as Iversen, as the averages clearly show.............meaning Lynn are weaker...........even more so now that the rules have been changed to help Poole
  13. Ah yes thats right The 'common sense' that now heavily swings the tie in Pooles favour using Swindons number one , where Lynn have to replace their number two and gp rider with Swindons 4th best rider Win at all cost Pirates ........all in the best interests of the sport
  14. Yes he has been for the last 3 seasons in the UK This season they have both gone backwards
  15. And a few hours ago you said the final was ruined.....................Poole can use an illegal rider and all is rosy again..........fickle Lets hope Kings Lynn can rise above the Poole shenanigans

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