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  1. Poole 2018

    No whats happening is people are mistaking talent for success. Darcy Ward probably one of the top 3 most skilled riders ive ever seen. For me Mark Loram took some beating on that front, nobody got their wheels in line and made long straights like Mark could. The thing is natural talent in most sports doesnt equate to winning as much as you should Take snooker i think most people will say the most talented players are Ronnie, White and Alex Higgins, those 3 have 7 world titles between them Davis, Hendry and John Higgins have 17 Mauger and Rickardsson and Nielsen probably not as naturally talented as Ward, Loram, Lee but will always be more successful
  2. Poole 2018

    im not disagreeing im just saying out of all the teams in the league i feel over 2 legs it would be Wolves who would cause Poole the most problems, simply because not one of the Poole riders goes very well there
  3. Please find the quote where ive been anti Poole and then we can have an adult debate
  4. Poole 2018

    agreed All im saying is that although Wolves team isnt the best i think that it is the track that will cause the current Poole 1-7 the most problems. Over 2 legs its possible given the choice that Poole would choose Belle Vue or Leicester over Wolves
  5. Poole 2018

    Nope havent done that take a little look harder next time. Simply said Pooles riders struggle at Monmore. I think Belle Vue and Leicester have better teams than Wolves , but i would fancy Poole over 2 legs against both of those. For me Poole will find it harder over 2 legs against Wolves then any other side.....thats my opinion or do you expect Poole to smash everyone! Poole should breeze into the play offs with the 1-7 but there are risks there simple as that.
  6. exactly how i see the Poole team........but yet shovlar and other accuse me of moaning about Poole lol
  7. Poole 2018

    Josh G 2 & 3 from his last 2 visits Kurtz 4 Shanes 3 & 0 Holder 8 & 5 Woryna 4 & 4 You then look how the Wolves boys go at Poole Howarth 7 & 10 Schlein 8 & 11 Thorsell 15 Could be very difficult for Poole to beat Wolves over 2 legs. I would fancy Poole over 2 legs against most teams but will be hard against Wolves
  8. Iversen always has given 100% agreed, just not sure if he will anymore if his heart is in riding over here. Just an opinion and i hope the Stars do well
  9. Not sure how Iversen will do over here if his heart isnt in it. Poole imploded last season but if they all perform will be hard to beat,.......but they have risks attached
  10. So with most of the teams almost complete what are peoples ideas for how the table will look. 1. BELLE VUE (not complete but we pretty much know the 1-7) 2. LEICESTER (if Vaculik and the pole hit the ground running then they could even top the table) 3. POOLE (look strong but doubts over Holder and the 2 poles , if they all perform again could challenge for top) 4. SWINDON ( even after losing Doyle have managed to build a strong side again and could get in the play offs0 5. WOLVES (will always be there or thereabouts and home form will keep them close and could easily make top 4) 6. SOMERSET (if Doyle performs as he usually does they will be hard to beat at home but cant see them getting to much away) 7. RYE HOUSE ( a lot depends on who the last rider is but look a team without a big hitter0 8. KINGS LYNN (bit harsh but look like lacking a big hitter and again will struggle i feel)
  11. Poole 2018

    Ah bless you mr troll Ive said the Poole side looks good but is that not enough for you? you have even agreed with me about risks with Holder and the Poles!!!!! Pride comes before a fall..........pretty much like last year.
  12. Poole 2018

    On paper at the start of last season Pooles team looked as good as this years. We can all judge it didnt work out for whatever reason but if you compare the 2 nothing in it. KURTZ, JOSH G, HOLDER V KK, KURTZ, ANDERSEN......................before a wheel was turned last season you would say they looked similar standard. SUNDSTROM , WORYNA V HOLDER, NEWMAN.............................again before a wheel was turned you would have said not to much between the 2. MATZ V KLINDT...............pretty obvious to me that Klindt was seen as better than the new pole No doubt Poole have built a good team one that should make the play offs comfortably.........still there are doubts over the 2 new poles and Holder and Sundstrom. It only needs 2 of those 4 to under perform and Poole will be making changes. As i said we heard all this last season about how Poole would steamroller everyone and it went horribly wrong. Holder this season could easily do a KK. The 2 poles could be worse than Klindt.....nobody knows. Its not wise to get to cocksure before the season starts. Be happy with your 1-7 by all means, i think ours at Ipswich looks fantastic, but those who shout loudest need to prepare for a fall
  13. Poole 2018

    good side but so was last years and look what happened there. Good enough for play offs i reckon
  14. Poole 2018

    Mark Loram, Joe Screen, Kelly Moran.......all more talented than Ivan Mauger on a bike but it takes something special to become a multi world champion. For all his talent Darcy hadnt got there when his career cut short...................but to say he would have been world champ time and again is a bit much
  15. Poole 2018

    Krysztof Kasprzak Jack Holder Brady Kurtz Kyle Newman Hans Andersen Nicolai Klindt James Shanes I seem to remember that that 1-7 was being called untouchable about this time last season!!!!! The 1-7 this season for Poole looks no better than last seasons to me. Many ifs and buts in Sundstrom and the 2 Poles and Holder......................would hate to see last season repeated..................you never know Lahti and Kennett might be free mid season to replace Holder and one of the Poles!