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  1. Gavan

    Your club's all-time top team

    Gollob a much better rider but can’t leave Donkey out as Gollob only did one season
  2. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    You can’t really mention Middlo in the same breath as Adams
  3. Gavan

    Your club's all-time top team

    Ipswich 1. Tony Rickardsson 2. Chris Louis 3. Jeremy Doncaster 4. Billy Sanders 5. John Louis 6. Scott Nicholls 7. Dennis Sigalos Very hard to leave out 2 World Champions in Loram and Gollob but ive gone for longevity alongside individual success
  4. And why should he...........................all i was pointing out was that certain forum members just love to have a pop at Tai when plenty more top line Brits chose not to rode either As an Ipswich fan ive no idea and also it didnt look good not turning up
  5. Same old people Same old Tai bashing from the same old people......why would Tai risk this meeting against largely inferior opposition and possibly get injured? Tai promotes British Speedway more than any other British rider. Where was Worrall, Cook, Ellis, Lambert, Howarth , Lawson and Harris........anybody want to have a moan about that......... Tai bashers on here just need to get a life
  6. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    The best person Mark ever worked under was Colin Hill but yes Mark got on fine with Middlo
  7. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    Give it a rest Im sad and deluded because i dont believe Middlo is as good as Rosco or Adams You need to understand what an opinion is
  8. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    I just dont see Middlo as the greatest manager thats all its called my opinion. He has had the best financial backing over the years at Poole and has been able to change riders as and when Poole need to. In my opinion Rosco and Adams have proved they can do it at other clubs with less resources. Lets see how Middlo can do at a different club is all im saying. Poole fans will quite rightly feel he is the best because he has managed their club but i think any manager could have managed Poole..............he was awful as Team GB boss.
  9. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    Be nice if Middlo went and managed another club and see if he can be successful without firstly Fords money and without changing large numbers of riders throughout the season. If he can do it at another club then maybe he can be mentioned in the same breath as Rosco and Adams.....until then he will only ever be seen as a good manager rather than a great one
  10. On entertainment value yes he is behind those On success and greatness he is quite a way ahead of all 3
  11. Sadly Cravens career was cut short so he may have proved the better rider. And yes i will say Woffinden was better than Craven Its like some people believe Darcy was better than Tai...........he wasnt and sadly again we will never know if he could have been. Its like judging snooker as an example. Jimmy White and Alex Higgins were amazingly talented but not as good as Davis or Hendry. And so as good as someone like PC was , he isnt as good as Tai. My favourite British rider ever was Mark Loram............so much better to watch than Tai..........but im not daft enough to think he was the better rider
  12. Yes Error on my part to miss Freddie
  13. Surely this topic has been done to death. Tai Woffinden is simply the best British rider there has ever been. Its not even up for discussion Was he the most exciting to watch? No, PC , Morton, Carter, Lee and Loram were my favourite riders to watch and may have had more 'natural' talent but that doesnt equate to success. A measure of who is the best has to go on success doesnt it. Therefore my idea of the top British riders ever would be 1. Woffinden 2. Craven 3. Collins 4. Lee 5. Loram 6. Havelock 7. Price 8. Carter 9. Morton 10. Not sure maybe Jessup or Nicholls
  14. Gavan

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    Chris Louis was winning the heat in question and with Screen in third it ensured that Joe didn’t make a run off with Loram Louis and Hamill for 3 spots. Donkey kept Screen behind him and meant there was no need for a run off. Donkey hadn’t qualified he was already out and he blocked Screens every move. Dont forget Donkeys partner was Pat Louis who was firstly Chris’s mum and secondly mother to Joanne who at that time was Mark Loram partner so of course Donkey wanted those 2 through.
  15. Gavan

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    He was put in the British league for Hackney in 1987 when all top flight teams had to promote a junior. Marks job was basically to beat the other number 7 which he more than often did along with the number sixes and second strings. Hackney dropped down in 1988 and Mark became a top National League rider as it was then forming a potent spearhead with Andy Galvin and a certain Chris Louis at reserve. He moved to Ipswich in 1989 with the John Louis/Mike Western promotion along with Moggo and Chris Louis. He didnt have such a great season in 1989 as he had issues changing from Weslake to Godden, though he was able to win the National League Riders title and Coventry towards the end of the season. Mark over the years became known as a 'miss the gate' rider but i can assure you that in his first 2 seasons in 1987 and 1988 his gating was up there with the best. I think as he became older and taller it became an issue

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