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  1. Most talented but wasnt the best as he hadnt won anything. Had the potential to be World Champion but would he have ever grown up and applied himself..sadly who knows
  2. Not sure i agree with that. Hugely hugely gifted but would he have ever won a world title? Maybe but sadly we will never know........trouble was his application and dedication was appalling and may have held him back
  3. Ive been going through a tough time but ive turned up for work everyday and given 100% and earnt my money. Holder was in my view rightly banned last season but that doesnt mean he cant have a good year this season. World class rider but not in the worlds top ten anymore but should improve his average to around 8
  4. I hear what you are saying but at some point all riders go on the downgrade. He is 31 this year , doesnt mean he cant get back to his best but i think those days are gone. He will average around 8 and do well to make top 10 in the gp's World class rider....yes As good as he was..........not in my opinion
  5. I would imagine the 3 biggest improvers will be KK, Bewley and Tungate, followed closely by Woryna if he brings his continental form over here. At my club im expecting Cameron Heeps to add at least a point to his average so hopefully he will do the same for Wolves
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    At Belle Vue it should be Fricke then Holder then Batchelor then Tungate. Morris and Kurtz not good enough and it should be horses for courses
  7. Poole are over whelming favourites just like last season when it all went totally wrong. Last season we was told: KK is a far better option then Holder Kurtz and Holder jnr were the new turbo twins Hans would be a solid heat leader Kyle Newman is Mr Poole and will not let anyone down and up his scoring Nicolai Klindt is a number one at reserve and will score bucket loads James Shanes is one of the best young Brits Out of all of that only Kurtz, Hans and Shanes came out with any credit. So all this talk of what Poole will do this season can go so wrong again. Kurtz will be fine Holder and Sundstrom have doubts about them no question , and is Linus a better option then Hans? The 2 poles could be anything but thats exactly it...anything. Continental form doesnt always translate. Its all well and good being happy with your team and i can understand the excitement from Poole fans.....but some of the comments on here about how easy it will be and how much better they are than everyone else is just daft............pride comes before a fall
  8. Poole 2018

    Mark Loram finished above Leigh Adams in 5 consecutive gp seasons 1996-2000 Leigh Adams finished above Mark in the next 4 seasons 2001- 2004 Therefore if you include the fact Mark won a world crown its fair to say by your Crump v Adams logic that Mark was a better rider than Leigh?
  9. Poole 2018

    And I love the Poole fans who say people are lined up if they fail.......like Lahti Kennett and Stark’s you mean!
  10. Poole 2018

    Why does anyone care how Kurtz, Fricke or Morris do abroad? It’s how they do over here that matters and last season Morris was better than Kurtz and Kurtz better than Fricke i couldn’t give 2 monkeys who is better in Poland it’s how they perform over her that matters, which is why there is still a doubt over Woryna and MS. Doesn’t matter who he beats abroad it’s who he can beat over here
  11. Poole 2018

    This was my post on Monday i dont honestly believe you can accuse me of having a go at anything to do with Poole, i believe the track was good but isnt anymore. I was just pointing out i hadnt had a ban and the reasons why. Im not worried who knows my situation and i am with someone else now sort of anyway (lives nearer Rye House though lol). But yes i agree we should discuss speedway
  12. Zmarzlik and Tai for me Emil could be good each way value at 16/1 I think the prices for Lindgren, Laguta and Holder are to short and no value at all
  13. Poole 2018

    If your insinuating ive had a ban i most certainly havent. Im actually seperating from my wife and on 25th January moved into new accomadation which at the moment doesnt have internet connection set up. Been a stressful time as i have 2 children and being apart from them even for the odd night is very strange and not easy to get used to. So pretty much ive not had much time or desire or the means to actually get on the forum much. Some Poole fans have mocked me in the past for the fact i only go Ipswich 4 or 5 times a season as i put my family first, well im sure they will be happy to know ive got more chance this season for obvious reasons.
  14. Poole 2018

    To be fair 5-6 years ago Poole was up there probably in the top 5 tracks in the UK, but in the last few years is been nothing short of a joke and at times dangerous. If the work that has been done gets it back to the old standard then that can only be a good thing
  15. Championship Predictions 2018

    It looks like any 4 from 5 for me, Ipswich, Glasgow, Sheffield, Lakeside, Scunthorpe, with possibly only Workington able to get close to that 5.