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  1. Gavan

    Race for the top 4

    IPSWICH 39 points with 4 matches to go. Only points i can see is a home win v Poole .....could end up 42 points SWINDON 36 points with 5 matches to go. Will beat Ipswich and Peterborough home and away and get a point at Lynn.....49 points BELLE VUE 35 points with 2 matches left. Can see them beating both Lynn at home and winning at Peterborough.....41 points WOLVES 32 points with 4 matches left. Can see them winning at home to Poole and Lynn....nothing from the trip to Poole and a win at Peterborough.....41 points LYNN 31 points with 5 matches left....a point away at Belle Vue...nothing away at either Wolves or Poole... 2 home wins from Poole and Swindon....38 points All opinion of course
  2. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    Poole will be there or there abouts but certainly dont have the firepower of Swindon Swindons reserves only contributed 7 points over 2 meetings yet they were clearly the better side. Poole will just about hold on to top and will choose Ipswich and i think we can keep that tight over 2 meetings. The other will be Swindon against Wolves or Lynn i feel
  3. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    wasnt a dig at you i mentioned that some Ipswich riders (Lawson Allen Heeps) were out of form at the moment which wasnt helping us to win matches......i was told by various Poole fans that i was looking for excuses and that riders dont have drops in form. Klindt has struggled a bit in his last matches as has Holder
  4. But on there day capable of winning a gp or at least making a final You are not going to get 16 riders all capable of being world champion.............never had that under the old system. There will always be also rans struggling............
  5. Gavan

    Swindon vs Ipswich

    52-38 to the home side Heeps , Harris and Lawson poor there last time while KP and Kennett went well Hoping our reserves keep it respectable and that Hawkins gives them 7 rides if they are in form and the top 5 are not
  6. Gavan

    Poole 2019

    Klindt and Holder seemingly losing a bit of form at the wrong time But apparently riders dont lose form lol
  7. Gavan

    Swindon v Poole. Prem. 22/8/19

    Well the result that was expected.....Poole simply cant live with the Swindon top 5.....nobody can I tipped Swindon at the start......said they needed a decent rider to replace Lampart and a good reserve I think they will comfortably win the play offs.....Poole were nowhere near last night even using a TS Hoping we can hold on to a top 4 spot and hoping Poole finish top and choose us
  8. Gavan

    Introducing yourself....

    If i remember rightly......Knight......Davies.....Hicks......Johansen......Brhel......Loram......Lofqvist
  9. Gavan

    Race for the top 4

    Its fairly obvious that Poole and Swindon are there already The 'crunch' night for me is the 5th September Belle Vue go to Peterborough the same night as Wolves go to Poole. Both the away sides will be capable of getting 4 points. And before the usual Poole suspects react , Poole will be cemented in the play offs so i doubt they will be 100% We at Ippo face another mauling from Swindon the same night. We should get 3 points tonight against Peterborough but then we have home and away v Poole and Swindon........the only points i can see on offer are against Poole at home
  10. Gavan

    Swindon v Poole. Prem. 22/8/19

    Ive been away you see So when i had a look on the various threads i noticed that yet again im sorely missed by certain Poole fans So i answered wether i had been banned or not Ive no real interest in the Ipswich match.....Peterborough not exactly got a team. If you go back to the Ipswich v Swindon thread i posted on there , mainly due to the fact that i went Now im not sure which alias you are today or which member of your family has the requisite brain cell today.......but run along good boy
  11. Rosco has left after doing one of the best jobs in recent memory Who next? I can see someone like Steady having a go Not sure their is any managers with the calibre to take it on I suppose Pete Adams could job share it and still do Wolves like Rosco has done Who else is there? Middlo? Please god no not after last time...........Hawkins? ...that would be even more of a problem then having Middlo lol Struggling to think of anyone else........Garry May?
  12. Gavan

    Swindon v Poole. Prem. 22/8/19

    Your obsession is very strange Had a nice 4 day break in Spain so all very nice I picked Swindon for the league at the start. My words were that they were 2 changes away from a title side....Jensen for Lampart has improved the side by miles Poole win by 2 points when their reserves outscore Swindons by 15+6 to 2................Holder and Kurtz only one race win between them....not good enough , although we know that both riders go better on the better track of Swindon then they do at Poole Can see Swindon winning this match by 10 or so
  13. Ive been told there are no excuses for a defeat ......by your fellow Poole fans
  14. Gavan

    Swindon 2019

    No No No Riders do not go in and out of form Your fellow Poole fan Shovlar and the strange Pinny laughed at me when i suggested riders go in and out of form......and those two are gods on here

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