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  1. But according to Shovlar Leicester were favourites having Harris for Hans when quite clearly Hans was the better rider at both tracks ….. Shovlar again spouting this usual crap and bluster Harris scored 13 points over 2 legs….. blimey Hans got 11 and 12 in 2 home meetings against Poole Poole can only beat whats in front of them but they have took the luck when it’s come there way and with a good guest in Zach Cook in the home leg
  2. Talking out of your backside again …. Harris so much better than Andersen lol Harris scored 8 tonight Hans has scored 6 and 9 at Poole this season Hmmm please tell me how 8 is much better than 9…..Oh and Zach Cook scored more than Nielsen would have done so how the heck can you say Poole were weaker Nice to see a Poole choke though
  3. Gavan

    Ipswich 2022

    King and Klindt back and maybe Cook , Kemp(though can’t ride our place) and Rowe…. What does that leave? Think it will be Heeps and Allen back which personally I wouldn’t want to see, let’s get some fresh blood in and try something different Though having said that I wouldn’t mind Starke as he gives 110%
  4. Is that the Chris Harris that got 8 from 6 rides this season replacing the Hans Anderson that got 9 from 5 and 6 from 3…… hmmm seems that maths isn’t your strong point or checking facts either Oh and in 2019 Hans scored 14 from 6 and Harris got 8 twice I’m still trying to work out your maths in who scores the best at Poole You like to get excuses in we know that buys yet again the facts speak for themselves …. Harris for Hans isn’t making them stronger
  5. Gavan

    Name your favourite five riders.

    This thread is about the 5 most favourite riders....not necessarily the best 5..... So for pure entertainment value: Mark Loram Joe Screen Andrew Silver Jan O Pedersen Ben Howe
  6. You will get used to the Poole fans........always a reason why they get beat but when they win its simply because they were the better side.... Blaming gate 4 when they had it more times is laughable but then again you are dealing with Shovlar..........and no disrespect to Berwick but the clown thinks Poole can beat Ipswich and they cant even beat Berwick lol
  7. You said the Poole team would beat the Ipswich team … … you just proved they wouldn’t do thank you …. And I will struggle to see how your newcomer will be better than Rowe lol The leagues are obviously closer nobody is denying that But as you proved the Poole team would not beat the Ipswich team
  8. Again i ask you the question Name more than one rider in the Poole 1-7 who is better than the rider at Ipswich riding at the same number I will give you one Schlein better than Crump though the Rory tonight was abysmal Other than that you are talking crap …. You live a troll …. Very sad and pathetic how you get your kicks
  9. Getting better and better the stars which is good to see …. Solid top 3 and Cam looked better
  10. You don’t have a number two you sacked him , therefore our reserve rode as a second string for you …. That tells you something And yes Ben Cook is a good rider …. But not as good as Paul Starke though yes he may end up better in time Your argument is flawed The Poole 1-7 would not beat the Ipswich 1-7….
  11. Hahahahahahhahahaahaha So you think Worrall is better than Cook You think Nielsen and Kemp at 2 and 4 are better than Rowe and Allen You think James Wright is better than Paul Starke You think Hume is better than Kemp You either know eff all about the sport or you are trolling for response Why don’t you take your trolling crap back to your own section You are tiresome
  12. Back with your usual crap!!! King and Schlein ride for both and Cook is better than Steve Worrall… Rowe and Allen are better than Kemp and Nielsen Kemp and Starke are miles better than Wright and Hume We get the leagues are closer …. But please if you think the Poole side that beat Leicester last night is better than the Ipswich side tonight then you are clearly deluded… oh hang on sorry yes you are trolling …. Yawn
  13. Gavan

    Football 2020/21

    England somehow need to work out how to come second in the group to avoid France, Germany or Portugal. If we lost in the semis to say France that wouldnt be deemed a huge failure but to lose in the last 16 to them would be which i wouldnt understand to be honest. Sterling was awful but scored and Kane looked leggy and lethargic to me and was no threat and missed a sitter. Problem is we only have DCL to replace him , personally i would have took Ollie Watkins just to mix it up a bit........but we have so many defenders we could have left one back especially as Trippier can play both sides.....and ive no idea why Henderson is there
  14. Exactly what i said when Peterborough won at our place last week. 2 out of 5 riders in double figures and the other 3 scoring between 5-8 and a good reserve and they will win lots of matches I dont get why people cant understand why Palin was taken out of heat 14, Lyon made the correct call. Some have also said why is Palin not at 7.............i guess its a fine line between winning matches and trying to give Palin track time. If Palin was at 7 he would have met Flint twice more and Becker and Morris...........races that Ully at home might (and did) beat those riders...... no guarantee that Palin would have beaten Flint and unlikely he would have beaten Morris and Becker If Ully was at 7 he would have had been up against Douglas, Masters, Becker and Morris and might not have scored as many What im saying is that its as broad as its long. Ully at 6 might have dropped 3 more points say and Palin at 7 might have added 1 or 2
  15. What i mean is the class of the fields differ in my opinion From the 1st qualifier i would say Fricke, Michelsen, Dudek, Thomsen and Pawlicki could be classes as GP level From the 2nd qualifier , Berntzon, Kolodziej, Zagar, Holder and Lambert But in the third one i would say only Laguta and at a push Smolinski

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