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  1. Gavan

    Wolves 2019

    I believe Nicholls is a weaker rider than Jacob However at Foxhall (a place Jacob has never ridden i believe) then i would still think he might not do as well as well as Scott just my opinion thats all I think we could have enough to beat Wolves at home next time as maybe Schlein wont do as well and also we should have Jake back and hopefully better riders than Harris and Bellego What a cracking rider Luke Becker is a real gem for you guys
  2. Gavan

    Wolves 2019

    Why is that nonsense? Thorsell i dont believe has seen Foxhall and Nicholls knows the place like the back of his hand Morris does ok but in the lower league Personally Thorsell aand Morris will outscore Nicholls and R/R and do beter at most tracks....just that at Foxhall my opinion is that it doesnt make you stronger
  3. Peterborough beat Poole in the league match and are now stronger so should do it again
  4. Gavan

    Swindon 2019

    Swindon wont beat Poole with R/R If they have Tobi then they have a chance....R/R only got 5 at Belle Vue
  5. I know that but sometimes a move can help a rider.
  6. I dont think there is anyone on the forum that thinks a fan should go up to a rider and tell them they should be sacked............why would you......very strange
  7. Gavan

    Wolves 2019

    Wolves are a very good side top 4 material But i would rather race you at Foxhall with Thorsell and Masters then Nicholls and R/R
  8. Gavan

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    He shuts off going into the first corner Our track doesnt suit him at all
  9. Nope the racing wasnt good especially early on but the track got better as the meeting went on And you still think fans should go up to riders and tell them to leave lol
  10. I think Cook and Barker would do well especially at Foxhall Barker isnt as good as he was but its an option in my opinion
  11. As ive said on the Ipswich thread get rid of Harris and Bellego and bring in Cook and Barker with Cam or Jake moving to 4
  12. Just wondering if Lisa saw the tv meeting last night and thinks i should mention to Harris and Bellego that i think they should go
  13. And if you had read through my posts regarding Poole this season you would have seen the numerous times that ive said it appears Brady is handling those situations better this season
  14. Gavan

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    We are currently top of the league and the management team need to act now if they have any designs on staying top 4. Harris and Bellego must go and we need to do it while we can Cook and would it be worth getting Ben Barker back? Just an option We could let this good start go to waste if we dont do something
  15. Gavan

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Bellego clearly cant perform to the level that is required Harris is just awful as a number one And when you have Bates wobbling around and the other reserve flying then how on earth was Heeps not given 7 rides Louis needs to look at the team manager situation. How does Heeps not get 7 rides and how on earth was Harris in heat 15. Had to be Heeps or KP, nobody would expect Harris to make it off of gate 4 Also cant believe i read that Lawson needs to go.... thats 3 home meetings on the spin he has won heat one. Replace Harris and Bellego while we can and get a team manager who knows how to manage

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