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  1. Orbiter

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Former Pirate Ingar Hvammstad hanged himself in prison as well so you can add that to the list as well.
  2. Both teams have declared their full one-to-seven for this league encounter which gets underway at 7.30pm with the meeting sponsored by Wessex Marine.
  3. Orbiter

    Poole 2018

    Shovlar still owes me for a dodgy deep fat fryer he sold me
  4. Orbiter

    Premiership Most Improved Rider 2018

    Yeah true that he is a bit of a cod piece
  5. Orbiter

    Poole 2018

    Think that ship has sailed
  6. Orbiter

    Premiership Most Improved Rider 2018

    Totally off topic I know but what ever happened to Artur Mrocska or what ever his name was hailed the great king arthur then never seen again does he still ride or Dennis Andersen?
  7. So there you have it Steve don't have Ginger pubes so that's the end of that.
  8. What are all these Ginger boy insults about, mocking people because of there hair colour is so so old but then shows how backwards some Speedway fans are part of the problem British Speedway is the way it is.
  9. Its only two idiots on here defending the actions, even Shovlar said it was a poor show and lots more have shown there anger at such a pathetic decision.
  10. He's rubbish anyway just a waste of space always has been.
  11. Its there profession not mine so don't bang that drum

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