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  1. No TV deal?

    Thanks for the info Flagrag. This cost puzzled me though, I am not sure how many staff you have per meeting, but £1000 on catering seems excessive... Give them all Big Mac's, might be cheaper
  2. Poole 2018

    So in order to do a professional job he needs to be kept happy?
  3. Promoter's Agm!

    Is that because there's rarely a decent field of riders, or just a general lack of interest?
  4. Promoter's Agm!

    It'a shame the money can't be found to pay decent money (rider expenses and promotion) for a speedway equivalent of Ashes series every two seasons alternating between down under (after the SGP) and the UK. I mean lets be honest, we would all love to stuff the whinging Aussies... (sadly I suspect they would stuff us right now), but I think could still be of interest.
  5. Swindon 2018

    I saw Doyle's tweet and all the Twitter sychophants seem to be blaming the BSPA/AGM, but from what I can tell it was Swindon's choice. Could it be more to do with unrealistic wage demand or Swindon choosing to save money
  6. Bspa Agm Video.

    Think someone's got their knickers in bit of a twist about the golden boy. This thread really wasn't a Pearson bashing thread (compared to others).
  7. Tactical Substitutes Question?

    Only one tac sub per meeting? Ridiculous, why bother then? The play-off's were designed to keep interest until the end of the season, surely the tac sub rule can be used to keep interest in meetings. Let teams use it as often as they want... 1. it may keep some meetings interesting. 2. It is a test of team managers skills. Reserve races are protected so I don't see the fuss of not allowing more than one tac sub.
  8. Promoter's Agm!

    I see a fair few riders having their say on Twitter. Ward, Cook, Woffinden, Doyle... none of whom are being complimentary about the fact only one rider over 8 allowed.
  9. Bspa Agm Video.

    I actually thought it was a good idea so the BSPA deserve credit for trying something different to reach the fans. Perhaps delivery could have been done with the backdrop of a bike or a track rather than a pub chair with some other sport on in the background, but hopefully they will achieve that as they move forward. The idea is good, but need to work on the delivery. Is Pearson still the BSPA press officer then?
  10. Promoter's Agm!

    But this time they seem to have got them in the right place. Not sure we need to be negative.
  11. Promoter's Agm!

    If it's like the old days then yes they can use more than one tac sub whilst 6pts behind, but only use each rider once in tac sub position. I applaud all the changes, seems common sense to me. My only remaining concern is that we still have the problem of riders representing more than one club in a week, which when trying to explain to non speedway fans sounds farcical.
  12. Speedway ... A Way Forward

    Is moving to a fixed race night the answer? Maybe, but I hope it's done for the right reasons, for the good of British speedway, not for the benefit of mercenary overseas riders who have used and abused British speedway for the last few years. Will fixed race night attract more fans? That is the real question, and to be fair we may not know until we try it. ​But something that seems to get overlooked is 'fixing the product'... what I mean by that is when the ingredients all mix well, our sport is fantastic, great thrilling action and mixed with team rivalry can be good as any other sport. But sometimes the product isn't right, long drawn out meetings, crap racing (do we need to look at some tracks?), stupid rules, a different 1-7 each week, no real feeling of a 'team', poor atmosphere. Maybe that's an area that needs addressing in addition to fixed race nights.
  13. Dave Rattenberry Rip

    Is this the chap who used to run the track shop at Long Eaton? If it's the guy I am thinking of, a lovely chap. Thoughts with his family.
  14. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Then they should have done more to qualify in the previous season. This issue about preparing for the season is a piss poor pathetic excuse to defend the stupid status quo situation. Like I said, I have some sympathy with injured riders, but if riders want to rely on being picked rather than putting their skill and talent to the test then they don't deserve to be in the series anyway.
  15. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Excuse. Where there is a will there is a way, and with the exception of the Aussie GP which is at the end of the season anyway all the other GPs are across Europe where the top riders race throughout the season anyway. The fact is, for the likes of the non-injured riders they should have done better to earn their spot, so tough make them qualify at the start of the following season! I do have some sympathy with injured riders, but that's life, just as in any sport sometimes sportsmen/women are injured and have to miss world championships, Olympics, world cups.