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  1. Yes, but you're missing the point. Last year didn't Lambert say he struggled in some GPs because of his full calendar after originally opting for the SEC not expecting to do the SGP. I don't know what Smolinski and second reserve had planned for this year, but one would assume they have to change their entire season plans at this late stage. He was never going to be that after being out all of last season, and that's why I felt the decision to give him a wildcard was ridiculous. I have all sympathy for his wife, I wish her well and I respect Hancock for retiring to be with his family, I respect him for his World titles too. But that doesn't mean I respect some of the things he's done in recent years, the bullying against Nicki (the website post Hancock made), the lame excuse to pull out of riding at Belle Vue to say he wanted to give younger riders a chance (rather than admit he didn't want to ride) and the fact he took a wildcard in October and waited until now to retire all of which were dicking actions.
  2. It probably wasn't, but it's still bad considering he had an entire year away from the track to make a decision. I am surprised he didn't claim he was pulling out to give a younger rider a chance!
  3. Typical of Hancock, he could have made it clear in October that he wouldn't ride this year, instead he waits until a couple of months before the season which doesn't give Smolinski long to plan his season and get sponsors to help him with his GP series.
  4. TheReturn

    Grand Prix changes

    They should offer an additional championship point for any rider that scores a maximum in the qualifying heats (to ensure some credibility to those final few races).
  5. TheReturn

    Grand Prix changes

    As anybody official actually come out and justified the reasons behind these changes?
  6. Just seen the new changes for SGP qualification for 2021 and they have decided to ignore sporting and earned endeavour to ensure they have 5 wildcard to give away to those whose faces fit (as in Hancock this season). So for 2021 the qualification is: Top 6 in 2020 SGP series Top 3 at GP Challenge Winner of Speedway Euopean Championship 5 wildcards
  7. TheReturn

    TV new deal?

    Yeah do a good job during grand tours in cycling.
  8. TheReturn

    TV new deal?

    I would question 'liked by most fans', and suggest most fans put up with Pearson, but would stop short of saying they like his commentary…. But I guess speedway is a 'mates business' so whoever is filming I assume he will get the gig.
  9. Nigel Pearson talking bollocks from the start of the season right until the end.
  10. Ignore the poster... But he is right. They seems to lack interest, desire or fight. Riders fault, managers fault I don't know.
  11. Tonight is why it's right that Rosco is no longer manager of our national side. That little dig in the interview was negative, unprofessional and unnecessary. But fair play to him for his results with Swindon, deserves credit for that.
  12. Could be worse... could be at Poole.
  13. Pearson saying every point vital..... just like he's said in every meeting all season.
  14. ok. And the two times Doyle went down?

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