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  1. TheReturn

    Team USA at the SoN

    I don't believe Hancock is the nice guy he makes out, I have felt that since that incident with Nicki. I know Nicki is not everybody's favourite, but the way Hancock made that public statement about his view of Nicki's mental health that is unprofessional, unforgivable and close to bullying (trying to get more people within speedway against him) in my opinion. But that view aside I listened to this interview with an open mind, and I have come away believing this guy is more of a douche than I did before. I think he threw Gino under the bus there, he talks about bad apples, and stay away from bad apples, he didn't call Gino a bad apple, but it was within that conversation, so what did Greg mean by that? I think it's clear. Rather than debate on some podcast, surely if Hancock was a real nice guy, a real professional guy he should have answered simply 'You know, Gino had some concerns and I am going to give him a call and find out where he's coming from and see if there were issues, try and resolve so we can get things right next time" He then makes quite a few comments, one of which "you should think before you speak", well that's good advice Greg. What a douche.
  2. I just find it sad that the Speedway Press/Broadcasters are not representing all the fans and asking the tough questions, I find it even sadder they themselves are not actually understand why the question is important to ask. Surely if the public are asking questions, the media's job is to ask those questions, regardless if they believe in that view or not. As it stands, it doesn't appear BT Sport or the SS have asked the question of Tai or Rosco (unless I have missed, then I apologise).
  3. Of course he was, they were on a 4-2 at the point. When he was passed, he implanted plan B, make sure he and Emil don't finish last.
  4. Wow... Our experienced number one rider chased the win, thus handing victory to the Russian pair and we're at fault for not giving Russian team credit. They got their tactics right, we got ours wrong, so lets ignore that?
  5. Ha, well if that was the case... All three failed for different reasons. Went for the win... should Rider A have boon looking for Rider B is a question we could debate. Gave it a damn good go, but failed to achieve this objective. If this was the case Rider A ignored instruction by chasing the win, and not settling for second. Manager C should have instructed Rider A to turn to Plan B if Plan A is screwed after Lap 1. If Manager C had no plan B then he should be looking for his P45.
  6. TheReturn

    Team Hancock Haj

    Yeah I am aware that competition exists, but I have watched a few times, but I don't find any affinity with any team, it's not my local club or my nation, so I can't get excited by Team Monster for example. The thought of that type of competition entering our speedway GP series doesn't fill me with confidence or excitement.
  7. Not sure it is perfectly put. I agree with Grachan that we rightly started the race with a winning mentality, but it's ridiculous to stick to that original plan when it was blown away on the first lap. There needed to be another plan, and anyone sticking to the belief that all Tai could was win the race is naïve (at best).
  8. Not seen this mentioned anywhere, but apologies if already an active thread. I stumbled on the Team Hancock Haj website who are stating this... Does this mean they want to turn the World Championship into a corporate team event, i.e. some riders will represent Monster Energy team for example and other riders will represent another commercial company? Not sure I would feel comfortable with that, if the integrity of the World Championship might be manipulated by corporate involvements (beyond sponsorship).
  9. Ok, but if rider B needed help to stick to Plan A, then rider A needed to originate a Plan B mid-race to help rider B, achieve Plan A.... Or Manager C should have ensured Rider A had a plan B in case Plan A was failing.
  10. TheReturn

    Team USA at the SoN

    Hancock the 'legend', doesn't sound like the legendry team spirit was doing much for Gino.
  11. Then someone needs a kick up the arse for not having a plan B prior to the race!
  12. Doesn't make him 'always' right.
  13. Although the question needs to be asked who originated the plan.
  14. I am still keen to find out who came up with the genius tactics. Tai himself, which as you said yesterday if that is the case he's done enough over three days to be forgiven for the error in tactic judgement. If some member of the Team GB management came up with that, well questions should be asked.
  15. Well good to have an explanation. But in that final meeting every nation had capable riders, so I am not sure the final was any different to other races.

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