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  1. TheReturn

    Grand Prix changes

    They should offer an additional championship point for any rider that scores a maximum in the qualifying heats (to ensure some credibility to those final few races).
  2. TheReturn

    Grand Prix changes

    As anybody official actually come out and justified the reasons behind these changes?
  3. Just seen the new changes for SGP qualification for 2021 and they have decided to ignore sporting and earned endeavour to ensure they have 5 wildcard to give away to those whose faces fit (as in Hancock this season). So for 2021 the qualification is: Top 6 in 2020 SGP series Top 3 at GP Challenge Winner of Speedway Euopean Championship 5 wildcards
  4. TheReturn

    TV new deal?

    Yeah do a good job during grand tours in cycling.
  5. TheReturn

    TV new deal?

    I would question 'liked by most fans', and suggest most fans put up with Pearson, but would stop short of saying they like his commentary…. But I guess speedway is a 'mates business' so whoever is filming I assume he will get the gig.
  6. Nigel Pearson talking bollocks from the start of the season right until the end.
  7. Ignore the poster... But he is right. They seems to lack interest, desire or fight. Riders fault, managers fault I don't know.
  8. Tonight is why it's right that Rosco is no longer manager of our national side. That little dig in the interview was negative, unprofessional and unnecessary. But fair play to him for his results with Swindon, deserves credit for that.
  9. Could be worse... could be at Poole.
  10. Pearson saying every point vital..... just like he's said in every meeting all season.
  11. ok. And the two times Doyle went down?
  12. I thought it was just Poole fans that cheered when a rider goes down.
  13. TheReturn

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Absolutely. I think Doyle deserves such credit for staying loyal to British speedway.
  14. TheReturn


    Not read for a long time TBH, I found the last time I picked up a copy randomly from some shop I didn't expect to stock it the news was (by that point) old and more about club and BSI party lines press snippets, rather than it feeling like independent, thought provoking opinions that fans could relate to. I think Pearson was in that edition, and one of many reasons I don't like his commentary is that he doesn't have a fan opinion, he's a talking/walking BSPA/BSI mouthpiece. I also felt there was far too much grasstrack stuff which didn't interest me (I accept it will many). Maybe it's nostalgia, back in the day when Long Eaton were around (shows how long ago I had a subscription), back then it felt relevant, and it felt (but maybe I am wrong) like there were opinions (not always in agreement, but that's fine), but generally it felt like fans were being represented. Obviously rider interviews have always been pretty good, with great images and that was still good in the last time I read a copy. Not that I expect anybody to listen or change the content of the magazine, but I hope this is constructive feedback which you can use to guide you what this fan (and I guess some others too) might like to see in the magazine if I was buying on a regular basis.... Apologies if you do now do any of these. Less grasstrack (as mentioned above - but some may like) Less of a focus on previous weeks results (internet means that's kind of not needed anymore), but more focus on what's actually going on at clubs/teams with interviews and editorial pieces. Bigger feature on the Polish and Swedish scene. Not just results, but interviews and features to help us understand the scene over there. After all, it's where speedway is right now. Focus on a different team each week, team pictures, history of that club, how to get there if visiting, where to stay, transport links etc etc. Historical look back at 70s, 80s, 90s looking at existing and defunct clubs. Interviews with stars of those era's. I know Backtrack does that but as a fan who doesn't have a team anymore that would be relevant to me and encourage me to buy more frequent. Technical features, maybe looking at different parts of a parts of bikes and types of bikes (maybe monthly if not weekly). That is one area where Kelvin's knowledge is fascinating on commentary. Rider and key people interviews are great, generally I always thought Star got them right mostly (depending who is interviewing), but should also be honest rather than bland PR pieces. Weekly (or monthly) thought from editors on what the sport/British speedway is getting right and wrong and maybe a fans forum views to comment to ensure wide ranging thought provoking piece. Maybe regular features looking at behind the scenes (i.e. follow a busy rider for a week to see how they get from country to country, how they remain fit with so much travel. How does a club prepare a track, How does BSI convert say Cardiff for a SGP etc, etc). My own view is thought provoking, if controversial always makes for a great read. (but not Piers Moron deliberate controversial comments for click bait.)
  15. Money on One Trick Nigel starting with "Natalie, Thank You...". Every week, same weird hand over greeting. About heat 4 for a Cradley reference.

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