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  1. Boring racing I thought, close meeting made it interesting, but 'interesting' is the best you can describe last nights meeting. But I must have watched a different meeting Pearson called it a great meeting and his sycophant followers chipped in with comments like fantastic meeting, brilliant speedway. As for Pearson, another 14 odd 'here we go' at the start. Can you imagine if a cricket commentator started every bowlers run up with the same line. Those that are tight with him, give the poor chap some feedback to help him out... perhaps he can start a race with 'away they go', or 'the race is about to start'..... I could probably come up with 15 variations if needed. He must confuse the hell out of causal viewers with his scoring, if it stays like this it will be a 4-2, but if this and if that all within a race. FFS man, call the score in 60 seconds once the race ends.
  2. I hope that's right, although I suspect he will just do enough to scrape in. I said last season his age meant it was wrong he was given one for this year, and his form in the GPs this season is patchy at best to somewhat prove my point. In fact last night was funny, your media colleague Pearson was making excuses all night suggesting Hancock's poor form last night was not because he chose wrong lines or got it wrong, but because he was beaten up or forced wide. Hancock's time as been and gone, he is yesterday's man. As for people slating Nicki, he took Woffy wide, it was hard riding, not dangerous riding. If Woffy was not expecting it then that it's fault, only a moron would not have expected Nicki to ride a wide line to stop an outside run.
  3. Don't go then. We've been asking for the return of internationals for a while now, and this is a good start. If the interest is there and it can be viable then I hope it will lead to more next season and if we can get some sort of Speedway Ashes going it might even generate TV money. Shame Australia have lost a rider for Polish practice. I don't blame the rider if they pay his wages, but something stinks, surely a better level of practice is riding international competition.
  4. TheReturn

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    So should we cancel our BT Sports subscription too? What about the overseas GPs, we should quit our jobs that keep us working at weekends and travel across Europe to watch live all to avoid hearing a so called professional (joke) sports commentator shout/scream like a demented fool, ruining otherwise very good BT Sport coverage? Ok then...
  5. TheReturn

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    You're enjoying it so much you feel the need to come and post your usual bollocks on here..... thats how much you're enjoying it???
  6. TheReturn

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    To be fair, Shovlar is in Cardiff I assume so may not have heard the interview.
  7. TheReturn

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Stop being a prat.... no shame for not attending, people choose to attend or not to attend depending on their circumstances, and in some cases the cost of attending (inc travel) can be a barrier. Talking of prat's Pratson just said it again '3 world champions in one race'... how does that work?
  8. TheReturn

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    I see the Hancock Fan Club is in the commentary box tonight. Talking of numpties.... How can you have three world champions in one race... surely it should be 'the current world champion and two former world champions'?
  9. TheReturn

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Pearson defending his favourite riders as usual sitting on the fence... the splinters up his arse may explain his stupid screaming. Tatum was spot on there, Doyle was at fault. The referee is away with fairies.
  10. TheReturn

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    20 races. Pearson's started 19 of them with 'here we go'... twice at the start of one race, so 20 times. It cant be that hard to think of 20 different ways to start a race.... although he seems to have got out of the habit of saying 'it's all very tight' on the first bend of every single race.
  11. Nigel Pearson is a plonker of a commentator. 23 races, he started about 20 of them with 'Here we goooo'. I lost count of how many big races and big points. … awaits the usual 'Pearson promotes speedway well' defenders to his inane woeful commentary.
  12. Maybe they are, but all well and good saying boycott this, boycott that, is there someone or an organisation who could take over?
  13. TheReturn

    Team USA at the SoN

    I don't believe Hancock is the nice guy he makes out, I have felt that since that incident with Nicki. I know Nicki is not everybody's favourite, but the way Hancock made that public statement about his view of Nicki's mental health that is unprofessional, unforgivable and close to bullying (trying to get more people within speedway against him) in my opinion. But that view aside I listened to this interview with an open mind, and I have come away believing this guy is more of a douche than I did before. I think he threw Gino under the bus there, he talks about bad apples, and stay away from bad apples, he didn't call Gino a bad apple, but it was within that conversation, so what did Greg mean by that? I think it's clear. Rather than debate on some podcast, surely if Hancock was a real nice guy, a real professional guy he should have answered simply 'You know, Gino had some concerns and I am going to give him a call and find out where he's coming from and see if there were issues, try and resolve so we can get things right next time" He then makes quite a few comments, one of which "you should think before you speak", well that's good advice Greg. What a douche.
  14. I just find it sad that the Speedway Press/Broadcasters are not representing all the fans and asking the tough questions, I find it even sadder they themselves are not actually understand why the question is important to ask. Surely if the public are asking questions, the media's job is to ask those questions, regardless if they believe in that view or not. As it stands, it doesn't appear BT Sport or the SS have asked the question of Tai or Rosco (unless I have missed, then I apologise).
  15. Of course he was, they were on a 4-2 at the point. When he was passed, he implanted plan B, make sure he and Emil don't finish last.

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