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  1. Liz !!!

    workington ..

    I love your optimism Pinny is there something you know that we dont !
  2. Liz !!!

    workington ..

    I dont thnk he has retired officially but he and his partner are expecting their first child in 2020 so I would imagine he would be staying in Australia for the forseeable future
  3. Liz !!!

    workington ..

    It was sad to read Stoney's post on Facebook about his visit to Derwent park last week and how he sat in the now disused pits to reminisce about all the good times,. Its such a shame that the powers that be rushed into ridding as much of the Comets at the stadium so quickly and taking up the track making it virtually impossibke for anyone to come and take on the club without a home. Sadly its looking very likely that the sport could well be lost to the town
  4. Or even their oifficial website, if they started work on a stadium and its related infrastructure this afternoon there is no way it would be ready in time for the 2021 ! https://www.allerdale.gov.uk/en/news-and-blog/allerdale-withdraws-from-hosting-rlwc2021/
  5. The Reds have played a blinder here, they have stuck to their principles and hung on to their stadium and its paid off for them, they will stay put on their own, no having to share with another club and will wait until the new stadium plans are revised and on a more concrete footing. They will tidy up thier little, much loved stadium and get on with it. The biggest losers now are the speedway, supporters need to make sure when the council start to revise the plans and put the information out for public consideration they go and put their views forward, lobby/petoition the council etc, my money is they wont and speedway in Workington will be lost forever
  6. The councillors who voted against the stadium havent been in office for more than 5 minutes but they were duly elected by the people who wanted change, which those councillors promised to deliver and the new stadium plans were top of their agenda. I personally am in support of the new stadium, we have to look to the future but it has to be paid for and the cost was a major concern to a large part of the electorate, candidates in the elections made sure they got their votes by telling the voters they would stop the stadium plans. There will be a new stadium but not as quickly or as costly as first planned I guess with that in mind there would also be the opportunity for speedway supporters to attend any public consultations and ask pertinent questions reagrding the speeedway being included in the new plans, perhaps if enough people show interest they might review the idea of including a speedway track in the revised stadium plans. In the meantime the track has been ripped up at Derwent Park, the Reds dont want to play now and are adamant they will stay at Borough Park and Town will have lost the World Cup...what a shambles !
  7. Derwent Park also had a lot of money spent on it for the last World Cup matches they hosted, the visiting teams were horrified by the poor facilities and that was AFTER it had been given its 'lick of paint' etc, the council cant keep polishing a turd because there is no way that the World Cup will come to the area in the current stadia. The original plans were over the top but we need a decent new stadium plan that suits our area needs and will bring additional events and opportunities to the area, sadly neither Derwent Park or Borough Park can do that
  8. The main issue with the 2021 World Cup bid is that it was secured before planning was even approved for the stadium they were going to hold it in therefore inflating the costs considerably by having to build it much quicker than necessary. I have no issue with World Cup matches being held in the area but this was all done ar*se about face !
  9. This was all about the Rugby World Cup...pushing through a bloody daft idea in order to bring a few rugby matches to the area, sod the speedway...sod the football, lets manipulate everything to suit Workington Town, let's not worry about the long terrm implications to the tax payer. What Allerdale needs is an new stadium that is fit for purpose and is financiablly viable, that meets the needs of all the local sports, that will serve the needs of youth development and the community, that will bring new business to the town and surrounding areas, that will look beyond today and to the future...Allerdale isnt just Workington its a huge area of West Cumbria and the needs of the entire area need to be considered not just one club
  10. Liz !!!

    Workington 2019

    Are the Reds not finishing their season at Borough Park and moving over in Sept, ?This is all assuming the new stadium gets planning permission ! an 8000 seat stadium is going to need a hell of a lot more parking than looks to be earmarked, there are cars everywhere when they have 800 at Derwent Park. Bigger worry is if they extend the pitch for the foorball what about the track :S
  11. Liz !!!

    Workington 2019

    Was in not the case that Jacko forked out for the medals for the riders and management for both teams and was reimbursed by the opposition promotion for half the cost, Im pretty sure he wont have bought the actual competition shield, if he did perhaps this coming season it should be renamed The Tony Jackson Shield !
  12. Liz !!!

    Workington 2019

    I read an article on the local newspaper site a few weeks ago about the council getting into hot water for not providing such a park for the travelling community, they are over there anyhow on a regular basis leaving a LOT of mess which has then to be cleared up by the council. I believe the provision of such park gives the council more clout when it comes to moving travellers on from laybyes and other land they choose to park on.
  13. Liz !!!

    Workington 2019

    Was this not promoted by the late Ian Thomas ? I cant recall if attracted many people or not but it ran alongside the speedway for maybe one season
  14. Liz !!!

    Workington 2019

    This would be the best scenario, additonal income to that generated by speedway is pretty much essential for clubs to be able to run. Scunthopre make a lot of money from their regular amateur meetings which in turn help to support the speedway. Northside would need a substantial cash injection to bring it up to size and be developed effectively for these things to happen but working on the basis that all income including food, car parking and bar takings would benefit the speedway it has to one of the options for the Club
  15. Liz !!!

    Workington 2019

    Northside has planning permission to run 364 days a year, it has to be one of the preferred sites for developing a track. The current training track could be kept as it is, there is more than enough land over there that seems to be used for not much else. For me the main issue over there is the possibility of a gypsy park being located there as well, Northside have enough problems with vandalsim and theft as things stand without adding to it

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