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  1. daveallan81

    Anglia Junior League

    Unfortunately, no. I haven't done much work on the AJL so all I have are the basic results from the yearbooks and Speedway Star. 1982 is incomplete and I have nothing from the final season, 1985. If you PM your email address I'll happily pass on what I have.
  2. Can anyone provide me with the outcome of the following junior challenge matches from 1985. none of which feature in the yearbook. 6th August Barrow v Birmingham 20th August Barrow v King's Lynn 5th September Sheffield v Wolverhampton v Cradley Heath v Halifax 27th September Birmingham Wheels Junior Championship
  3. daveallan81

    1985 Junior Results Barrow/Birmingham

  4. daveallan81

    2011 Fixtures

    I'm looking for information on a couple of fixtures: 11th May at Poole - shown on SGB site as Poole v Reserved and a result of 50-37. Who were the opponents? 16th October at Leicester - Junior Open Championship - was it run and if so who was the winner?
  5. daveallan81

    2011 Fixtures

    Thanks Arnie. Buxton had a U.S.A. Style Speedway event postponed on 9th October so you're recalling well. The Poole ghost fixture is listed here http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/may11 but doesn't feature in their results & scorers here http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.11043
  6. daveallan81

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Sorry, can't help with these - my Speedway Stars stop at the end of 1984. I'm sure someone else will be able to give you the information you need.
  7. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

    My results list records this result as 39-53. The SGB website records the same result and the final CL table appears to incorporate it. However the 2008 Yearbook records the result as 39-54 and the league table appears to concur. The Stoke scorers are recorded as follows: Branney 13, Dore 10, Evans 8, Isherwood 7, Legg 7, Priest 6 & Kendrew 3, = 54. Can anyone confirm the match result?
  8. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

  9. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

    Do you recall the source of that result? Star, programme, etc?
  10. daveallan81

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

  11. daveallan81

    Rider Id: Mason Wear

    I have two programmes from 7th April 1989 Glasgow v Newcastle and both have this fellow listed in a second half heat. I certainly don't remember him as a Glasgow junior, perhaps in town with the Diamonds? I can't find any mention of him in the 1990 yearbook and the internet is coming up blank. Does anyone recall him?
  12. daveallan81

    1997 Amateur League

    The results I have don't tally with the published league table. I reckon two of the following results are wrong, can anyone tell me which ones? 04/05 Buxton v Belle Vue 53-25 06/06 Belle Vue v St. Austell 48-29 22/06 Buxton v St. Austell 40-32 24/06 St. Austell v Belle Vue 47-31 08/07 St. Austell v Buxton 37-41 18/07 Belle Vue v Buxton 41-37
  13. daveallan81

    1983 junior league.

    No problem. Note that the Halifax v Birmingham match, shown as 9-9, should read 9-8.
  14. daveallan81

    1983 junior league.

    Speedway Star w/e December 3rd 1983 published a C.J.L. season review with league table, score grid and averages. PM me with your email address if you would like a scan of it.
  15. daveallan81

    1982 belle vue v sheffield 17 April LC

    Ht 01: Ross, Moran, L. Carr, Brown, 69.0 Ht 02: Ravn, Foy, Fiora, P. Carr (f, exc), 71.0 Ht 03: Collins, McMillan, D. Morton, White, 70.8 Ht 04: C. Morton, Wilson, Ravn, Foy, 70.7 Ht 05: Brown, Moran, Collins, McMillan, 69.2 Ht 06: Ross, Wilson, Fiora, L. Carr (ns), (3 only) 70.0 Ht 07: C. Morton, Ravn, D. Morton, White, 71.2 Ht 08: Brown, Ravn, L. Carr, Foy (ef), 69.6 Ht 09: Moran, Collins, Wilson, McMillan, 70.4 Ht 10: Ross, D. Morton, L. Carr, Brown, 70.4 Ht 11: Moran, C. Morton, Brown, Ravn, 69.6 Ht 12: Ross, McMillan, Fiora, D. Morton (f, ns), Wilson (f, exc), 70.0 Ht 13: Moran, C. Morton, Collins, White, 69.4 Heat 7 was misreported in the Star with Dave Morton 2nd and Peter Ravn 3rd. Peter Carr aggravated an arm injury in his heat 2 fall and withdrew from the meeting.
  16. daveallan81

    1997 Amateur League

    All issues now resolved, thanks to arnieg
  17. daveallan81

    1997 Amateur League

    Thanks. There's obviously something else amiss in my file and/or calculations. Thanks.
  18. daveallan81

    1983 junior league.

    Speedway Star w/e 3rd September states "Coventry have been beset by injury problems and have requested the postponement of all their fixtures for the next two to three weeks. Hopefully they will be able to rearrange them all before the end of the season, but if not, it is likely that Peterborough will take over their matches." Coventry raced 6 matches before their withdrawal: 16/04 Coventry 12 Sheffield 6 25/04 Birmingham 12 Coventry 6 14/05 Coventry 8 Swindon 10 11/06 Coventry 8 Long Eaton 10 25/06 Coventry 12 Birmingham 6 05/08 Swindon 15 Coventry 2 I don't have dates for these unfortunately but the Peterborough fixtures were: Long Eaton 8 Peterborough 10 Stoke 12 Peterborough 6 Leicester 11 Peterborough 7 Sheffield 10 Peterborough 8 Peterborough 9 Leicester 9 Peterborough 12 Stoke 6 Peterborough v Halifax and Halifax v Peterborough were not raced.
  19. daveallan81

    1997 Amateur League

    Does the CL History table correspond with this one? http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/history/leaguetables1997.php
  20. daveallan81

    1997 Amateur League

    Are those scores taken from programme fixture/results lists or from the actual racecards themselves? A league table up to and including 11th September 1997 carries what appears to be the correct points totals for Belle Vue, Buxton and St. Austell. However by 2nd October the points totals have been amended, and the differences are carried through to the final league table. However the three sides had already met, so I'm left with the notion that results have been amended after the event. For the record the differences are (my totals v official totals): Belle Vue - For 792 v 798 & Against 972 v 967 Buxton - For 960 v 948 & Against 890 v 901 St. Austell - For 957 v 963 & Against 877 v 871
  21. daveallan81

    1994 General Queries

    Can any kind soul confirm any of these fixtures from 1994: 06/04 Poole v Belle Vue (BL1) Postponed due to storm damage 15/04 Arena Essex v Bradford (Premiership L1) Rained Off 22/04 Arena Essex 54 Bradford 42 (Premiership L2) 09/06 Peterborough: Jubilee Trophy (Ind) Rained Off 29/10 Eastbourne v Poole (BL1) Rained Off - result awarded 0-80 Sam Ermolenko's testimonial was rained off at the first attempt on 31st July. I have it down as a 4TT but the restaging was an individual event. What format would the rained off meeting have taken?
  22. The match finished 52-44 but it appears that some kind of alteration was made to the result after the event. I'm expecting the score to have been adjusted to 42-44 but would like someone to confirm this and provide the reason for the adjustment if possible. Thanks.
  23. daveallan81

    1995 General Queries

    I'm tidying up a 1995 season results list. Can anyone confirm these cancelled/postponed matches? 17/06/1995 Buxton v Sittingbourne (AL) - reason? 29/07/1995 King's Lynn v Exeter (PL) - noted as off 27/07 - reason? 09/09/1995 Stoke: Academy League Grand Prix - rained off - confirm date. 09/09/1995 Berwick v Buxton v Linlithgow v Cleveland - rained off - confirm date. 13/09/1995 Hull v Peterborough (PL) - rained off - confirm date. 30/12/1995 Linlithgow - noted as a Challenge with programme produced - what was the planned event? I have a Berwick programme that lists the following fixtures as postponed but have no entries for them on the results list. What happened to the following meetings? 06/05/1995 Stoke v Berwick (AL) 14/05/1995 Middlesbrough: Academy League Grand Prix 25/06/1995 Cleveland v Berwick (AL) 29/06/1995 Devon v Berwick (AL) 06/07/1995 Exeter: Academy League Grand Prix
  24. daveallan81

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Yes, I'm sure they used to do demo match-races against each other.
  25. daveallan81

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    I remember Blair riding at Linlithgow and in demo races at Powderhall when he was 14 and he looked like he was going to be a real good 'un. Sorry to hear how things panned out for him.

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