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  1. Just watched this via the speedway gb website unbelievable and totally inspirational well done Ricky
  2. Shirl

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If your planning a trip up to BP There a few options locally a budget ibis located on the A6 in Birstall about 2 miles from the track but not much on site to eat and drink just a shell service station with a few fast food outlets.Nice village of Rothley near by for nice food and pubs A premier inn Leicester North West again a couple of miles away but has a pub on site Plenty in the centre of town but parking could be an issue Good luck shirl
  3. Following the injury to Martin Vaculik on Thursday I’ve been looking for any official details of his injury I come on to the thread ( not very often these days due to the drivel that some spew out) to find out only to read 10 pages of Swindon bashing and the same sh**e over and over again,by the same offender Pretty sad really when your not even a Swindon supporter hey Facts are nobody forced them on to the track,accidents happen and that’s speedway just a shame that we’ve lost Martin Get well soon and look forward to the next time he’s on the bike Shirl
  4. Funnier things happened 5000/1 for Leicester City to win the league not many would have given them a chance As for there chances this season, I think most lions fans will be happy to see a really competitive team and if we make the playoffs that would be a massive step forward Congratulations to the promotion for assembling a solid team and Steady as team manager
  5. Shirl

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Not for the home matches and not when James sarjeant is at the tapes
  6. Shirl

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I couldn't agree more. Great work by the promotion Fingers crossed the all steer clear of injury and we might have a good season. Looking forward to the season and midweek race nights "Give us an I" Shirl
  7. Shirl

    Coventry 2017

    Great to see the dog lapping it up as well as all the huge crowd. how things have changed,I remember countless British finals and visits to Brandon watching the lions( getting beaten every time mind you ) the place was packed and had to park miles away and walk in. fingers crossed for a return to those heady days for a more certain future for the bees.As a lions fan I'm optimistic about this season and will also be going along to watch bees in the nationals at BP. good luck and a better 2018 Shirl
  8. Unfortunately away on holiday for last weeks meeting but great to hear all the great comments about a young British rider I remember watching Kenny Carter and Michael Lee at Blackbird Road when they were young Wow two gifted riders you could ever witness on a bike.Worth the £ 3.00 it cost back in the day and that included the programme to watch them Like another poster has said let's not build him up to much as the is hell of a pedigree to live up to. We in Britain love to build people up and slate them as soon as things start failing off. All the best to you Dan Bewley keep up the good work and stay safe Shirl
  9. Shirl

    Leicester V Rye House 29.05.17

    I agree that promoting speedway in Leicester could be better but can be an expensive thing. After the last few years of turmoil it must have been difficult to drag people back after their disillusionment under the last regime. It's about entertainment and people would come once only to find that the product wasn't very good,so they act with their feet and don't bother coming back. What has changed, the track is much better after the alterations made but it's all about having a sucessful team that is winning and giving 100% Knowing how Leicestershire sport is it's all about results and you can advertise all you like but as the saying goes 'you can't polish a turd ' I know we must be thankful to still have speedway in Leicester and hopefully this is a transition season but it's about bums on seats and to achieve this it's the product which has to be better Shirl
  10. Shirl

    Leicester V Rye House 29.05.17

    Parking is ok around the stadium The main car park is usually busy but the car park near to the shopping centre is open all the time There used to be a time limit on the length of stay so check out the signs as u don't want a ticket. Parking on the street across from the police station is ok too so plenty off it Not sure on gate opening times but the weather is a bit showery up here and due to be all morning and into the afternoon so fingers crossed Enjoy your day Shirl
  11. Tough on gomolski but really makes financial and speedway sense I think Jason has come along way since he rode for the lions a few years ago Back then he was never say die and very erratic but these days he's still never say die with a bit more control and a welcome signing for us He's 120% everytime and as a supporter you can't ask for anything more A good signing i reckon Don't know about Leicester Bees , Coventry Lions sounds better to me
  12. Shirl

    Leicester Lions 2017

    I think they must be as I replied to a troll yesterday only for both posts to be removed. My reply was not as savage as the original post but obviously contained his replies,which in my opinion was defamatory. Everyone has a right to their opinion but person vendettas are other thing. Let's keep it real and stick to the speedway Shirl
  13. Shirl

    Leicester Lions 2017

    Great shout Your bang on with that statement
  14. Shirl

    Leicester Lions 2017

    That's great to hear Glyn You sound like a very honest and sincere man and one that cannot be lost to speedway. In a sport that isn't a wash with money it surely relies on many volunteers helping when they can,I'm not saying that glyn wasn't paid for his services but to him its obviously not all about the money,it's about the product on offer. For seasons gone by many on here have been complaining about not having a race track to race on then we let Glyn have six weeks to try and get right. As soon as it's ready to go he's shown the door.I find it hard believe that to have someone with the expertise that he has surplus to requirements especially as he is held in such high regard with riders and supporters alike. Thought the Helmsley days were gone!! Shirl
  15. That's good to hear and hope the long walk was worth it An earlier poster mentioned just the normal two ladies on the ticket windows rushed off there feet,I remember that being the case in the past I think I saw something on the website for online tickets or was I mistaken,surely that's way forward or more turnstiles How was the racing and size of the crowd. Shirl

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