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  1. 3 hours ago, Fromafar said:

    I back the young Brits 100%,trouble is the sport has nosedived in GB over the last 10-15 years and these riders have trouble getting serious sponsors nowadays and the way the sport has developed technically you need to invested fairly large sums of cash to compete at Top level.We still have situation where after a  few years in the sport most youngsters settle for earning decent money in GB ( doubling up ect).These days maybe numbered given the recent Pandemic.World Class is very difficult to achieve in any Sport.

    100% agree as it's cost me a fair few bob over the few years 

  2. 3 hours ago, Fromafar said:

    It is a forum therefore it’s about opinions negative or positive.Most posters have wished them well.Let’s face young Brits over the last  20 years have not set the World alight  for a variety of reasons which is what was being discussed.Young Poles ,Aussies and Danes have shown how to do it IMO.(this comparing young riders in general).

    So now is the the time to back the young Brits a 110% more now & let's hope that over the next few years they can kick on because apart from woffy & Lambert  & bewley ( on good gear ) the crop of boys need all the support they can get

  3. 14 hours ago, mikebv said:

    Spot on....

    At 16, Joe Screen was riding in the top division of World Spedway and regularly beating genuinely World Class heat leaders, and at 19 winning the BLRC in front of a truly World Class field that would have been full of GP riders if that had existed at the time...

    And even with all that, Joe 'only' reached No 6 in the World..

    No mean feat at all, but it shows just how far behind these lads are to where he was at their age (and even younger)...

    None of them would win races in the Polish top league regularly like Joe did in the equivalent level top league over here...

    Maybe they will develop to become 'top level' riders, and riding in Poland will definitely help with that, but there has to be some reality check as to where these lads are actually at...

    Genuine World Class talent is usually winning, or finishing top 3, in 'junior' World Championships at Under 21 level...

    Scoring maximums in the NDL, or riding at reserve in the Championship, at the same age as those who do win junior World Titles, is miles behind..

    Robert Lambert is the most modern example of where you need to be at U21 level to become genuinely World Class..

    Let's just give them some slack and see how they go, as being 'World Class' is truly a long, long way off for them all...


    Back then I would probably think that most of the bikes would have been on par & it was a case of skill when you look at screen loram & gollob on how they could turn the bike back mid corner then create a longer straight absolutely great to watch

  4. 3 hours ago, enotian said:

    agreed, once a rider has experienced riding as a #1 in the NL what else is there for them to learn? Exciting group of talented riders though when you add in Flint and the Thompsons plus others. Hopefully they'll all be given the support and opportunity to develop.

    Typically the U21 world team cup is now also a pairs event but we could be challenging for silver already

    Jordan palin will go a long way in the sport as he has fantastic backing

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  5. Monarch fans will get a nice surprise with the announcement of the unfortunate james Sargent's replacement.. & I still can't understand why sarj has lost his place due to the * rating system when others who have been around longer don't seem to be affected.. suppose when the powers that be who may be related to some riders.. & it's a case of JOBS for the boys 

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  6. 13 hours ago, TotallyHonestJohn said:

    Just had some very sad new that Barry Simpson has passed away (Yesterday 17/02/21)

    Barry was one of our stand in Starting Marshalls when Phil Day was missing and Simmo was the regular Starting Marshall at Redcar when wearing those Jim Platt style gloves (ex Boro Goalkeeper) that made his hands look huge (always made me laugh). He also was the owner of Simpson Racing and provided fuel and spare parts to the riders.

    Barry was a regular at Brough and would always come into the bar after the meeting for a bit of craic and a white wine spritzer or a half of beer which would be roundly mocked (and I always seemed to pay for by the way now that I think of it) but as he was usually driving it probably made good sense.

    RIP Barry you will be sadly missed (your turn for the beers the next time mate) and thinking of his friends and family at this very sad time...

    Yours sincerely

    Barry was 1 of speedways best & fought MND with all his strength but it took him far to early RIP bazza

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  7. 2 hours ago, Tosh1218 said:

    I think JPB had a lot of problems inc the Colombian white marching powder

    Totally wide of the mark on the white stuff you obviously don't know JPB's background... He's now settled with a decent lifestyle nowadays & it will be good hopefully to see him back on the bike 

  8. 3 hours ago, lewy said:

    Just stating a fact,someone slagging Plymouth off calling it a training track obviously never witnessed top riders race on it so not gloating at all,get back in your box and don't come out anytime soon.

    Should never slag any track off as we need as many tracks up & running to give fans & riders enjoyment of our sport... Some say Plymouth is small but I can't comment as I've never been but me pal has a few year back & he really enjoyed it 

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  9. 13 hours ago, Fromafar said:

    Stand up to the Poles! Your having a laugh, try telling that to the Top Riders+ any Young Brits who actually make the Grade and attract Polish interest,they’ll be off at the drop of a hat.We are a second rate Country in the Sport nowadays and it will be a long before that changes if ever. Better to just enjoy what we have here and get on with it.

    Agree & thats why we will never win any team trophys

  10. 4 hours ago, SharpenRake said:

    Just love the word 'suggests' which suggests you don't know but heh ......

    So - - I would suggest that as he has a UK passport; didn't need a work permit in 2019; rode for the Belle Vue Colts, a NDL team, in 2019 then that clearly makes him 'British' in the eyes of the UK government and British Speedway governing body.

    Throw in the fact that he is only 18, having arrived in the UK when only 16, ending up with an 8.55 average for the Colts just after a few months, this alone should be enough to make him a rising star - better average than team mate Danny Phillips who is ranked as a 2* rider.

    Plus he won't be the first rider to take advantage of being able to ride in Australian championship meetings. For example, Tai Woffinden won  the 2006 Western Australian Under-16 title, in Perth.

    Some may disagree with me but let's go back to the 70's/80's&early90's when british speedway was great with big crowds etc ! The england sides were always challenging for honors we had top riders with the likes of peter Collins Micheal lee Gary Havelock all world champs & the rest like wiggy dave jessup john Davis to name but a few ?? & Now who do we have at that level .. woffy & robert Lambert so I'm sorry but if we want to be up with the best we need to blood the the younger riders by having at least 90% english riders from the top tier all the way down to development & junior leagues which will make british speedway a good product to go & watch in the future .. never mind the European based riders or teams dictating to our promoters on when to ride like a couple of years ago when we had monday & Thursday for the diluted so called elite league which apart from 1 or 2 gp riders was mainly made up of championship riders so hopefully things change for the better ( yrs we want to see the likes of woffy doyley etc in the uk ) but unless the bspl have guts ti stand up to the poles etc we will always be 2nd or 3rd best in challenging for trophys

  11. 2 hours ago, mac101 said:

    danyon was going really well with brum i think it was and putting in good  scores from reserve and upping his ave till he had his accident and was then stuck with a high ave great guy and pretty sure he will kick on hopefully doing 2 leagues championship and NL  will kick on this year 

    Good lad & just needs the chance to show what he can do ! Had a injury not too serious about 3 to 4 years ago & came back with a bang in the national league & dine very well...

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  12. On 27/10/2020 at 9:31 PM, TotallyHonestJohn said:

    Dave I could argue that one mind  because I put more than that into the Air Fence fund and that's not including the junk I bought at Auction and Raffle nights... but never mind... and George was trying to manipulate things behind the scenes with his band of little secret (squirrel) service of sycophants and cronies...

    Arson has some valid points IMHO...



    So george isn't the only 1 who has tried to MANIPULATE  You ! Wonder who else has which I find rather strange that somebody would even try or maybe another has just tried to stir the porridge bowl to cause an even BIGGER stir 

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