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  1. 2 hours ago, Hackett said:

    For British Speedway - I have always been told Bet365 - SkyBet didn't have odds for the British Final on Monday. So I opened a Bet 365 account for a couple of punts. 

    Bet365 is the best now.  Skybet did have British Final odds but they just copy Bet365 now and don't do in play.  The link I'll post is a Polish Bookmaker that we can use in the UK and have lots of odds and good for speedway.    https://www.stsbet.co.uk/en-gb/sports/event/slangerup-vs-esbjerg/5182481

    The link refers to tonights televised match in Denmark.  They do all the top matches.

  2. 26 minutes ago, PhilTheAce said:

    The logic behind Ellis getting the wildcard is one that I agree with. But at same time. Ellis knew that when he won the final the wildcard wasn’t up for grabs. 

    I may be biased but I do think Brennan should have got it but only because I’d like to see the best YOUNG riders Do the wildcard. 

    also it seems the wildcard is more important that becoming British champ. 

    the wildcard situation as taken the gloss off being champion. It’s time we stop this wildcard nonsense. And make it all about the British final ONLY. 

    I agree it should be about being British Champion.   

    Maybe, there should be an Open meeting to select the Wildcard.  This could be for riders riding in the Premiership/Championship (Non GP riders only).

    Any Nationality could enter but must be riding in the UK.  Winner goes to Cardiff.  A bit of an incentive to ride over here.  I suppose it would have to be a British rider if we had no riders in the GP?

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  3. I was there Monday, not that that matters and have now had time to think about this.

    Should a contingency have been in place?  Of course it should, but it wasn't!!  Should the result stand? No of course not. 3 rides in and obviously some riders had an easier

    3 rides than others.  Should Adam get the wild card? On Mondays showing, then no, but Monday is a one off meeting that didn't finish.  I think he's the only fair choice

    having missed out last year.  He had a poor 3 (2 really) rides for sure, but it can happen to any rider.

    Let's get behind him and let him have his big day with the support of the nation.   Good luck to him. :t:

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  4. 21 minutes ago, Grachan said:


    When you buy a ticket, you are sent a link which enables you to book a hotel for about half the price that they are on the normal hotel booking sites.

    Well I never knew that.  Obviously taking the mick out of me.:o Won't be going this year but going up to Glasgow for the SGP Challenge the weekend after.  Got a central hotel with 2 mates for £50 each per night. Seated tickets £25 IIRC at the track.

  5. My first time at Scunthorpe last night and I was really impressed with everything.  Loved the track.  Basic facilities, but who cares. The track was great and the riders

    performed.  Great advert and will be back sooner rather than later. Zaine Kennedy def Man of the match but was a solid team performance from Scunthorpe and they deserved the win.  Think the score slightly flattered Leicester, but you need 2 good teams to make a good match.

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