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  1. Tero Aarnio Yesterday at 08:49 Anybody able to help friday in scunny and saturday in lakeside?
  2. With Tero Aarnio on Monday posting for a mechanic for Friday at Scunny, Saturday at Lakeside suggests hes going to guest for one of the teams
  3. ScunnyDan

    Cardiff Accommodation

    I normally make a racecard which you can print off, PM me if you want one of those
  4. Congratulations to the Panthers on a fine victory. Scorpions tried so very hard and deserved more points, but maybe the track was done with a huge dirt bike meeting tomorrow? Fair play to Josh, Danny and Jason who came into the pub and faced 100 or so Scorpion fans after a dissapointing defeat.. Roll on next week, hopefully we'll have a better prepared track (and decent guests as Lakeside are a bloody good side)
  5. Top guest in Schlein, Stewart not too sure about but sure he'll give his best
  6. Any team news for the Scorpions?? On a personal note, I do hope its a Scorpions win with the Mrs living in Pboro and being a Panthers fan Got a massive flag ready, lets make some noise Scorpions fans (Panthers fans im sure you'll be more than welcome to join the fun on Friday)
  7. ScunnyDan


    Im a big collector of newer programmes, and I'd personally be gutted if they became un-existent at some clubs.. Scunny's programme is the type everyone would probably buy as its only £1, word from Rob, racecard, fixtures and about 4 ads (inside covers)
  8. Todd could be a real trumph card at reserve. Scorpions should nick this but with Kus re-joining the Diamonds (on Diamonds site) could be a bit trickier.. Scorpions to win though 47-43
  9. PM me your email address and I will send you one (as I'll be making one for myself to use while watching it on TV)
  10. Jason's declared himself fit Jason Garrity 15 hrs · So happy arms back to best ready for rest season now yeah back to full strength amazing so happy
  11. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Best wishes to Scorpions asset Alex Davies who was involved in a grasstrack crash abroad and has got several injuries and in an induced coma
  12. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Yeah, p/p got rained off
  13. Good luck Scorpions, will be happy with a point, but most of all please stay safe lads
  14. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Thats what we have at the minute until all 7 are fit and racing
  15. ScunnyDan

    Sheffield v Redcar 31/5/18

    Should be an easy Tigers win.. Scorpions aint too worried though who comes out of these 2 meetings the victors
  16. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Summers for Stef at Glasgow and R/R for super Stevie
  17. Can see Ricky Wells guesting for the Scorpions on Friday. Would love to see a Scorpions win, on a track we recorded our worst ever result on. I'll be more than happy with a point though
  18. Possibly the Scorpions toughest test at home this season.. Josh and Gino raring to go (apparently)...
  19. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions vs Lakeside 25.5.18

    Yet another blow to the Scorpions as Jason has pulled out of Fridays meeting.. understandable circumstances though as he needs to recover. Im sure Jason and the supporters would rather have a 100% fit Jason rather than a 60% fit Jason Jason Garrity 8 hrs · In pain today going to have few days off let it all close up best thing don't want to be out any longer than if I ride tomorrow will set me back
  20. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions vs Lakeside 25.5.18

    Best wishes to Stef, all we need at scunny Gunna have to be a guest for Steve and RR for Stef, who do we get? Howarth?
  21. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions vs Lakeside 25.5.18

    Good news Scorpions fans, Jason has declared himself fit and posted this on his Facebook: Jason Garrity 5 hrs · All good just got home will be ready for Friday looking mint come on you Scunthorpe let's kick ass
  22. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions riders

    Gino and Josh (so I've heard) are fit and raring to go for the Scorpions... Not heard anything about Jason but hopefully we'll hear some good news tomorrow

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