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  1. Mattfordfan

    Betting in 2018

    Poole +10 and the tie
  2. YOU'RE SO 2 FACED IT'S UNREAL You have been banned for threatening to physically attack me. Yes I am Matt Ford Fan / Trumpy unlike you ill admit to my screen names. Everyone know's you're TRACKRAT. You have also been banned for foul and abusive language towards other members of this forum. So many members not just one or two. Before anyone starts. As I said above I am Trumpy/Matt Ford Fan but I have changed my screen name in defence of Shovlar hoping the mods reverse the decision to ban Shovlar. I don't see eye to eye with Shovlar and we don't get along but I speak the truth when stuff get's serious and Shovlar has done nothing wrong. You're the soul reason why so many threads end up in slanging matches. You have already admitted that you have been banned a few times so that backs up my claim. Mods decision to ban Shovlar is more corrupt than the Ronaldo sending off against Valencia tonight. Both decisions should be overturned with immediate effect. Shovlar only spoke the truth and Ronaldo only baby tapped the Valencia player on the head.
  3. Been banned because you constantly trolled him.
  4. Stop trolling. You have already got him banned. Isn't that satisfying enough for you?
  5. One foot in the final. We will win the final when we make it
  6. Was worried after 4 Heats. 3 Heat advantages to Somerset & 3 race winners whilst our boys ran 3 last places. Since then we have been excellent.
  7. Going to be tie over tonight the way it's going.
  8. Agree. We have seen far too many injuries as of late. I hope all the riders stay safe and as you said may the best team win.
  9. Campos & Pijper Talk about throwing in the towel before the meeting has even begun. Surely Swindon could have got better riders to guest.
  10. Mattfordfan

    Belle Vue 2018

    Reading through the thread it sounds like Shovlar has ended up in a time machine and gone back a few years. Picture proof below.
  11. Mattfordfan

    Poole 2019

    Please stay Matt. Gavan wouldn't survive without you.
  12. Brady has to perform if we are to stand a chance. Been very poor on his last couple of visits to OTA. Can't call it on aggregate. Could come down to an exclusion or something like that.
  13. Shovlar & Gavan give it a rest FFS!

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