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  1. Apollo

    What a difference in stadiums

    I believe if possible that the current numbers of stadiums will eventually become obsolete. Some may remain in private hands .. The sport should look to move to arenas on grass Circuits with shale - temporary seating - lower costs and family focused - cadets - juniors - teams - semi professional set up as community interest companies - as a proper constitution - with the broader focus on the community - families and re addressing the mistakes of the past and moving away from the old private individual owners business format . so profits can be reinvested into the sport - supporters clubs - memberships etc . Re - establish their sport under a new business model
  2. Apollo

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Extreme leisure - is the name that is helping the council , decide on its options
  3. Apollo

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Poole council previously have bought in a consultant to look at the creekmoor park and ride as an option for a stadium . Poole stadium will be flats .
  4. Apollo

    Poole Greyhounds

    The stadium is ear marked for flats , the council have been looking at the park and ride site at creekmoor . If it's a possible site for a stadium of any sort , to be partially funded by the developer
  5. Apollo

    Poole Pirates 2020

    No worries found some details something I'm interested in kind regards
  6. Apollo

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Who are Topclass Business and Manufacturing Consultancy ? I just could not find anything on them ...Not being critical
  7. Apollo

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I guess it has its time - seems to have gone past it now .
  8. Apollo


    The council need to bring in a company working within the community interest business sports model area . Look at it's options and invite sports to be located at and run at the stadium . It has great potential .. for the benefit of the community . Potential for rates relief / funding options The speedway could rent the facility , from the cic Would make a great facility for rider development / mechanical youth project and club races . Kind regards Adrian young
  9. Apollo

    Poole 2020

    Maybe Poole speedway should invite non speedway goers to the speedway , and also undertake a questionnaire of the experience . Personally I think it's aimed at the same niche speedway supporters and struggles to generate any new fans . Which with the decline of the sport , is where the fan numbers are declining . Apart from a few boards around the town ...and a advert at Tesco - fleetsbridge . Does Poole speedway genuinely get out about in the community of Poole ?? Not very beneficial to attracting or encouraging sponsorshio opportunities ,
  10. Apollo

    Poole 2020

    I don't think they have much choice to switch to the championship league .. with difficulties finding a main sponsor to come on board . They really don't have much alternative to cut there cloth accordingly . If they stay , they may end up in a worse position . Shame they can't bring a around town taxi company on board as a sponsor , try and be seen associated and seen on a booking app . Or Hendy ford as a main sponsor Would be great to see riders moving between the sdl / mdl into the premiership team if the gap can be breached if possible .
  11. Apollo

    Poole 2020

    I believe Poole should enter into the Championship , continuing in a league which is in free fall through lack of numbers of clubs and riders does not make sense.We need to look after the sport in this country first and foremost. Costs will be cut .. which at this point in Speedway is required. The championship leagues seems a more viable stable option , and I believe promoted right the correct way to go. Commercially it is a more interesting league from a sponsorship viewpoint.The sponsorship can be sold , at a more economical price. More of them at a more viable price..Relying on a large main sponsor whilst good is also as proven not always a good thing, especially in this current economic climate. The club would be able to link to the current crop of sdl/mdl riders and bring riders through the ranks at reserve level. It worked under stewkesbury back in the day, and I feel actually it was more entertaining. Anyway just my thoughts
  12. Apollo

    Poole 2020

    Poole have built there success on winning teams , crowd numbers and sponsorship . Have poole speedway ever been involved with the community .. building a wider involvement with the area it serves . look at Bournemouth football club , they have soccer schools , youth development . Ex players involved and whole range of activities . It's a suttle way of bringing attention to your sport , and sending out positive messages
  13. Apollo

    Rye House 2018

    I hope I don't get this wrong ...and I know it's a terrible blow for rye house and speedway . I just want to put this quickly out there ..i spoke to two significant decision makers in speedway last year. Handed over a brief business plan showing and helping young riders into the sport of speedway . The basis being a like a nursery league ..with a website and database of riders and teams or riders . The league would be supported by product sponsorship and sponsors .so if you went to a tool supplier . You would strike a discounted deal and sponsorship deal , because you had a volume of riders participating . Then you approach related speedway manufacturers like exhaust / tyres / vans / merchandising etc . Then get overall league sponsors to support the league . Drive costs down .. helping younger rides . Anyway we tested this out .. managed to get a tool company on board .. a merchandiser .. a van rental company .. a internet based radio station. Just got started . Well you can guess .. we were told not to do it .. and ignored by email . Blanked ..stonewall .. maybe it was just a mad idea .. but if somebody came to me with twenty young riders with two bikes each . Wouldn't I want to do a deal . Anyway i hope this doesn't lose the train of thought regarding rye house .. keep going ..
  14. Apollo


    What should happen now is this group should encourage all various Facebook support pages to unify . This acts as evidence and groundswell . They then need to leave it to the experts in regards to setting up cic charities on the site . They then need to get hold of Paul Edieb of sporting assetts based in London to arrange a business plan / funding streams for the project . Whilst also encouraging local sports / social enterprise engagement .. This then needs to be presented to bob price , with sufficient evidence and sustainable plans .
  15. Apollo


    Maybe there is a case with the site becoming a community interest company .. Allowing and introducing various sports as charities under a overall charity umbrella . Speedway could be a integral part of this . The grandstand converted into a indoor sports facility . This then would acquire funding through such charitable projects . Such funds as the big potential . The whole project , would need the support and a movement of supporters and local people to push the cic concept forward . Then a business plan delivered to the council in order to persuade a sustainable community project for the site to be acquired as a cpo .

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