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  1. Some of Woffindens comments though...
  2. Where Did i say he cheats your “enjoy the spectacle comment” is redundant to me I don’t think like you, you accept things blindly . I find that way of life dull and that of someone not wanting to learn and challenge that’s not me.
  3. Aye the ex rider was tugid I would just be interested to see depth to the comments
  4. No beef at all neither here or there. well done Bartos, I just find it slightly odd people deny the idea anyone might ever cheat at sport when people have been found guilty of it and an ex rider talks about methods of cheating on this forum The flat out “no shut up go away” it’s now been proven it’s not a great method of journalism , there is evidence to show this, dodgy things happen so in sport at high levels, a lot. Again just a general comment
  5. Shame, fans would probably like to know why ex riders talk about cheating but never get to see depth to it.
  6. Is it not slightly scandalous an ex rider can post about known cheating though without any form of question? Re the rest of your post I find it sycophantic bull sh it, I don’t care sorry.
  7. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Tape infringement

    Just leave and if a rider gets it I’d what it is. its refs being pricks they want to cheat riders and hate being made to look daft its inconsistent because it’s bollocks
  8. Why have you never questioned the ex rider who posts on here about his comments on cheating? You seen Icarus? It is great.
  9. An ex rider openly posts on this forum about cheating, can you sit down for a Q and A with them and challenge each other on it.
  10. Woffinden is the best rider in the world by miles and miles.
  11. Doyle looking after Woofy, good lad,
  12. Doyle should high elbow his team for that start because that bike was set up to bite as good as it could at the gate, stunning.
  13. Anticipation of the start has always been a really dross rule

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