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  1. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    League to run over two seasons

    Not for it personally, Speedway is doing well at the moment to remain relevant to a limited audience with decent social media content, that will wear thin soon though, having to then revert back to that so soon would disengage a few. The release of team news is generally what keeps most engaged with the sport during the winter.
  2. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Behind closed doors?

    What a load of gibberish (again). If crowds could be allowed to attend events with limited numbers the EPL could restrict attendances and allow fans in, they aren't - talking about shopping and sport side by side at the moment is moronic.
  3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    If Speedway runs a meeting anytime soon it will be one of the few times it will get mainstream media coverage. I mean it will be coverage when the sport is being utterly ridiculed for doing something so daft, but mainstream media coverage, beggars can't be choosers.
  4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Behind closed doors?

    No, what are you posting will be leaving most cringing that you are still pushing on it, let alone that you thought it was a good idea in the first place
  5. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Behind closed doors?

    Christ, what a load of nonsense.
  6. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Future Format for British Speedway

    It is specifically in reference to the parts that seemingly "don't work" though It is little to do with players marching onto the track etc, that is typically the same way most athletes arrive to the location where they will work - EPL players "march onto the park" and they are doing OK, so it's not that which causes the issues. It is little to do with the music, the music I hear at most Speedway tracks is pretty comparable to that which I hear at most sports events, give or take a few songs - so it's not that causing the issue. It is little to do with the time of event, 2 hours, give or take, is about the time spent at most sporting events, films etc - an event lasting much less than that i.e a Speedway meeting run in an hour feels verging on redundant even attending - so it's not that which causes people not to attend It is little to do with "tractor racing", Football for instance has "half time" which could easily be stripped down to "pitch watering" it is also a fundamental part of the sporting event that has to happen for the event to take place though - Rugby is about as stop start as it gets, and Football even before VAR had a lot of needless dead game time - so it isn't as if that is Speedway exclusive. A change or alteration to these things isn't a silver bullet which will recharge the sport and bring the crowds back as most of these things are just base behaviors required to accommodate the "sport" part. I personally would question if the sport does have a silver bullet at all and it is actually just the case a lot of people just don't like or enjoy speedway - one of the few things might be an embrace of tech and release of a decent PS4 or x-box game as has helped other sports, but that is unlikely as no one is going to invest in a decent speedway game, thus what is brought out is typically crap. A decent game might have helped bring in a new audience and added a slight appeal to how a lot consume and embrace new content now. Speedway, and by that I mean a lot of Speedway fans and in particular on here often have a tendency to think Speedway is a secret waiting to be discovered which just needs a slight change to a song, or a slight change to how the track is prepared, I just don't buy that at all personally. The actual sport isn't that unknown. It has had an incredible platform for years on what is prime time sport real estate on Sky and BT a load of people will know what it is and have seen it on TV so know nothing about the music, the tractors etc they just see the raw product of "the sport" and find that a bit dull, it is difficult to change that part given that is the product. There is no shock in that statement, most will have had the chat with their friends...just try it you might like it.... they don't or rarely do, they see it as 4 guys following each other. It is a very Marmite product and most never invest it to the point to know who, for instance, Ellis Perks is, let alone be irked by the fact he races for 3 teams. At a time when so much content is readily available, it just isn't good enough often enough to merit large crowds IMO and recent years very much reflect that
  7. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Most of what you mention as "carry on" options take place at the majority of sporting events in the country. If you went to see Everton play in the EPL you would see them "march" onto the park to a song from the 60's... The 80s music thing, which is a dated line of gibberish said too often on this forum to the point some believe it to be utterly true, is also a bit silly really. Most clubs don't solely play music from the 80s, and even if they do on occasion drop a song from that era? Who cares, some songs from that era and even before are both excellent and can fit into sporting events - Darts has been rebuilt on and continues to use songs from the 80s, 90s and early 00s as a staple of their sport, Football fans still sing songs now about players to tunes of songs from that era. To be honest sitting at a Speedway meeting with a shower of 50 year old + fans listening to Stormzy blasting out the speakers would be a bit odd, and most likely leave most in the crowd wondering what the song even was, Speedway doesn't have a modern audience to merit the constant playing of modern music. Changing such things as music, how riders arrive on track isn't overly outside the box, most of that is done at the events Speedway attempts to be like or fans feel it should be like i.e Football, Darts, Rugby etc - it is even done at most tracks now . It isn't such things that fail Speedway, nor is it likely to be saved by a one lap dash, that just sounds a bit crap. Speedway is a minority product in this country, it has been for about 20 years now, it is that because most just see the actual product of "Speedway" as being a bit crap and dull. That isn't likely to change based on a song because most will still just see it as 4 guys going around in a circle. A game of Football, Rugby etc, if you attend other events you sit at them for 2 hours (at least) by the time you get in the stadium, people don't wish for games to be shorter in general, an hour Speedway meeting sounds slightly mad, arrive at 7, leave at 8? Really? There are conditions that come with attending sport and most of those you mention apply to most sports (just about all of them) and Speedway in terms of base sport attending behaviors is little different The vast majority of people who go to a Man United game (Speedway meeting) are there to see. 1.Their team play well 2.Their team win 3.Enjoy a decent day out with their mates - which is the part Darts and Cricket really drilled into, it is basically just a decent excuse to go out and booze up with your mates. Most people aren't going to sports to hear a banger from the charts, see a presenter shoot rockets from their arse etc - Speedway is the same. It is fans of a sport going to see a sport team, the rest is really all just BS which would do little to bring in more as most of the attractions can be found somewhere else and better.
  8. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Behind closed doors?

    Nah. Speedway crowds in this country are crap. It isn't a sport that merits going on behind closed doors for the entertainment of so few for such effort (track prep, track staff, medical staff, etc) . It would never meet the overheads to afford this either. It can barely sustain its self with people paying into stadiums. I would also expect this would break TV contracts signed in terms of this particular idea in relation to the live part. Things are more important, a lot of things, and of a lot more importance.
  9. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    I would go the other way. I don't think people in Scotland are being treated like adults, they are being handled with kid gloves, which is probably a better route than offering people to read a message as they wish. Locations in England will be a shambles this weekend if the weather is anything like decent.
  10. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Season Ticket Holders

    Quite the Terms and Conditions that retailer has, conditions that would be blown to bits if the customer pushed on it.
  11. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Season Ticket Holders

    So will every person who has paid for a Season Ticket and the sad reality is most will have had their budget seriously altered that is something known for definite. If clubs are holding season ticket money, it is a pretty bad look. Remove Speedway from it for a second because it creates an emotional bond most can't separate and then see it as someone giving a high street retailer £300 for nothing in return, because that fundamental is what is happening just now. Some likely do buy they season pass for the love of the sport, to help with the club, most don't and are doing to see a weekly sport which they aren't being provided.
  12. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Season Ticket Holders

    "BSF negativity" when talking about this subject. Common sense is a decent reason to suggest some Speedway teams will most likely not exist or go bust in the near future, it is being spoken about as possibly for English Premier League teams with cash reserves Speedway sides can only dream of it is going to bite in Speedway as well.
  13. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Season Ticket Holders

    I think it is optimistic sycophancy at best to think many people will do that. I would also question why they would be doing that just now given most clubs will have minimal outgoings RE the point about clubs not being open and contactable, that isn't overly hard to judge - they absolutely should be contactable and absolutely should be offering refunds to anyone who wants one.
  14. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    "Woffinden is only in it for himself" yes, if you just completely ignore the detail he goes into when explaining he isn't and actually wants to drag Team GB up to his level. Woffinden has treated the GB race jacket with more respect than those who are seen as "pure" and "honest" - his views and outlook has seen him reach the pinnacle of the sport multiple times, he probably is worth listening to. Without his presence in recent years Britain would have been a kick in the arse of being at the level of a side like Germany on the world stage. Thankfully for GB he has used the system to his advantage as his doing so has worked for the advantage of Team GB

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